Bike to the Cordillera and back!

Cordi launch

The Cordillera mountain is a majestic range of nature in Northern Luzon and is one of the most admired sceneries in all of the Philippines. It is home to the rice terraces – a man-made wonder dating back at least a thousand years ago, serving as evidence as to how engineering advanced in the tribal days. Truly the eighth wonder of the world! (Jeez, I need to go there!)


It is also home to a couple of the interesting tribal cultures here in the Philippines! The Ifugao has made the mountains their residence and home, their workplace. Their everything! It is no wonder why a lot of organizations are seeking (one of them is UNESCO, with Batad village being a UNESCO heritage site) to protect the mountain range, and the culture that comes with it.

257737303_640 Whang Od, the lovely elderly traditional tattoo artist of the Kalinga province is one of the reasons a lot of Filipinos travels the ranges; Watch the video below from by Anthony Saguid

So one thing to figure out for me though — need to learn how to bike! Any volunteers to teach me? Heh.

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More of this after the jump!


Globe Telecom encourage bikers to join Globe Cordillera Challenge 5: Brave the Trails Event.

– Globe Cordillera Challenge 5 event will be happening on May 10, 2014– an exciting and scenic 90-kilometer ride from Tublay to Kapangan in Benguet and back.

– As part of their journey to create a wonderful world, Globe invites the corporate clients and subscribers to join their advocacy for environmental sustainability.

Important details on registration:

Interested bikers can register at It entails a donation of P1,000 to the Cordillera Conservation Trust. The amount shall be deposited directly to the ff:

BDO Account

• Account Name: Tignayan Para Iti Konserbasyon Ti Kordilyera
• Account Number: 5180031673

Upon deposit, scanned copy of the deposit slip with the name of the participant shall be emailed [email protected] An email confirmation will be sent by Globe within 24 hours.

– The Globe Cordillera Challenge is not a race but a timed event designed for recreational bikers to be able to measure their performance and explore the local environment. It also showcases the ecosystem and culture of the Cordillera region and

– This event also raises awareness on the need to protect and rebuild the mountains’ forest areas.

Thrilling, isn’t it? Hope you can share and invite your followers and readers to join this exciting challenge of environmental awareness.

For more information, you may visit:

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