#MovieVibes with Globe!

Currently omw to the movies now to watch the live action Attack on Titan with a friend. This is a much-needed break indeed and nothing more to relax with Titans tryna eat humans I know. Really glad that cinema houses here are showing it!! It means a lot for this animé kid.

Thanks to Globe for the schwag! Domo-kun approves~

Idk about you but I hate falling in line for anything. So when the gMovies app launched almost a year ago – it was such a breeze to book seats (of course with careful planning!!) Easily pay with your MasterCard or VISA and you’re free of worrying of running out of seats. Especially useful if you’re a busy dude tryna unwind after a long day. Don’t let the means destroy the end of a good movie.

AND MORE – look at what more Globe Movies has in store for you after the jump –  Read more

Horizons and Perspectives

Going back home to Manila is a bit of a difficult thing to do when I’ve just spent the last six days with these horizons and perspectives in Batanes. But life awaits in the city and I can only dreamy of another vacation to the enchanting islands of Batanes.

I heard the fiesta is on June… Hmmm I hope I can find another cheap ticket back to Basco!

ADULT WEDNESDAY ADDAMS IS THE SHIT (or she probably wouldn’t appreciate being called shit)

Okay, so I just lost my mind when my friend Josh gave me a link to this – oh god, I feel so ashamed to admit that this is the first time I knew about her, prolly because all I cared about are the boys on Youtube hihi. BUT she just climbed way up to the stairs of Youtube glory for me because she is just damn good at this. I am so dying rn watching over and over again! She is so damn hilarious!

I wish she does more about this and even better I wish this goes to national TV!

God, why is Youtube so awesome?

Movie to watch out for: Song of the Sea

I am so excited for this animated film from Director Tomm Moore — amazing storyline, cutesy illustration, and a really fantastic soundtrack!


So, there’s this app called Cameo and I’ve decided to take more videos than photos for my recent trip to Hong Kong and I uploaded them there! It’s a recap of the four days we toured the city, ate dim sum, and met so much hyperreality in this awesome city.

I hope you like it!

Why the Rurouni Kenshin film is important to me

The beginning is the end.

(I needed time to eat my feelings and to subjugate the urge to conclude each sentence in exclamation marks, so bear with me on this late reaction.)

I had a problematic childhood. I wasn’t one to relate to most kids – mainly because I didn’t go out, and simply because I was a weird kid (god, why I am.) So besides my only friend in high school, I had my anime to accompany me growing up. After school, I’d go home immediately as if I’d see more friends and hang out with them. Three years in grade school, and a whole lot of my high school revolved around anime. They kept me company; I never felt alone, and most importantly, I never felt weird around them.

That is why maybe I get so emotional about this film series, especially this is on top of my list, on any list I will ever have.

Albeit does not match the original manga/animé, the last installment to the Rurouni Kenshin live action film has no reason to hold back pride. The manga is now two decades old, almost half as old as Watsuki himself. It’s a sensitive story to mess with – with all the history and for kids like me – the investment of emotions.

Of course I have bias, that is my childhood in the big screen; I practically grew up with Kenshin, Kaoru, Sanosuke, Yahiko, Megumi, Misao and the rest of the gang. But this beautifully adapted film has made me inch to the edge of the cinema seat, despite scoffing every now and then for being seated beside ignorants who have no less laughed at how Soujiro suffered the loss to Battousai (honestly, the saddest scene in that movie, aside from Yumi dying the horrible death she had fallen,) among other seemingly laughing matter to them.

I have no words on how the production team has taken meticulous caution on each scene – from conveying the past, the present, the emotions, the political (rather more applicable in present day, surprisingly,) and of course — the action. Everything seemed to fall into place, even the variances from the original run – it felt like how it would when I used to religiously watch the series over and over again when I was a kid.

Rurouni Kenshin deserves a marathon – the three live action films, OVA 1 and 2, and the first animated movie. If you have the luxury of time, go for the animé itself and the manga as well.

Nobuhiro Watsuki’s work has been given justice. My childhood has been made proud. And gratified.

And consummated.

Oddly, I told myself after watching — I’m (kind of) ready to be an adult.

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Happy Globe Day! #WonderfulStories

Yesterday, we celebrated connections. If you’ve been following me on Twitter (and if you’re not go do it :P) you’d know how much I love Globe. And you’ll also know that I tweeted about this simple yet powerful video of how much connection affects our everyday lives. Go watch it and cry!

Everyone of us has a story to tell. Wonderful stories, indeed.  We all love hearing them, whether they’re inspiring, funny, melancholic, full of lessons, or sometimes a combination of everything. For whatever it’s worth, I’ve told this many times already, I live for the wonderful stories because they make me feel alive. 

So in the spirit of sharing stories, if you’re a college undergraduate or a film student and you have wonderful stories to tell, you can submit your entries from September 17 to October 24, 2014. Fill out an application online or download the form and send it together with your five-minuter video/s. More information on www.globe.com.ph/wonderfilm.

