Bababababa-nana. Potatoooooooo~


In anticipation of the much-awaited Despicable Me sequel, Gameloft released a game in the Subway Surfers fashion. The game revolves around the cutesy Minions which are pitted against each other for the title Minion of the Year.

You play as a Minion, collecting bananas (hehehe oh the pun in this game) and trying to reach the farthest distance you can. Also you get to compete against your Facebook friends!

What I exceptionally love about this game is that it’s not your usual endless running game. You get to compete with villains like Vector and Meena.

I’d like to post more about this but let me enjoy running at Gru’s lab… and I leave you with the Minion song (hihi sooooo cute!!!!)

Minion Rush
iOS | Android

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