Be Carbon-Neutral!

So I’ve been traveling a lot for personal and work reasons (like I’ve never spent any week in one place for two months; and haven’t been in one place in any given month this year!) and it got me thinking that I’ve been adding so much to my carbon footprint!!! Literally panicking because duh I’m like the first one to die if the globe goes fever pitch.

I’ve read about being carbon-neutral then – and also because our company Mindshare‘s latest global huddle partnered with Veridium who works with companies to neutralize their carbon footprint; and it really got me how I could neutralize my own carbon footprint – starting with my flights!

So how it works is that your carbon footprint has a dollar (or in this case pound) equivalent. Companies like ClimateCare works with certified projects that help the environment reduce effects of global warming and help people who are most vulnerable to its effects.

This calculator is from ClimateCare and it helps you figure out how much your flight costs in carbon footprint and in pounds. And it also includes other form of travel. There are other carbon-neutrality calculators out there that also factor in your electric consumption, food consumption, and other things – but I think starting small is also key to getting into the habit.

You’ll start to see this calculator in my sidebar – as this is something I want to constantly want to remind people about – especially those who travel a lot!

P.S. Let’s travel responsibly, guys!
P.P.S. I’m on a bit of hiatus since I moved to Singapore – but will try to post more postcards!

Bangon Pinoy

I know everyone’s doing their part in the whole nation-rebuilding process happening in Yolanda-stricken areas. Now let me share what Globe has done, and how it is amazing that communication does a lot of things to help these survivors. From providing communication to reach loved ones to letting its subscribers participate in helping, Globe is a brand to be emulated.

Makakabangon din tayo!

Christmas Gift Ideas: Kape Maria Coffee Gift Pack

So y’all know that lately, I’ve been going back to coffee lately (here, here, and here) so I think it’s just logical to include this in my Christmas Ideas list… the devil’s dark drink. Coffee.


And of course, we’re all about being local! If this is your first time here in this blog, I have a passion for local stuff and also firmly believe that locavorism would play a very important role in our economy soon… so yeah, let’s go local, guys!

One of the local brands that I support is Kape Maria. They have gone pretty popular lately, especially with collaborations with different events, but let me give you a brief backgrounder —

Kape Maria is a social enterprise founded by Julia Sevilla that believes in cultivating our local coffee industry through fair trade practices. With every cup you drink, you’re not only supporting our local coffee farmers and roasters so that they receive fair wages – you’re uplifting our entire coffee industry.

And that’s social enterprise for you — harnessing the power of local products and giving back to the community! I love that Kape Maria sees to it that the farmers gain something from cultivating coffee – it’s just a sustainable model, and this actually can be replicated by different startup local social enterprises. With every cent you buy with these coffee, you not only get the best of the land, but also help promote the livelihood of thousands of farmers around the Philippines.


Now, for their holiday package! I appreciate good beans as a gift; I don’t know about you, but grinding your own and brewing a good cup every morning is such a wonderful thing to wake up to. So this is why this is a good idea for a gift this Christmas!

For every package you get these:

Amuyao is a strong blend of Excelsa coffee from Cavite and Robusta beans from Ifugao Province. Its rich, nutty, and distinctly macho flavor brews the perfect cup to start your day right. (Strength: 9/10)

Maynila is Kape Maria’s house blend of premium Robusta and Arabica beans sourced from farms all over Luzon. This signature blend boasts a fearless and charming flavor to give you that ideal afternoon boost. (Strength: 7/10)

Pulag is a blend that features Arabica beans from Benguet, Robusta beans from Ifugao Province, and Excelsa beans from Cavite. Its medium, balanced, and fragrant blend makes it the ideal after-dinner coffee. (Strength: 6/10)

You may get these from Human Heart Nature’s website (or store in Commonwealth, Quezon City)! Again, given the riot (yes, I call that a riot already. Everyday traffic is a riot, right?) the Yuletide is bringing about, online shopping is A MUST.

And oh, don’t forget to buy for yourself as well. You don’t want to miss on some major caffeine kick, don’t you?

P.S. Maybe I should be on the lookout for cool things to go with that coffee, yes? WATCH OUT FOR MORE FROM THIS SERIES!

Photo from Kape Maria’s Facebook timeline

Kape Maria
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#CutTheCrap: Save the Date… and Earth!

Poster by Rob Cham

In an effort to minimize cigarette butt clutter, Muni PH, with its #CutTheCrap #NoMoreButts Campaign, with collaborations with several artists, aims to educate everyone with the impact of cigarette butts in the environment. I can’t argue that I don’t smoke, because I do, and democracy allows us to burn our lungs to our content. But being a responsible smoker is another thing – especially when our ailing planet needs us to simply throw our cig trash in the bin. And it’s not easy when you’re smoking in a place without a trash bin or an ashtray.

Poster by Manix Abrera

Poster by OJ Desuasido

Poster by JP Cuison

So Muni PH campaigns and proposes to use old film canisters as temporary (and portable!) ashtrays. With this, you can easily avoid throwing cigarette butts anywhere. And it’s sustainable since you don’t need to buy it.

Don’t know where to find film canisters though? Then simply go to the #CutTheCrap gig at Route 196 on June 15 because they will be giving away canisters for free! And get to watch Pedicab, Ciudad, Your Imaginary Friends, Slow Hello, RomCom and No Rome. Yepp, it’s hard not to smoke in a gig, so you’ll be using it as well!

This and more things you can help Muni PH with if you go to their gig! Read more

Be with the Network that SAVES

They say the environment is a ticking bomb. And it’s up to humans to defuse this bomb because; 1) we live here, 2)  you don’t want skin cancer, trust this nurse and, 3) quit it, there’s no enough oxygen in Mars. So it’s actually good to hear from companies we are with that they are exerting efforts to become green each day. And this means we are actually responsible citizens of the world because we consume products that are mindfully crafted. As end consumers, it is our responsibility to find out how the products that we buy are made.

DON’T GET ME WRONG. It doesn’t mean they’re my sponsor why I’m pushing this information to you. I’d advocate any company who will exert effort to become green in any way. Little things go a long way – may it be using canvas as reusable bags, shifting to paper, or simply reusing plastic. If you’d like to live a little longer in a world, in a fairly cooler world, let’s all be responsible.

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