Be Carbon-Neutral!

So I’ve been traveling a lot for personal and work reasons (like I’ve never spent any week in one place for two months; and haven’t been in one place in any given month this year!) and it got me thinking that I’ve been adding so much to my carbon footprint!!! Literally panicking because duh I’m like the first one to die if the globe goes fever pitch.

I’ve read about being carbon-neutral then – and also because our company Mindshare‘s latest global huddle partnered with Veridium who works with companies to neutralize their carbon footprint; and it really got me how I could neutralize my own carbon footprint – starting with my flights!

So how it works is that your carbon footprint has a dollar (or in this case pound) equivalent. Companies like ClimateCare works with certified projects that help the environment reduce effects of global warming and help people who are most vulnerable to its effects.

This calculator is from ClimateCare and it helps you figure out how much your flight costs in carbon footprint and in pounds. And it also includes other form of travel. There are other carbon-neutrality calculators out there that also factor in your electric consumption, food consumption, and other things – but I think starting small is also key to getting into the habit.

You’ll start to see this calculator in my sidebar – as this is something I want to constantly want to remind people about – especially those who travel a lot!

P.S. Let’s travel responsibly, guys!
P.P.S. I’m on a bit of hiatus since I moved to Singapore – but will try to post more postcards!

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