Spring Cleaning x Updates

I’m really back… please believe me, lol.

(Did you notice the new blog design? Hehe!)

It’s been a while since I sent out that my hiatus is over, but I really haven’t posted anything after that, have I? I’m still trying to get into the grove, but like what Charlie said, “I’m [also] busy trying to participate.”


Loving what I do (at work) and loving the people I work with gave me the best opportunity to participate. I’ve just turned one year in my job (I haven’t been telling everyone because I’m tryna escape the libre haha) and so far it has been good. I’ve even made quite a few friends! Everyone’s been so crazy!


Our office is an insane hodgepodge and that’s what makes it really special. We don’t have fancy game rooms or out-of-this-world sleep booths (though we won’t complain if there is!) but all the hard work (sometimes) seem a little easier to bear with these crazies around.


And I am so proud that I still have a social life! There aren’t much people that I call friends, but I’m glad I can find time to hang out with them. If it’s not game night or wine night or both, we’ll prolly meet up just to sit and do whatever. Two weeks ago, we’ve been to Baguio – and it was cool and rainy there. I loved the rain – it gave the place so much depth than it already has.





I even get to see people I haven’t met for a while. Downing a shot of tequila or two and trying to remember good ol’ days. But we don’t need to miss each other, as well.


And jeez, I can’t believe I’m telling you this – I’m trying to be fit. Could you believe that?


This past year (I think it has been a year since I wrote something decent here, yes) was a rollercoaster, a whirlwind. I’ll have it no other way. But I miss sharing these things to you –


I wish I have more time to talk to you! I’ll make time – I’ll try.

(Expect more posts in the coming days, that’s for sure!)


I *think* the hiatus is /finally/ over.

Meanwhile –

Hello internet! I’m alive!


Picking up wisdom from a bathroom mural, Makati City.

#MovieVibes with Globe!

Currently omw to the movies now to watch the live action Attack on Titan with a friend. This is a much-needed break indeed and nothing more to relax with Titans tryna eat humans I know. Really glad that cinema houses here are showing it!! It means a lot for this animé kid.

Thanks to Globe for the schwag! Domo-kun approves~

Idk about you but I hate falling in line for anything. So when the gMovies app launched almost a year ago – it was such a breeze to book seats (of course with careful planning!!) Easily pay with your MasterCard or VISA and you’re free of worrying of running out of seats. Especially useful if you’re a busy dude tryna unwind after a long day. Don’t let the means destroy the end of a good movie.

AND MORE – look at what more Globe Movies has in store for you after the jump –  Read more


Hey there, it’s been a while since I wrote here – idk was it two or three months before when I was gearing for a major change and now I’m, well… adjusting. It’s been tough but you know how life is; there’s no other way but tough. I’m now omw home, a lil sick because I’ve been working up myself lately. Don’t get me wrong I am liking it so far but my body can’t keep up – is this ageing? Anyhow, I hope you there across that screen reading this are well and having a swell time.
All I can think of right now honestly is that I’m going on a vacation on September!!! And that I want hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows… And maybe dimsum. I know weird, right?

Write to you again soon,

Let’s Hang


Let’s hang a bit longer, I wanted to stay anyway. This calls for another cup of joe, or a run to get smokes. But anyway, I hope you’ll stay. Because I wanna hang out some more. I don’t wanna go elsewhere for the meantime. We’ve been here for a quite a while, and we have time to spare, finally. So let’s hang. 

Let’s hang, I’d like to listen more. It’s been a while since I just sat down and talked. How was your day? I hope Monday has been kind to you. Mine’s a bit boring, oh but you know it’s work. Your phone rang and you answer some calls. I watch you feign interest, and I laugh quietly, wary of the other person on the line. We laugh together at how people had the whole day to call, and chose to call now. You open your laptop and tinker a bit and showed me something. I love that. I love knowing more about you, including your work. Doesn’t matter, really. I’d like to know more. 

