Barbero: An Inspiring Story

A simple story how your Globe number can help you. Everyday, these little things, sometimes, get ignored. How connections get us through each day is astounding, and how much more this humbling barbero has used the power of connection to build a new life from a literally burned down one.

How has your connection helped you so far? Share to us, we’d love to know 🙂

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He drinks coffee day in, day out. Iced Americano is his poison of choice, anytime anywhere.

He works in digital advertising but this blog is not about his job. Jonver overshares about his travels, boy dreams, and existentiality on his little space in the world wide web. He finds drunk tweeting amusing - all the more because he's funnier that way.

He likes to believe that his name is so unique he feels confident to ask you to search his name instead of giving his social media handles.

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