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It is something to want to change something. It is something else to act upon it. I believe everyone of us wants to change the world in a way or another – whether it be the government, the environment, the roads, or even simply how people eat or fall in love (maisingit lang!)


Tattoo by Globe Telecom acknowledges this desire to effect change in any way. With [email protected], their CSR arm, along with Global Shapers, introduces ICT Youth Challenge – to give you this chance of a lifetime… 


Tattoo moves beyond business, sparks social change via Global Shapers

Moving beyond its role as the country’s most reliable mobile broadband, Tattoo powered by Globe is stepping towards making a difference in society through the use of technology and new media.

Joining hands with the Global Shapers, Tattoo’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm [email protected] seeks to address various social problems such as air pollution, traffic enforcement, crime prevention, among others. The initiative will leverage on the ICT strength of Globe and the mentoring capabilities of the Global Shapers Manila Hub, a network of young extraordinary individuals with great potential for future leadership roles in society. It is part of the Global Shapers Community, a global program of the World Economic Forum.

“Being the most reliable mobile broadband, we believe that it is also the responsibility of Tattoo to do something in return to the community. Just as Tattoo gives the people the power to have any information they want right there at their fingertips, we also want them to develop a genuine desire to foster change via ICT,” said Dong Ronquillo, Head of Tattoo Nomadic Broadband Business.

Tattoo Ambassador Bianca Gonzalez, one of the most active members of Global Shapers Manila Hub, said: “We have a lot of exceptional people who can act as a catalyst toward social and economic change. We want to show our youth that they can serve as catalysts for change by contributing their insights and solutions to social challenges. “

For its first CSR activity, [email protected] will hold an ICT youth challenge to encourage Filipino citizens between 18-30 years old to submit a proposal via a one-minute video entry from May 2 to 31 and pitch their solution for an existing community problem. Application forms may be downloaded from the [email protected] website,

From the ideas presented, 15 will be further honed and developed with the help of Global Shapers, ICT experts, and development professionals. Five winners will then be chosen and given cash grants of P200,000 each to use for program development, mentorship and ICT support to see through the ideation, distillation, and incubation of technology-based innovations useful to catalyze change in local communities. Awarding will be held during the Tatt Awards Night in June.

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