Let’s hang, our second cup’s almost done but we don’t need to go. I feel like time just passed by, and though the night is young we both are tired. You and me both. Adult life is getting tiring, don’t you think so? I ask. We look to our past juvenile years, how carefree we once were. I somehow hope that we have met then, when we have all the time to hang, to have coffee, and then maybe go drinking and then coffee again when the sun is up and we haven’t slept but we got nothing else to do anyway. Let’s hang even though we cannot be young again. 

Let’s hang, despite our adult responsibilities are getting ahead of us. We can always stop and hang. Tell me your problems though most probably I can’t do anything to help you. A listening ear always helps lift the weight, maybe? Let’s hang to forget for a while that we need to do things and remember that we’re here to just lay off a bit. Just for a bit, to rest and find the futile short-lived respite and just hang. We all need to stop, and this, this is our time to do so. 

Let’s hang and talk some more. I know there are more days, but we do not really know. What are you doing in the weekend? Yeah, I have meetings here and there, too. It’s been pretty busy lately. Not even enough time to hang some more. But I do hope that you and me both keep hanging on to the next time we’ll see each other in the same spot, the same cafe, the same time. I hope you don’t mind me looking forward to the next time we hang. 

Let’s hang some more. I want to know more about you. Let’s hang out and see where this takes us. I’m not sure how far we are from the forked road, but if we get there… 

Will you still hang with me? 

Startuptravels Manila Hub presents Bring Your Own Brand

I’ve been working with the Startuptravels team in Copenhagen for a month now, and I am very happy with our collaboration. My partner-in-crime and I were ambassadors of the month for May! Jeez, that was soooo warm to hear from them <3

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 5.46.02 AM

The team has been amazing at hearing out our ideas as well… One of these is the event we’re hosting at O2 Space called BYOB —


BYOB: Bring Your Own Brand, a Startuptravels Manila Meetup will be held at O2 Space in Makati City on June 26/Friday, 6-8pm. We aim to bring together a group of entrepreneurs in Manila to meet, learn, and possibly collaborate with each other. With support from fellow startups, we hope that through these meetups we will be able to forge valuable connections with each other and foster an environment conducive for connecting others as well.

This event is generously brought to you by coworking space O2 Space, Design Studio DSS Creativo, local organic beverage brand Bayani Brew, local snacks Nipa Foods.

Startuptravels logo

Startuptravels is an online platform where you can connect with traveling and resident startup entrepreneurs around the world. You may know more about them at http://www.startuptravels.com


As of Tuesday morning, the tickets were all sold out! I was assaulted by waitlisting emails on a summer afternoon. It was indeed overwhelming, but we will make ways to meet you guys (if you still wanna meet us) after the event, that is!

If you’re up for drinks on the 26th, Friday night just around Makati, then register here, or sign up on Startuptravels so we can reach out to you!


Life according to the phone, pt.6 

The city looks pretty! I can see the ONE Festival aftermath (oh god, it was a beautiful aftermath, I tell you!)

This one’s from FAILE. And the one below is from Kristin Farr —


THE NORTH REMEMBERS: I will always have a soft spot for Quezon City. So I went up to the north, at Maginhawa, to see Loreen, Kristian, and Thysz for something for Buzzfeed. You have to wait for it, of course hihihi.

Last weekend, I decided to go to Chessika’s first blog anniversary AND IT WAS HILARIOUS! I have known Chessika through a friend and we’ve been friends online BUT we have never seen each other until last week – and the girl is gayer than I’ve ever thought! Congrats for the first year, Chessika, and many more to come!

We played games – so we can tell people it’s fun – and Chessika coerced me asked me nicely let me be the gamemaster. AND BOY THE GAMES INCLUDED CHEERDANCES. Hahahaha, it was really fun. I had fun, like tons of it!

We had to retake the photo because her tarp self is not seen!!! Oh, Chessika!!!

And the night cannot get any gayer! Went to Eastwood to see the best friend and watch San Andreas – god it has a gorgeous cast!

