Sam Smith x Studio Ghibli

Photo from The Dissolve

Alternate movie posters are the shiznit! It’s been the thing since a few years back, and these creative people just keep churning out amazing work! These collection of photographic adaption of Studio Ghibli films are my latest finds. In The Dissolve, where he is a regular, Sam Smith explained why he did a very minimalist photographic remake of Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises poster (and of other Studio Ghibli animated films) where he related different inspirations from album art to Bible cover (what? YES. Read it.)

Miyazaki’s final film might be exploring some prescient themes, personally and globally, concerning creative determination and the drive to carry on through difficult conditions. At least, this is the idea the quote inspired for me: The image of a crude paper airplane lit by candlelight atop a messy, exhausted workspace, which I quickly re-created and photographed at my desk. The maddening landscape of an artist’s desk is a familiar one to any creative, and Miyazaki has made special effort to capture this image for posterity among the rooms of the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo.

I believe it takes a heavy amount of both imagination and passion to make these kind of artworks. Hats off, Mr. Smith! This will go down to my moodboard indeed.

And a Studio Ghibli marathon is in order!

Pakinggan ang Boses

Boses is about the shared journey toward healing and rebirth of a music teacher who has abandoned his art and a 10-year-old mute who has been rescued from the violence in his home, yet still suffers from the wounds of the past. When music brings them together, man and boy rediscover in each other the pieces of themselves that fate has almost totally destroyed. Produced & Directed by Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil, Co-Director Milo Alto-Paz, DOP Nap Jamir II, Supervising Producer Cynthia Cruz-Paz

In an unlikely combination of domestic violence to children and the soothing music of the violin, this film will warrant your heart wrenched and your ears filled with the reassuring sound of the prince of strings. There is no reason for any violence, especially towards children. Parents do not own their kids, as no one owns any man. This and other issues like healing a relationship is shown in a beautifully shot film, Boses.

I’ve been eyeing to watch this film because of its unique storyline, let alone considering the awards it garnered from different film festivals and award-giving bodies. Local filmmaking is indeed at its height, and I wonder why only after 5 years of its making did this good film found its way back to home. The journey is set back home as SM Cinemas host the showing of one of the local indie film industry’s greatest works. I’d like to tell more of my thoughts but I might be touching on some critical points so I instead invite you to view it yourselves.

Listen to the voice of the violin and witness a national pride journey back home!


Catch BOSES starting tomorrow (July 30) in selected SM Cinemas!

Bababababa-nana. Potatoooooooo~


In anticipation of the much-awaited Despicable Me sequel, Gameloft released a game in the Subway Surfers fashion. The game revolves around the cutesy Minions which are pitted against each other for the title Minion of the Year.

You play as a Minion, collecting bananas (hehehe oh the pun in this game) and trying to reach the farthest distance you can. Also you get to compete against your Facebook friends!

What I exceptionally love about this game is that it’s not your usual endless running game. You get to compete with villains like Vector and Meena.

I’d like to post more about this but let me enjoy running at Gru’s lab… and I leave you with the Minion song (hihi sooooo cute!!!!)

Minion Rush
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IN PRODUCTION: Above the Clouds, Directed by Pepe Diokno

Photo by James Jayme

A 15-year-old orphan and his estranged grandfather battle the elements and each other, as they embark on a journey up a strange and mystical mountain. Starring Ruru Madrid and Pepe Smith. Directed by Pepe Diokno. Coming soon.

Here’s another interesting piece from award-winning filmmaker Pepe Diokno. Pepe has been known for his debut film, Engkwentro, which garnered recognition from Venice and Jeonju Film Festivals. Now directing his second film already, Above the Clouds, which is now in production, has already received prizes from Berlin and Busan International Film Festivals for its script. Featuring rock icon Pepe Smith and rising young star Ruru Madrid, the film tells a story of family conflict set in the beautiful mountain ranges of the north. Here are some production diaries from Diokno’s official Youtube page:

I’m always happy that the our local filmmakers are being recognized in the international scene. And this time, not only poverty porn but featuring the beauty of our country has been a popular subject to our filmmakers.

After all, Filipinos do really have talent, especially our youth. And Pepe Diokno is a manifesto to this. Really looking forward to this!

Above the Clouds

Let The Games Begin

Heads up everyone! The Catching Fire official trailer has been released already, and it’s for us to watch over and over again. I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get a peek on Finnick Odair in this trailer… and Plutarch Heavensbee! Well, maybe on the next trailers. I bet they’re gonna release more since the movie is not showing until November (time please fly so ultra fast!)

And while I know, we, yes including me, can’t wait for the next installment of the most raved award-winning film of the year, Hunger Games will be showing FINALLY on Star Movies this Sunday, April 28! And yes, I am staying in for this. I’ve watched it around four times in the theaters and I don’t fucking care if I watch it again.

And don’t you think it’s so meta that Hunger Games, a story revolving on a fatal reality-based TV show, is showing on TV?!

Say no more, block the date, and let the games begin!!! Read more

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