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I remembered when I first ventured out of Multiply and found a new space in the web five years ago. I can also remember that I was searching for something easy on the eyes and noob-friendly. WordPress seemed so clean and streamlined and I had no qualms with anything. I’m difficult to please then, I swear. But I was really satisfied with my little space in the internet.

Blogging was a new thing here in the Philippines then, or more appropriately – just gaining traction. I had no idea what to post or blab about, all I know is that I just needed an outlet – for minor, major life things, and sometimes what I am obsessed about. Because of my blog, I met a lot of people – friends and foes alike. Blogging suddenly became something I breathe as time came by. It became my personal AND public space where I express my thoughts and people read and sometimes comment. I learned a lot as well, as reading other blogs is something worthwhile to do when you know where to find the good ones. It was a community in this interesting space called the internet.

One of the entities I want to thank is WordPress! No bull, really. I couldn’t find any other platform that I’d possibly be qualm-free. I believe that WordPress is the best out there. And when I heard from our folks at Globe that the WordPress father is here, I hated that I work the night shift and couldn’t come (huhuhu.) Oh but they sent this picture of Matt Mullenweg and who ever knew he’s kinda hot?

Matt Mullenweg visits PH

Seriously though! I would’ve loved to meet Matt and have a chat. I’d like to ask him how does he feel that he was able to build a community of netizens globally – isn’t that quite a feat? Not only that he helped build a community – he launched many careers as some of us (ehem) here have their career entirely grounded online. It was such a bummer I couldn’t come and say hi.

I hope I see you somewhere else, Mr. Mullenweg!

Read more about Matt’s visit here in Manila after the jump.

WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg holds successful Manila visit

WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg recently came to Manila for the WordPress Community Meet-up in Manila attended by bloggers, developers, designers, and enthusiasts of the world’s most popular web publishing platform.

Globe Telecom and the Philippine WordPress community led by entrepreneur and president of the Davao Bloggers Society Andrew dela Serna organized and hosted Mullenweg’s third visit to the country. At The Globe Tower in Bonifacio Global City, the official meet-up venue, over 120 members of the local WordPress community gathered to learn more about Mullenweg’s expertise on web technology and online publishing, including his philosophy of giving more people access to publishing and blogging through the use of an open-source software.

Mullenweg first visited the country in 2008 for the same speaking engagement, and has since seen the growth of the local WordPress community. His recent visit is his third trip to the Philippines, which was one of the first countries to adopt WordPress. To date, WordPress is powering 22% of websites all over the world.

Asked about his partnership with Globe Telecom, Mullenweg shares, “Globe saw an opportunity as they’re bringing lots of people online, and which is very complimentary with WordPress’ mission, which is to democratize publishing. Globe is doing some amazing things locally by bringing more people on data plans and connecting them to the Internet.”

Globe Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications Yoly Crisanto adds, “With our participation to the WordPress Community Meet-up, we gain deeper understanding about online platforms and best ways to interact with our digital consumers, as we commit to providing them offers that cater to their digital and fast-paced lifestyle.”

Matt Mullenweg is also the founder and CEO of Automattic, the company behind and Jetpack.

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