It’s really rare that I am awake in the after hours of Saturdays, so I went back to Future to meet some more friends. Huhuhu, I really miss the mornings and the change is coming – I’ll tell y’all about it SOON!

The weekend is not complete too if I don’t see Nica! Spent the whole Sunday with her~

Huhuhu I also have to take that moment to acknowledge Cersei on the latest episode of Game of Thrones. JEEZ SHE REALLY HAD TO THAT????? Tommen you fool get up and take care of your momma! #maternal #estrogen

And before the week starts, I needed a good recovery with lots of green sriracha.

Huhu, can it be like 4 days weekend and not just 2?

Live To Feel Stories

All of us have stories to tell… and each story we can learn a lesson or two. If there is one thing I learned from living past quarter (yuck, I’m past quarter already okay). I for one particularly enjoy hearing other people’s stories – I love listening to them, I live for those stories because I think I look forward for my own unique experiences

Read more

BATANES DAY 1: Cute Basco Airport, Marfel Lodge, and North Batan Tour


Airports will always be a place of comfort for me. I know, I know… Our airport here in Manila is not the one you’ll exactly call comfortable – but the impending sense of going away is always a welcome feeling, and I can disregard all others. Especially, after I get through the boarding gate.

A year ago I bought not necessarily the cheapest flight, but relatively affordable ticket to Batanes – the northernmost island in the Philippines. I had to wait for a year before I can go… and I chose to go on my birthday week. It was the first time I am not spending my birthday with family and friends, not to mention alone, and I am kind of excited. I was breaking the quarter age, and I was getting a bit emotional when the trip was upcoming.IMG_6408

Just look at this amazing sea of cloudsIMG_6411IMG_6412

They say, the northernmost islands are only two hours away from Taiwan. But why isn’t there a flight from Batanes to Taiwan… Hmmmmm. I wonder. Batanes is where the Pacific meets the West Philippine Sea, and is also where most typhoons from the northeast come first. It is known to be beautiful and picturesque – and I was about to find if her secrets are true. IMG_6413IMG_6416

It was a nice plane ride from Manila. It was drizzling when the plane took off, myself a bit afraid that a typhoon might come. True enough on our third day, there was light rain – a typhoon passed by real quick. The place I was gonna stay at is just five minutes away from the airport. Marfel’s Lodge, one of the well-known homestays owned by a sweet lady affectionately called Ate Fe by locals, was my home for almost a week in this island. The place is simple, but it is enough. IMG_6418IMG_6420IMG_6423IMG_6424

The vernacular for thank you – Dios Mamajes always greets you when you go out of the house.IMG_6425IMG_6426

Tukon Stone Church (Mt. Carmel)IMG_6427

The nice guys at Marfel also assisted me to book a tour. I preferred to do the tour even though I just came from work. We went to the north of the island, aptly called North Batan, to sample ourselves with the wonders of both god- and man-made sights on the islands. At Day 1 we were spoiled by rolling hills, stone churches, and endless horizons. What an appropriate way to start a vacation!IMG_6429IMG_6430IMG_6432IMG_6434IMG_6435

PAG-ASA Weather Station – One of the places that I was particularly interested at (read: geeking at) was the weather station. There was a mainframe in their satellite office, and we can see that burgeoning typhoon from the northeast. Happy to know that PAG-ASA is not just guessing weather forecasts. IMG_6436

Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel – They said that the Japanese used these tunnels as their base back in World War 2, but the people (rather, men) of Batanes made it. The place was very very very very creepy.  IMG_6441IMG_6446IMG_6448IMG_6449

Valugan Beach – thousands and thousands and maybe even millions of boulders that are spat from the nearby volcano Mt. Iraya thousands of years ago can be found here. You can’t swim here, oh no you can’t. Unless you brought a suicide note and wanted your own concussion. But the view, ah let me tell you about what I saw. The weathered rocks on the beach was peaceful to look at. I could stay here for a day with a book or a drink and just watch the sun rise and set. This also happens to be one of my favorite places in Batanes. IMG_6454IMG_6457IMG_6461

Vayang Rolling Hills – the island is never lacking of spreads of greenery and grazing cattle. Your view is almost always assaulted by rolling hills, in tandem with the sea of salt and sea of clouds. This particular bit in North Batan is overlooking to the entropy of the West Philippine Sea and the Pacific. Yet again, peace is also not lacking in this part of the country. I could stay here for a month, I thought.

