#1DDay missin’

I’ve been wrecking havoc on Twitter since I missed #1DDay because I needed to be home in the province for a birthday. LIKE WHAT THE HELL?! I need my 1D fix. Good thing they have their new album out. Yay, airplane music <3

UPDATE: Their releasing #1DDay miniseries — good way of curating that content, 1D community managers!

This is my favorite from Midnight Memories, which I got through iTunes with the use of my trusty Globe Gcash Amex! It’s just so easy to use it – for apps, music, virtually anything. And because you can stuff it cash from any BPI account, it just makes it easier. Let alone, if you’re shopping on iTunes, you can have it directly debited to your Globe postpaid. Isn’t it lovely.


Diana. I’d change my name to Diana if it means I have a 1D song after me. It’s like when Beiber’s One Less Lonely Girl all over again BUT better — that girl has a name! Forgive me also for comparing to Beiber because the vocals and the music is way, way superb, of course. 1D is kind of shaping up to be a more mature boy band, but retaining their young kid inside, and that growing teenage angst – we’ve been there. Understandable.

My top choices from their latest album are…
Story of my Life
You and I
Midnight Memories
Does He Know?

What are yours? I’d love to exchange (fanboy) thoughts with you 🙂

I can’t believe I lived a life before Tyler Oakley

Another fanboy post. You’ve been warned.

So I found this while I was googling all things One Direction (god bless their very what-makes-them-beautiful souls) because I just can’t stop fanboying every single day after I came out as a Directioner. Tyler, baby, if you’re reading this, I am so sorry I used to be not proud I am Directioner. USED TO!

AND THEN I FOUND THIS. Oh my fucking god, is he HOT!


So apparently, Tyler Oakley has lived in Youtube for 6 years already, and WHY DID I NOT NOTICE HIM EARLY? I know of his mate, Davey Wavey like ages ago, and I blogged about some of his beautiful projects – and then what, I didn’t get to find Tyler? WHAT A SAD SAD LIFE I HAVE LIVED.

He’s been living a dream, and he’s addicting. He’s the newest addition to my ever-growing list of obsessions. God knows, I’m willing to linger in this one. I don’t care if he’s gayer than me, or gayer than more than 50% of America. I DON’T CARE, I LOVE IT! Cue: Icona Pop please.


He can make babies with Niall. ENOUGH REASON, DUH. Only if I can make babies with my ex too who looks like Louis. End of discussion.

And he’s just the cutest handsomest (!) gayest gay boy I am currently having a crush on. LIKE C’MON WHO WOULDN’T? Aside from he’s living a life I really envy, he’s smart, witty, and OH GOD HE USED TO WORK IN SOCIAL MEDIA. Pretty much like me, imho. I mean, whoever he is dating now, I have only the purest envy for you, girl. Have I said, he’s really hot in his own way? Fabulously hot. There.

Sorry but whenever people has to ship him with other Youtubers, I cannot. I ship him with me, okay?


So Tyler, if you’re reading this, I am guessing you already received the postcard I sent you. I am wishing for the heavens and the earth to move so I can see you face to face. It’s better than seeing (all of) One Direction like face to face. Or maybe just of equal value. I don’t wanna be be-careful-what-you-wish-for-cause-you-might-just-get-it’d.


By any chance, do you love him like I do? I LOVE HIM MORE, OKAY?




I’ve been the longest closet Directioner you’ll ever meet.

Proudly bought through GCASH American Express Virtual Card!

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And it’s time to come out!!! C’mon boys, give me my last first kiss! :*

Have you watched their movie already? I’ve watched it twice already, and I can’t wait for the DVD. Maybe watching one more time. CAN’T HELP IT OKAY. I’ve hidden it all these years.

Judge me all you want hahahahahahaha

Fitness things


So lately, I realized that I have become unhealthier – like I was even healthy in the past. NOT. In response to this, I’ve decided to start eating healthier. That was easy though. But these love handles ain’t going anywhere no matter how much veggies I stuff my mouth with. So off to the sports stores, and I found these Adidas runners for 40% off. What are the chances that the universe is psyching me to really work out – and kind of afford it??

But it’s not easy. Whoever said it’s easy as 1, 2, 3, then IKAW NA! As I type, my hamstrings are begging me to stay in one place, and that’s just one part begging me. I hope I get used to this though. Let’s see. Hmmmmm, I need a fitspiration —


Gabriel Mann

Penn Badgley Shows Some Skin at Coachella
Penn Badgley

Grant Gustin

Kit Harrington

Or the whole of Finnick Odair casting call (OMG I DIGRESS BUT I CANNOT WAIT FOR NOVEMBER!!!)

Finnick Odair: Sam Claflin

Or did I just had a rundown of my crushes, idc. HAHAHA! One needs inspiration! I don’t intend to really bulk up – all I want is to thin down and kind of become lean. I don’t think my average height would look good with a borta body. So help me God lol.

In the same light as fitness, I heard Ironman 70.3 is gonna be held at Cebu this year! Wow, it would be a dream to be fit to join at least one Ironman in my life. Here is how you can join —


The Cobra Energy Drink Ironman 70.3 Philippines is a World Triathlon Corporation sanctioned event and entitles winners to slots for the World Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ironman 70.3 Philippines 2013
Sunday, August 04, 2013
Cebu, Philippines

Race Distances:
1.2 mile Swim (3 km), 56 mile (90 km) Bike, 13.3. mile (21 km) Run

Registration Fees:
Individual: Local Resident – $250.00
Individual: Foreign Resident – $250.00
Relay Team – $325.00
CEO – $1,000.00

Online Registration | Official Website

And what’s an awesome event without an equally awesome internet connection to cover it. Award-winning telco company Globe Telecom sponsors this for Ironman 70.3 2013 — Read more

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