Pakinggan ang Boses

Boses is about the shared journey toward healing and rebirth of a music teacher who has abandoned his art and a 10-year-old mute who has been rescued from the violence in his home, yet still suffers from the wounds of the past. When music brings them together, man and boy rediscover in each other the pieces of themselves that fate has almost totally destroyed. Produced & Directed by Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil, Co-Director Milo Alto-Paz, DOP Nap Jamir II, Supervising Producer Cynthia Cruz-Paz

In an unlikely combination of domestic violence to children and the soothing music of the violin, this film will warrant your heart wrenched and your ears filled with the reassuring sound of the prince of strings. There is no reason for any violence, especially towards children. Parents do not own their kids, as no one owns any man. This and other issues like healing a relationship is shown in a beautifully shot film, Boses.

I’ve been eyeing to watch this film because of its unique storyline, let alone considering the awards it garnered from different film festivals and award-giving bodies. Local filmmaking is indeed at its height, and I wonder why only after 5 years of its making did this good film found its way back to home. The journey is set back home as SM Cinemas host the showing of one of the local indie film industry’s greatest works. I’d like to tell more of my thoughts but I might be touching on some critical points so I instead invite you to view it yourselves.

Listen to the voice of the violin and witness a national pride journey back home!


Catch BOSES starting tomorrow (July 30) in selected SM Cinemas!

Fitness things


So lately, I realized that I have become unhealthier – like I was even healthy in the past. NOT. In response to this, I’ve decided to start eating healthier. That was easy though. But these love handles ain’t going anywhere no matter how much veggies I stuff my mouth with. So off to the sports stores, and I found these Adidas runners for 40% off. What are the chances that the universe is psyching me to really work out – and kind of afford it??

But it’s not easy. Whoever said it’s easy as 1, 2, 3, then IKAW NA! As I type, my hamstrings are begging me to stay in one place, and that’s just one part begging me. I hope I get used to this though. Let’s see. Hmmmmm, I need a fitspiration —


Gabriel Mann

Penn Badgley Shows Some Skin at Coachella
Penn Badgley

Grant Gustin

Kit Harrington

Or the whole of Finnick Odair casting call (OMG I DIGRESS BUT I CANNOT WAIT FOR NOVEMBER!!!)

Finnick Odair: Sam Claflin

Or did I just had a rundown of my crushes, idc. HAHAHA! One needs inspiration! I don’t intend to really bulk up – all I want is to thin down and kind of become lean. I don’t think my average height would look good with a borta body. So help me God lol.

In the same light as fitness, I heard Ironman 70.3 is gonna be held at Cebu this year! Wow, it would be a dream to be fit to join at least one Ironman in my life. Here is how you can join —


The Cobra Energy Drink Ironman 70.3 Philippines is a World Triathlon Corporation sanctioned event and entitles winners to slots for the World Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ironman 70.3 Philippines 2013
Sunday, August 04, 2013
Cebu, Philippines

Race Distances:
1.2 mile Swim (3 km), 56 mile (90 km) Bike, 13.3. mile (21 km) Run

Registration Fees:
Individual: Local Resident – $250.00
Individual: Foreign Resident – $250.00
Relay Team – $325.00
CEO – $1,000.00

Online Registration | Official Website

And what’s an awesome event without an equally awesome internet connection to cover it. Award-winning telco company Globe Telecom sponsors this for Ironman 70.3 2013 — Read more

What’s the dumbest way to die?

I cannot commend Melbourne Metro more than enough for such a beautifully and effectively designed campaign that started out with a video (watch above.) I like the use of cute characters, the irresistible laugh, and the overall idea behind the project. Seriously, our local train company should follow suit. Who dies out of train accidents anyway? It’s a cutesy way of addressing of an often neglected possibility but equally important matter.

Then there’s the cute app that makes you so task in a gradually increasing difficulty. I can say no more about this campaign, and indeed one can see from here that ideas can be translated into creative way while effectively communicating a message. I didn’t major in a creative bachelors but I really appreciate these kind of campaigns. I wish the Philippines will tap into creatives too to make these kind of campaigns in the government.

Dumb Ways to Die
iOS | (Hope it comes to Android, too!)

