Christmas Gift Ideas: Porketta Man

Lechon is in season, indeed! Let the fatty season start. But always do remember that thou shall not weigh more than the refrigerator and thou shall not develop hypertension after. If you’re gonna give out this as a gift, I think it’s just polite to know if the person can eat it (I have a hypertensive grand mom who’s gone ovopescovegetarian (complicated, yes) so I guess, I need to think of another dish (of course aside from this, totes considering this) to get this season.)
1001459_624633210880640_1511583881_n So I saw this in Chef Sau’s instagram a couple of weeks ago, and thought I should include it in my list. Like, hello, perfect gift! Lechon it may be on our minds as Filipinos, but Porketta is another game all together —

Porchetta [por?ketta], also sometimes spelled porketta in English, is a savoury, fatty, and moist boneless pork roast of Italian culinary tradition. The body of the pig is gutted, deboned, arranged carefully with layers of stuffing, meat, fat, and skin, then rolled, spitted, and roasted, traditionally over wood. Porchetta is usually heavily salted in addition to being stuffed with garlicrosemaryfennel, or otherherbs, often wild.

Thank you, Wikipedia. So it’s the Italian cousin of our beloved celebratory staple pig. If you’re cooking up pasta, and some bruschetta, and maybe some Tuscan wine to kick off the holiday buzz — et voila, an Italian holiday noche buena is in order then!

ec858f3c341211e3866d22000a9f137d_7Chef Sau approves! Photo from Chef Sau’s instagram

So I still haven’t tried it – I guess the suggestion that I may give is that you save time in the kitchen and more time for the family for buying instead of trying to make one on your own. I think that it’s affordable too! It starts at PhP1,100 for a kilo and that couldn’t be bad, counting that you did not prepare it. Six hours in the oven is not a joke – the oven can be a temperamental bitch especially in special occasions. This is why we trust experts on times like this.

If you’re like me that is feeling under the weather to prepare something like this on the holidays and plans to have a quick gift for family, Call Porketta Man up 026321586 or 09178102218 or place a Facebook message for them on their page! They’ve gained so much publicity by recommendations of Chef Sau and other celebrities, so I guess it’s a good bet!

Now I am really hungry. This post was written at 6am, mind you.

Porketta Man
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Photos from Porketta Man’s Facebook Page

Muesli Mornings

cd03c80fd89e27cc6f4c4195de54ef4fOne of Pinterest‘s beautiful muesli photos *squeeeee*

I am crazy for muesli lately. There’s a local store here in Katipunan (where I currently live) called Go! Salads, that aside from serving the freshest greens with an equally appetizing house-made vinaigrette, also serves my favorite breakfast item – muesli. (I will come up with a blog post for them, too! Healthy stuff!) They’re the only place that I know that sells ready-to-eat Swiss-style muesli that doesn’t need more than a hundred. Plus, it’s really near my place, and I always pass by it when I’m walking to work.

1378062_450303005082353_93523225_nIt’s conveniently located near Moonleaf Katipunan! Photo via Go! Salads

I hate that most local grocery stores here don’t stock it, and that also we have no local muesli brands. And those stores that do, often sell really expensive ones.

dorset_cerealsI love Dorset! But… priorities! I need alternatives.

Living alone for half a year (already) has taught me to find alternatives for everything. Go! Salads’ 50-peso Swiss-style muesli would still cut it, but it still is a walk in the morning, when I’m still trying to delineate dreams from reality, when I’m still learning how to be a morning person. I’m a night owl, and breakfast would be the only thing I’ll wake up early for. I need something I can whip up easily at home, so I can stop munching anything I see (read: mostly unhealthy) in the morning. So I consulted Lord Google and he spewed some nice websites, and one of them is —

I am so glad I found Summer Tomato! Very helpful, and she finds Dorset expensive, too!

Muesli is something I have no problems eating all day. It can be varied everytime you make one, so there’s no problem of getting tired of it. You can even add chocolate, I read somewhere. If you’re the baking kind, then go bake some granola, using this recipe. There’s a lot of possibilities with making your own muesli at home.

While I don’t necessarily call myself an expert on this, I really liked the outcome when I first tried making my own muesli. So I’m sharing my “recipe” here! I think I saved a lot of cash doing this one instead of buying packaged ones. Enjoy!  Read more

Kapitolyo is Happening!


You all know how I love Maginhawa, and how I will choose a neighborhood restaurant over a.) more upscale ones, b.) those found in the mall, and c.) just plain expensive. And besides, most neighborhood establishments have this homey feel that seems so hard for those located in commercial areas to imitate. There’s ingenuity in that feeling; as if you’re at home; so homey it will make you linger a little more than you expected. It also fosters a community! Just take Moonleaf for example, and how they made Maginhawa experience a different brew.

Plus, you might find some really good, hole in the wall, food finds, and maybe that one you’ve been waiting all your life.

Full of cheese. Pun intended.

Graphic Food Map by Heima

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