Apple CEO accepts Lifetime Achievement Award from alma mater, discusses discrimination and basic human rights

I’ve been a longtime fan of Apple. I’ve been a longtime supporter of equality as well (like duh, who wouldn’t?) and this – no matter how many other significant people in the world came out is one of the nicest things I heard.

This video of Tim Cook’s speech advocating equality – from race, gender, to migrants – is as refreshing as it can get. Being the head of one of the world’s leading tech companies, he has been a figure himself. What with following the steps of technological evangelic Steve Jobs, who may be playing board games with God right now. To make a bold move is not easy if you are representing a bigger entity than yourself, what more if it’s a company which the world tracks every second, every nanosecond of existence.

It’s actually even more refreshing to know that even before the age of gay marriage laws, Apple has been providing support to their employees and has been embracing diversity. I think this solidifies their visage as a premier brand – because they transcend differences and are not afraid to express it for the world to see.

I think embracing diversity influences their approach in everything. Design, branding, engineering, everything! It is because they know that not one size fits all that they do their best to come up with a realm of technology that captures the heart of the market. It all makes sense that they are coming out. It is high time to do so, and they are not one to fall behind this opportunity.

Of course, we are in the dark of what really happens inside Apple, unless you, my beloved reader, are working for/with them. But as far as what I heard from Tim Cook and What my feelings tell me – that there is a high degree of sincerity from his words – then I am a happy supporter of Apple.

I think I just escalated from being an Apple fanboy to an Apple groupie.

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