[email protected] Finals


Technology has enabled us to help in as little ways possible. And little ways give way to a much bigger impact to the society. The idea is that we start with something. Looking at the finalists for the first ever [email protected] competition, I cannot be amazed at how simple their ideas are – but ultimately useful and often neglected. And kudos to the finalists and may the best startup win!

I can only hope that one day I’d be more sensitive of my surroundings and that I can actually think of something like what they have thought of. I believe that it needed not to be complex, but always with heart. Read more

PH Social Media Review

Last weekend, we celebrated globally the success of social media in international and local perspectives. Here in the Philippines, social media is a much-celebrated industry and it is suffice to say that Manila is indeed a social media capital. Everybody seems engaged into it.

Whether it’s ranting senselessly, documenting everything about life, using it for reportage, making money out of it, or contributing to the welfare of your own people – social media has infiltrated almost all sectors and catered to our needs online and offline.

We’ve used social media in a lot of things – personal, business, and even in social good. That’s a fact already. So here’s a review of the finest moments in the Philippine social media landscape:

#SocialMediaWeekend #fwdPH organizers: @TweetupMNL

It feels so good that I live in an era where this kind of technology is being used for greater good, not to mention – fun in so many ways! And as a social media capital, I am so glad that @TweetupMNL has pulled off a very successful Social Media Weekend. And I am very proud of each and every Filipino who is using this power to help themselves and other people.


Mabuhay ang social media!

P.S. Follow @TweetupMNL for updates on the Philippine social media landscape and fun events as well!

Social Media and Journalism

Journ workshop 2013 - La VistaWith our students and hosts for our Journ workshop

So I have a group of friends, and we decided to make a production team and we were invited to hold a workshop about citizen journalism inside the La Vista Village. I feel very grateful for this chance to share the power of social media in aiding citizens to have a voice – a role in the society that was once exclusive. Now, we all have every right (obligation included) to be right on the watch. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg. I feel very humbled also to be teaming up with such great friends from the journ sphere. I really learned as well from them!

Now if you have an org (maybe village, school, or workplace) and you want to conduct a seminar about citizen journalism or even journalism per se, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll be more than happy to teach! You may contact me below at the comments section or email me at [email protected]

La Vista Village, you have been great! We hope you learned a lot from the workshop!

Photo from Leandro Lorenzo

Twitter Mirror at the MTV VMAs

Social Media has a knack of infiltrating all sorts of activities and now there’s a way to make it easier to directly upload photo booth pictures to Twitter! No need to go through the whole process of copying photos from memory cards, resizing, and whatnots.

Look at these photos from the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) at Japan! The technology is called Twitter Mirror and it takes a couple of seconds to pose, take a shot, and upload it to Twitter, mention and hashtag included! I work in social media, and this may help community managers when we cover events. This can get your bases covered easily while making sure that you reach the most important people attending the event.

Pose, click, tweet. I’m a fan of this process, really.





Read more

Manila Improv Festival at PETA Theater


Can’t wait for this!! ALSO: Moonleaf will have a booth there. See you there 🙂

Bababababa-nana. Potatoooooooo~


In anticipation of the much-awaited Despicable Me sequel, Gameloft released a game in the Subway Surfers fashion. The game revolves around the cutesy Minions which are pitted against each other for the title Minion of the Year.

You play as a Minion, collecting bananas (hehehe oh the pun in this game) and trying to reach the farthest distance you can. Also you get to compete against your Facebook friends!

What I exceptionally love about this game is that it’s not your usual endless running game. You get to compete with villains like Vector and Meena.

I’d like to post more about this but let me enjoy running at Gru’s lab… and I leave you with the Minion song (hihi sooooo cute!!!!)

Minion Rush
iOS | Android

Practice what you preach, bitch.

There are a lot of hate in the world and I hope that Christians — who preach Christ’s good will, will not ruin all the beautiful things about Him. I am a believer, but as Gandhi said, I don’t like some of His followers.

Now the video above is a good example how to be a bad preacher. And here’s what you get when you spread hate — people show you love, and you end up with no one listening to you.

So NOH8 guys!


“She was spreading so much hate. And we wanted to show her love, show her that we disagree, show her that we weren’t going to argue with her. We wanted to say, ‘There are gay people here, and we are not okay with what you’re saying.'”

via Mashable

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