Thailand Creative and Design Center

So on our first night in Thailand, we decided we want to see a museum. Yeah, I know it’s kind of a foolish idea to even think to go to the museum beyond 6pm, unless they have a special event or a gala. But not in Thailand I guess, as the TCDC is open until 9pm and is inside a mall. How cool is that!

The Emporium is an upscale mall/department store along Sukhumvit

The exhibit when we visited was all about the history of design around the world! It was lovely walking through collections of some of the design world’s greatest inventions.

Tamagotchi is the forefather of Nintendogs and other pet-based game. Japan, you rock! And oh, I heard the app is coming to iOS soon?

The TCDC in Thailand has a library of design archives. I guess students in the creative field, or maybe hobbyists will benefit from this. 

The icing on the cake is the The Shop @ TCDC! Seriously, this museum shop has got to be the awesomest that I’ve ever seen! It’s full of quirky stuff (that you prolly won’t need, but will make you buy!) from Thai designers to others from around the world! I had fun just looking at the various collections, I don’t know maybe spent 1-2 hours just looking. at. everything. So pretty aka this space trumps any other high end shops for me!

I wish there are more museums like this.

Photos taken using an iPhone 5

Thailand Creative and Design Center
6/F Emporium 622 Sukhumvit Rd
Take BTS Skytrain to Phrom Phong
+662 664 8448
Tu-Su 10:30-21:00h

Creative battles

Nowadays, it really pays to be creative. And it doesn’t mean just drawing and doodling. Gone are the days that creativity is boxed within the confines of just a profession. Anyone can be creative in anything now! Just as, you can always learn something – whether you know how to wield a paintbrush or not (turns to self.)

I am always on the lookout for contests I like to call creative battles. I enjoy seeing entries, as much as I sometimes enjoy joining myself. And I believe it’s just a matter of doing one thing. In today’s battles, whether in the creative level, or life level, it’s essential to choose your weapon. If it’s a pen, a camera, or the bitten apple, somehow you can use it to come up with something creative.

Take using mobile to promote sustainability. It’ll take creativity, yeah?


Globe advocates use of mobile technology in sustainable development via photo competition

Leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom gave out special awards to three young men who best captured how mobile technology is used in initiatives for sustainable development. The winners were among the participants to the Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST) Ten Photos to Shake the World contest

First place winner of the Globe Mobile Technology for Sustainable Development award is Noel Ubaldo who received an iPad4 for his work entitled “It’s never too late for technology”. The photo shows a group of elderly tribal members using a tablet computer. Ubaldo also bagged ASSIST’s People’s Choice Award.

Second place went to Bryan Taguduar for his black and white piece “Taking the challenge of trend” where two fishermen in an outrigger boat hold a cellphone and a solar panel. Taguduar also won 9th place in ASSIST for another entry. Klienne Eco’s “Light up my future”, a photo of a boy studying with the use of a tablet computer, won third. Incidentally, the same entry was adjudged second in the ASSIST photo competition. Taguduar and Eco received an HTC One SV and Samsung Galaxy Y mobile phones from Globe, respectively.


“We were only supposed to give one special award but we found the other two entries also very significant to our theme. As an ICT company which advocates sustainable development, Globe believes this competition is an excellent venue to advocate the use of mobile technology in sustainable initiatives,” said Yoly Crisanto, Head of Globe Corporate Communications.

ASSIST is an international non-government organization which seeks to promote sustainable practices to address social problems in the developing world with focus on Asia and Africa. Its goal is to empower its target groups to make them resilient to social, economic and environmental challenges.

For the competition, ASSIST has chosen ten compelling photos that chronicle the journey towards sustainable development –showing poverty, climate change, global recession and other challenges, as well as the innovation and cooperation that result from them.

The photos also captured sustainable inventions, human partnerships, cooperation for a sustainable economic development, inspirational and empowering activities/scenarios/innovations, under the overarching theme: “A showcase of Empowerment, Partnership, and Innovations for Sustainable and Inclusive Development.” The competition was open to all Filipino citizens who are at least 18 years old as of September 1, 2013. Know more about the photo contest in


As I am on the lookout for something to keep us creative, I stumbled upon Beyond the Box, a premier reseller of Apple products here in the Philippines, where I got my beloved Heavensbee, I can’t help but to share to everyone their amazing contest. Get to design their new shopping bag!

Beyond the Box launches Beyond the Bag!


