Hey there, it’s been a while since I wrote here – idk was it two or three months before when I was gearing for a major change and now I’m, well… adjusting. It’s been tough but you know how life is; there’s no other way but tough. I’m now omw home, a lil sick because I’ve been working up myself lately. Don’t get me wrong I am liking it so far but my body can’t keep up – is this ageing? Anyhow, I hope you there across that screen reading this are well and having a swell time.
All I can think of right now honestly is that I’m going on a vacation on September!!! And that I want hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows… And maybe dimsum. I know weird, right?

Write to you again soon,

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He drinks coffee day in, day out. Iced Americano is his poison of choice, anytime anywhere.

He works in digital advertising but this blog is not about his job. Jonver overshares about his travels, boy dreams, and existentiality on his little space in the world wide web. He finds drunk tweeting amusing - all the more because he's funnier that way.

He likes to believe that his name is so unique he feels confident to ask you to search his name instead of giving his social media handles.

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