Basco LighthouseIMG_6470IMG_6471

Old American base (WW2)IMG_6472

Basco Cathedral, Town proper

It was indeed a tiring day. By sun down, we decided to cool down on the nearby beach and try to take in all what we’ve seen today. God, the Philippines is beautiful. Or can be beautiful. After dinner, I couldn’t possibly have wanted a bed to lie down ever before but I wanted to dream about the sights I’ve seen and the air that breezed through me. There is no greater feeling than this, I told myself.

Then I realized, I have five more days in the island. Hmmmm what to do? IMG_6482

Life according to my phone, pt. 5 // Also, Friday’s 10 Happy Things

It’s almost the weekend again, and my weeks has been pretty busy! Changes are coming, and I have no idea if it’ll be good or not, but one thing I am now – I am sooooo excited! Weekends are either spent working or meeting friends. Gotta love the rush!


I’ve never been to the Mind Museum, but last week I saw it, and I never imagined it’ll look like this inside. I know it’s for kids, but it’s pretty decent for a science museum here in Manila. ALSO, looooove the museum shop. I pretended I don’t have my card with me because Vader is really looking at me. Nope, not now. Gotta save!


Anyway, I was there for the media briefing of the ONE Festival, happening right now at The Fort. Jeez, some of the murals I’ve seen myself (i.e. the one just right in front of our office) are uh-mazing!


Catching up with friends has been a pleasure for me. Actually, no. It’s kind of a luxury… I have been working at night (until June 10) and it’s really difficult to balance human energy for a schedule like that. Then again, sometimes I push myself just to see ’em. I miss mornings!

Also, I’ve been working with Startuptravels to build the community here in Manila. I met one of the owners of this^ beautiful space that looks like it’s pulled right out of Brooklyn. That’s O2 Space and I can’t wait to tell you more about what we’re doing with ’em. Stay tuned for that!


Also, because I spent most time these days indoors, I’ve been at it again. I mean, playing games on my phone! Monument Valley was on sale, and I even bought the installment! God, it was so beautifully designed – you have to play it yourself if you wanna know how glorious it is!


ALSO, I got this from Helga – I think it’s a bit of a conscious effort to think of things that you’re happy about so you can keep happy whatever you’re doing. So there, here are my 10 Happy Things this Friday:

  1. Vader things. I looked at my Darth Vader decal at work, and I think it’s lonely. Looking at the internet (and the Mind Museum) for more Vader stuff!
  2. Free space on the phone. Since I finished Monument Valley, I can download more games yay. Mornings are lonely, okay?
  3. KL on July! I just got news that I got in on a conference in Malaysia. It’s not sure though that I can make it but I do hope I can.
  4. The big burger steak. I need to stop eating fast food, but today, that mammoth of a burger was keeping me happy.
  5. Startuptravels things. We have lots of plans for the local community, and I can’t wait to tell y’all about it. OF COURSE, you (yes, you my dearest reader) will get dibs about it. Join here, though!
  6. Cold Brew Coffee from Local Edition. God knows I can’t think about anything but coffee on weekends.
  7. The ONE Festival murals at The Fort. Srsly, this city is prettier with those painted walls!
  8. Baguio on June 10. It’s a bit late because it is starting to rain, but wth a roadtrip is a roadtrip (and I could really use a vacation!)
  9. Chessika’s Blog anniversary. My NFF Chessika is celebrating her first blog anniversary and god she’s the one of the gayest woman I know – and I can’t wait to see her!
  10. Grey’s Anatomy season finale and Giacommo GianniottiGIACOMMO IS HOT!!!! And also despite losing McDreamy, the last episode progressed from heavy to tearjerkingly light.


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