About Jonver

Curious in style and design. Slave to the interwebs. And a geek in general. Jonver is a “tireless ball of energy” that will drive you nuts. Or make you fall in love with him.

He manages to function 48-hour days, hibernates at will when tucked in his own bed — which is actually a rare sight according to his mom, and plays with his iDevices as long as he can. He doesn’t have appetite come breakfast time but he loves breakfast food any time of the day. He swears by Coke Zero and will relentlessly drink anything made out of caffeine. He names his gadgets, but will never adopt a pet because he’s never home.

He finds drunk tweeting amusing, and when sober tries to make a living out of tweeting. And other freelance work. He’s a registered nurse by profession, too! In between work and blogging, he just likes to see his old friends and reconnect with them. And maybe make some new ones.

Still not tired of his adventures? Follow his irreverent blabber and random spazzes on Twitter and Instagram then! He’ll take you on a ride.

He’s also laughing while writing this in the third person…
And realizes he just made a shameless plug/a possible Grindr bio/and completely no sense.

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