1. Design Beyond the Box’s paper bag. Use the downloadable paper bag template found here.
2. The design should include the Beyond the Box logo and should be relevant to the theme, “We provide amazing gadgets, you create amazing things.”
3. Submit your design in JPEG format with at least 300 dpi resolution. Send it via email to [email protected] with your full name, and mobile number.
4. By joining the contest, the participant agrees to give Beyond the Box the right to use or publish all submitted materials to promote this contest.
5. Submission of entries is from January 26 until February 16, 2014 only.
6. Participants can submit up to three (3) entries. Multiple entries should be sent via email separately.
7. Designs should be original and not previously used or owned by any other individual/organization.
8. Ten (10) finalists chosen by the Beyond the Box team will be announced on February 21.
9. Winners will be picked from the top 10 entries that will be judged by a panel of judges through these criteria: 40% Relevance to the theme 40% Creativity and Execution 20% Originality
10. Top 3 winners and People’s Choice winner will be announced on February 28, 2014.
11. Winning designs will be printed and produced as Beyond the Box’s paper bags. Winners will be requested to send their designs in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop format for production purpose.
12. Announcement of winners will be held at Umami Hambaagu House on February 28. Top 10 finalists will be invited to the special event.

More info here!


More creative battles! If you know creativity-related contests, feel free to share below 🙂

Christmas Gift Ideas: Geeky Totes

We’re in a roll here because if you’re like me, and you see random *good* things in the internet and haven’t done your gift shopping LIKE me, then this is the least I can do to help myself and you as well. But mostly, these are just justifications on posting/making a mental note to self to buy these even if Christmas season is done.

I cannot stress it enough though how much I wanted these totes from The Yard! You cannot get geekier than this, or your geeky friend can kiss you on the lips on reflex if you gave them one of these. Personally, if you’re reading my blog (friends!) to find out what I want for Christmas, I’d say get me the Death Star (technically Death Star 1.0) but this and the Ocean totes are currently out of stock (boo-hoo!) TARDIS and Platform 9 and 3/4 are still perfect though! Still geeky!

The Yard is a small online shop “made up of two sisters who like to make stuff, usually concerning things we love like art and a mishmash of geekery.” There aren’t much in their shop but who knows they might make more beautiful geekery. Love, love, love!

The Yard

P.S. Special mention to Thysz for tagging me the beautiful, beautiful Death Star tote, which is sold out 🙁

Christmas Gift Ideas: Punchdrunk Panda Headphones


Audiophiles need good sound, and it wouldn’t hurt if their paraphernalia of awesome tunes is adorned by good design. Local design, that is! Introducing the newest member of PdP‘s line of tech gear – PdP Headphones! Still in the spirit of local design, this is in collaboration with three talented local artists – Rob Cham (Earthly Pursuits – red and yellow), Dan Fajardo (Colorful City – red, green, and yellow), and JP Cuison (aptly named Musika – black and white).

Don’t miss a lot of discounted prices for laptop sleeves, iPhone and iPad cases, and the all-time bestseller camera straps! Perfect gift for that quirky hipster (sic) friend of yours! I’d get myself one. It’s easy as well as there are choices in payment like bank deposit, Paypal, and our trusty Gcash (which you can easily use as a virtual prepaid credit card as well!)

Get your quirky local design fix at Punchdrunk Panda!

Punchdrunk Panda
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Christmas Gift Ideas: Minimal Nativity Set by Emilie Voirin

Well, we all have religious differences, among others – race, color, what have you. It’s awesome that in the spirit of Christmas, we are all united in celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ – well, maybe with the exception of some people. But for most of the world – spanning a plethora of differences – the nativity has been translated in so many ways – each adjusted to its own bias.

I think, what Emilie is trying to point out, aside from decolorizing and shrinking the details to names, is that the unity we must have this time of the year. Stripping the story of the nativity to its most essential details will leave us the most important detail, which is the birth of Jesus and in succession, His ministry on earth.

Without the limiting barriers like race, color, and religion, the message of hope through the nativity can be told in the most effective way. What do you think?

P.S. I’d really appreciate if you’d gift me with this. Minimalist love! This set is available for $40. You may find Ms. Voirin’s email address below in the credits.

Minimal Nativity Set
Order by email: [email protected]
Photos from Emilie Voirin’s website

Extra Early Christmas Gift Ideas: Muni x Moonleaf 2014 Planner

I’m having the knack of making extra long titles. What the heck. Anyway.


It’s always a pleasant feeling to collaborate on something awesome. And not just awesome. Something this awesome is not just awesome. It’s great.


This planner is a collaboration between the cultural creative collective Muni PH x milk tea wonder kid Moonleaf x 12 local artists (some of them I’ve worked with through Punchdrunk PandaDon’t you love how meta that cover is! It is love!


The goal is to produce a planner that encourages mindful living. We at Moonleaf Tea Shop want to embrace responsible and mindful living so we approached Muni to come up with something that will materialize this vision — hence the Muni x Moonleaf 2014 Planner. For a couple of years, we’ve done the planner among ourselves only, and now it’s time to collaborate!