What’s going on and distracted thoughts, basically


It’s been a while since I posted something personal here. I guess I am all so caught up catching up with real life that sometimes I forget to update. However, whenever I post here, I feel excited too, because I have a lot of stories to share (not necessarily would matter to you though.) So that’s one thing too — so much to tell, so distracted to start with, so little time. And speaking of time, I’m still adjusting to my new sched (follow me on Twitter, to tired to talk about this haha aka lame trick to have you follow me on Twitter.) Most of the time I’m cramming in sleep and always half-afraid I won’t wake up on time. One day, I’ll be able to adjust (I hope.) And my fascination with parenthetical phrases is back.

(I saw this from some of the blogs I follow and have some time in my hands, so I gave it a try.)

What I’m writing: And when I say I’m distracted, it means I’ve been watching, reading, listening, working on a lot of things. One of the things eating up my time is making my itineraries for my upcoming trips. I don’t want to share it for now, but I will, though, soon. Basically, I’m just getting OC’d by everything — from budget to the stuff I need (ehem, want) to bring to the accommodations and to the exact time I want to be in where. It’s eating me up, and next time I know it’s time to sleep or go to work. I just hope all my obsession in reading up on all these places results to a good trip or even an enthusiasm to keep up with my blog, hehe. (Relentless plug though: go read my Cambodia series.)

(Also brb’d too many times because I’m keeping up with exchanging tabs and work and tweets and oh who’s that boy over Tumblr, gah. Distracted.)

What I’m drinking (right now): A large cup of Iced Americano from Seattle’s Best and a cup of Coke Zero. Yeah, caffeine.

What I’m watching:

As if I am not distracted enough, I am now in the mission to backtrack the X-men legacy through past media aka film, comic books, and wikia (because internet is awesome) because Days of Future Past had delineated and distorted every bit of what I know of the X-men timeline. I am not particularly the comic book geek but I have loved X-men since Jubilee was the gayest mutant and every bit of gayness in my body longed to be Storm in the animation series circa 90’s. Also, Wolverine’s butt (bless you Huge Jackman), Fassbender and his excellent delivery of Magneto, McAvoy as a disheveled hipster Charles X. Xavier, AND WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT Evan Peters is the best actor to portray Quicksilver — with his excellent, excellent psychoweirdo style of acting (Hello, American Horror Story Season 4) Told ya, I am one distracted overly gay person. And I want to buy that omnibus.

What I’m reading:


I’m about to finish Haruki Murakami’s Dance Dance Dance after my bout with distraction to finish reading a novel. Again, I’m sorely distracted. I usually stop reading Murakami novels in the middle then binge on it after I recover from a whirlwind of emotions. Murakami never fails to put me in an emotional centrifuge spinning intermittently between fast and faster. With Dance, Dance, Dance; I stopped after the nameless narrator (most of his narrators are nameless idky) met Sheep Man because I can’t wrap my head fully on how he played with parallel universes and how there is a clairvoyant and everything is connected and IamtalkinglikeSheepManalready. (That’s my best shot at not spoiling anyone who would want to read it.) Then I decided to binge on it again, and I think I need another break before I start on another Murakami binge. I know my reading pattern is unconventional but it’s how I cope with my distracted self.

What I’m eating: Now? None. Because it’s no-cal Saturdays. No, don’t listen to me. Go eat! I’m not healthy. Kthanksbye.

What I’m thinking:

New York, now and then will always pique my interest. Be it the 50’s Beatniks or the 80’s gay revolution, idc it’s New York. I had an epiphany last night while I was working and reading this New York Times article and realized that New York, no matter how dark, decadent, and degenerated (to some, not to me) it is, has so much story to tell. Every nook and cranny of Gotham has some odd legend or generation and oddly enough as well I love hearing their stories. One of these stories is The Normal Heart, Ryan Murphy’s much-awaited telling of the gay revolution in New York right after the spike of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Aside from being a valuable addition to my ever-growing HIV/AIDS media collection, it is also an interesting tale of people who lived beautifully amidst a tumultuous decade. Read the New York Times article above before watching and be drawn to stories of people who fought the fight – and how they fought and how they are fighting until now.

(By now, I have acknowledged that this might have thrown you in a whirlwind of thoughts about me. I can also feel you say I’m weird.)

Basically, what I wanna say:

I don’t quite know how to end this post. I just want to document what’s going on with me and to touch base with you. Also, to share what I’ve been binging on, and eventually realize that I am so distracted and I’m blathering most of the time. (Why, Jonver. Y.)


P.S. I’m thinking of a way to concretize my thoughts more because I just can’t go on distracted all my life. Halp! (Especially with my parenthetical tendencies.)

Good bye Doraemon, Good bye childhood

It’s difficult when an era is ending. And your childhood bids you good bye. Forever.

First Kiss

Do you remember the first kiss you ever had? The sight of your lover inches away from you? The familiarity of a body so near you? The warmth of the lips of another on yours? How about the eyes, in which you peer into his soul? How did his hands travel around your face, and how it all consummates you? Did you shiver?

What did you feel?

Did you reciprocated? Was there hesitation? Did you jump right in the thought of? How about the other people in the room? Did you care? Did they stare? Did you feel awkward? What did you do, if you were?

Were there a billion thoughts in your head and you just didn’t care?

And will you do it all over again for the first time with the same person?

Thank you, Tatia Pilievia, for making me, us, feel it all over again.

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