#1DDay missin’

I’ve been wrecking havoc on Twitter since I missed #1DDay because I needed to be home in the province for a birthday. LIKE WHAT THE HELL?! I need my 1D fix. Good thing they have their new album out. Yay, airplane music <3

UPDATE: Their releasing #1DDay miniseries — good way of curating that content, 1D community managers!

This is my favorite from Midnight Memories, which I got through iTunes with the use of my trusty Globe Gcash Amex! It’s just so easy to use it – for apps, music, virtually anything. And because you can stuff it cash from any BPI account, it just makes it easier. Let alone, if you’re shopping on iTunes, you can have it directly debited to your Globe postpaid. Isn’t it lovely.


Diana. I’d change my name to Diana if it means I have a 1D song after me. It’s like when Beiber’s One Less Lonely Girl all over again BUT better — that girl has a name! Forgive me also for comparing to Beiber because the vocals and the music is way, way superb, of course. 1D is kind of shaping up to be a more mature boy band, but retaining their young kid inside, and that growing teenage angst – we’ve been there. Understandable.

My top choices from their latest album are…
Story of my Life
You and I
Midnight Memories
Does He Know?

What are yours? I’d love to exchange (fanboy) thoughts with you 🙂

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