The latest addition to the Moonleaf planner family features 12 illustrations of 12 local artists – with postcards to complement the spreads and for everyone to share the love! There are also tips to constantly remind you to live mindfully, without sacrificing the joy of that which living gives us (I sound like the Dalai Lama already.)


This is my favorite artwork – it’s Simplify by OJ Desuasido – the same guy who designed the panda in PdP! It’s just so simple and self-explanatory! Here are other snippets of the other artworks —


Muni is holding a giveaway here so if you wanna score some swag – don’t think and click now! Also, if you wanna pre-order stuff, you may do so here and Muni will deliver it to you when stocks fill up!

It will be available also in all Moonleaf branches, so keep tuned in!

Learn more about:
Muni x Moonleaf

Sam Smith x Studio Ghibli

Photo from The Dissolve

Alternate movie posters are the shiznit! It’s been the thing since a few years back, and these creative people just keep churning out amazing work! These collection of photographic adaption of Studio Ghibli films are my latest finds. In The Dissolve, where he is a regular, Sam Smith explained why he did a very minimalist photographic remake of Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises poster (and of other Studio Ghibli animated films) where he related different inspirations from album art to Bible cover (what? YES. Read it.)

Miyazaki’s final film might be exploring some prescient themes, personally and globally, concerning creative determination and the drive to carry on through difficult conditions. At least, this is the idea the quote inspired for me: The image of a crude paper airplane lit by candlelight atop a messy, exhausted workspace, which I quickly re-created and photographed at my desk. The maddening landscape of an artist’s desk is a familiar one to any creative, and Miyazaki has made special effort to capture this image for posterity among the rooms of the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo.

I believe it takes a heavy amount of both imagination and passion to make these kind of artworks. Hats off, Mr. Smith! This will go down to my moodboard indeed.

And a Studio Ghibli marathon is in order!

April is when winter fell

People can get really creative about pop culture and its world just keeps on reincarnating into something more beautiful each time. I wish I can draw kickass illustrations, too!


I’m especially talking about Mike Wrobel who recreated the Game of Thrones characters into their 90’s alter ego. He’s a graphic designer who manages his own studio in Tokyo, where he recreates a lot of characters from different TV shows (check his tumblr) He really has a penchant for color, and gangsta, and grunge which I really like. Check out these (but first, look how Mike recreated the dragons into weird looking cats)





Oh Ned Stark, you live in our hearts. Sir Jamie Lannister, hello! This was before he got sliced, though


And you can do everything to Joffrey, and he’ll always be hot! And nasty. GUN!



Pun intended. Mike you are uncanny!




He managed to incorporate the different characters into their 20th century counterparts (now in what century were they based anyway?) It’s reflected in each color used, each clothing and accessory, each redefinition of facial expression. It’s uncanny that we can make it a 90’s retold story of High School drama or something.


And we all know that the 90’s is all about brands and logos.






Another witty addition. Did’ya get it?


Even the white walker joins the gang, anticipating summer eh? Keep cool, Mr. White Walker!



Starks, rest your soul.

Now if only I could draw like that!

via Escapist Magazine

If you visit his Society6, these images are for sale in iPhone cases!!! OMG time to shop, guys! Who to buy first? Hmmmmmm. Also, can’t wait when April comes! I hope that kind of justifies my lame title haha!

Heima Design Discussions 4

I’ve always loved Heima! And I’d give up anything I’m doing for the day to be at their Design Discussion! PLUS PLUS PLUS. SUPER PLUS! The line up is so good — there’s design studio Inksurge, Ang Nawawala director Marie Jamora, and sought-after typography and branding artist Isabel Gatuslao among others! (I’d love to pretend that I know the others but I do not — more reasons to come, new discoveries! And I’m commencing stalking. LOLz. No. Please don’t be scared of me.)

At any rate, if you’re interested, or even just curious, in style and design like me, or have been making a living out of it, I highly highly (redundancy in this post has never been redundant) recommend this!

I’ll see you there 🙂



This Saturday (April 20) at Co.Lab Brixton, Marie Jamora will be at the Heima Home & Lifestyle Design Discussions, talking about her inspiration behind the design of Ang Nawawala (What Isn’t There).

She will elaborate about the process with her various collaborators for the film — from costumes (with stylist Mara Reyes), to set design (with Production Designer Trinka Lat), to cinematography (with Director of Photography Ming Kai Leung), to posters (with photographers Everywhere We Shoot! and typographer AJ Dimarucot), and album art (with graphic artist Cynthia Bauzon-Arre).

We know that the slots are limited, so in case you cannot make it, please go celebrate Heima’s 4th year anniversary and Heima’s other half, Bong Rojales’ birthday at their BBQ! You can ask Marie your design questions as she is drinking beer.


How to go to Heima Brixton? Here’s a map to help you out! If ever you get lost tweet them @HeimaStore

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