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When you say rock music in the Philippines, it is almost as impossible to not mention Bamboo Manalac as one of the most recognized rock artists in the country. Having been with Rivermaya and Bamboo (the band), and having garnered numerous awards and recognition here and abroad, Bamboo is still a relevant music icon, despite going solo and a change in musicality.

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In his new album, No Water No Moon, Bamboo proves he is more than just rock. With a compilation of a completely different set of music, rather zen and, if I may, peaceful music, this new album of storytelling and change, gives us a glimpse of Bamboo’s new venture in music as a solo artist, and his own life battles. Bamboo relates that it has been a journey for him, though he really didn’t expect that music will be his whole life. This sense of struggle and wondering and acceptance is reflected in numerous songs in the album.

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Bamboo made a complete 180 with this new album, and apparently a complete 180 with his overall profile as well. He no longer sings in concerts barefoot, or jumps ecstatically. In his exclusive performance, watching him live for the first time, he sings with much more soul and deep feelings that makes you feel like listening to a fusion of Jason Mraz and James Morrison. His songs now are more orchestraic, with an accompaniment of more than just drums and guitars. Some would notice the gospel-ish feel that seems to be a trend internationally and is now penetrating the Philippine music scene. Bamboo did it first, if not one of.

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It’s not your old kind of Bamboo Manalac music. He’s done great in the rock music scene and this whole new approach in the market is interesting because we see that artists’ work grow as they too, as individuals, grow. Some may say, it’s because he’s growing old, as reason for the change. But as listening to Bamboo tell a story through No Water No Moon is as knowing a part of him he may never had the chance to tell when he was in a band. The world indeed goes around, and Bamboo seems happy to welcome and share the change.

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