Inspirations on the Web, pt. 1

Sometimes, it’s just so hard to create something – even if it’s something you’ve been doing for the longest time; you just need some inspirations. The world wide web is literally a web of inspirations (if you know where to look, because it’s also full of negativity) that most of us harness in times of dire need aka deadline is looming in. We least like (hate?) to receive that dreaded follow up email that says it’s urgent. It’s the last thing we wanna see in our inbox (can I hear an amen?)

That’s why I decided to list down of some of my inspirations lately. Hope this helps you get your creative juices flowing! I know I need some these daze.

Death to the Stock Photo

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.19.51 AMI used to hate stock photos – because they are just plainly uninspiring and never well-thought of. Heck, even the photos on the local paper would be better. But when I found Death to Stock – where David Sherry and Allie Lehman reinvent the dreaded industry and provide top-of-the-class stock photos straight from photographers the website funded – I know it’s something I wanna stay tuned for. DTS sends 10 hi-res photos for free subscribers and access to the  whole archive for premium subscribers. It’s royalty free for as long as you don’t sell it (duh). I particularly enjoyed when they sent out the London collection (by Richard Harris)

Serif Creative

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.22.26 AM

I found Serif Creative when they did a collab with DTS^. They are a creative agency doing branding and photography, among other things. What I particularly loved about them is how they get down to tell a story through videos and photos. Their workplace looks pretty rad, too!


Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.25.14 AM

I’ve been following Moo for quite some time now – and I have always loved their Moosletter (yepp, they went there) – which leads to a great resource of more inspirations online (one of them being DTS). Also, their commitment to high quality stationery is amazing with a vibrant workplace to be envious about!


Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.20.49 AMStartuptravels is a Copenhagen-based company which fosters a community of over 1000 cities (and counting!) The website aims to connect startup entrepreneurs with a worldwide network to travel and meet in different cities. I am also glad to be one of two ambassadors here in Manila! We have plenty of activities down the pipeline, so I hope you’ll stay tuned in this space.

Add me up over at Startuptravels here!

The Love Game

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.23.50 AM


This one has been circulating quite a bit what with the printed card game set on Indiegogo I’m down to buy! And compared to the ones listed above, this one is for *ehem* my lovelife (I can totally understand if you just raised an eyebrow right now.) Check ’em out seriously, can be quite fun with a potential lover, imho hihihi.

I have a couple more inspirations to share, but for now, this will be it! Hope you keep pasted for the next one!

Stop. And just stop. 

March 15, 2015 12:30PM

BATANES, PHILIPPINES — I’m now here at Phil’s Brew, Batanes’ first neighborhood cafe, and I’m finding it hard to finish any writing.

The birds are chirping, kids frolicking, the smell of home-brewed coffee, Ang Bandang Shirley appending the serenity; all beautifully distracting me from everything I’ve set myself to do today.

I came here to decompress anyway. The past few days in this island, albeit still not unplugged, has been nothing short of amazing. Even after seeing everything that has to be seen, this island — this little speck of land on the northernmost border of the Philippines still hasn’t ceased to astound every inch of my being.

Today, I tell myself, I am lucky to be here.

Being utterly present in the moment is something hard for me to do, but today, it seems that my hands are not willing to do anything. I am forced to bask in the quietness of my tiny space, this corner I holed up, along with the cacophony of the buzzing community on Sunday’s best. The wind is in my face, a typhoon is coming, and I’m halfway my cuppa. I could use this kind of peace in the city.

It’s more than the gifts of nature, or the cool breeze, or the honesty culture the island is known for. The invading peace that slowly creeps up to your system, forcing me to halt, that’s what is. Ah, when was the last time I stopped? To stay still, to appreciate, to feel the energy flow… and just flow in and out of my body like a steady stream of spring water. I in the middle of it all, just in a complete stop.

This place made me stop. Not to think, not to ruminate, not to analyze, but only to stop. I thought I came here to escape; I thought that’s what I need. But all I have done so far is to stop.

And it feels good.

My cup of exquisitely prepared local brew has just reached it’s bottom and I think a refill is in order. I’m gonna stay here for a while.

Letter to my 15-year-old self


More than ten years have passed already since I were you and surely you and I have learned a lot along the way. People say regrets are for sissies but I say looking back to those will make you a better decision-maker, if not at all a better person.

You hate a lot of people, I know. Especially in high school. That one’s real tough, but you will get over that. All you are focusing, most likely, is getting to a good university and start working. You’re not even thinking of all the friends you’ll make along the way – well because your social life didn’t particularly happen so far. But I tell you – there are as many good, like really good, people you’ll meet, if not the best, as there are crappy people you know so far. You’ll still face discrimination though because of your radical views in life – but there will be people who will be ready to accept you for who you really are. And there will be people who will just tolerate you – don’t think much about them as their tolerance do not matter at all. AT. ALL.

On that good university, you will not enter your dream uni as well. You’ll be brokenhearted by this but I guess it will all boil down to being in charge of your own education. Institution is nice, but what you do and who you are will not depend on where or what you studied. If at all, it will keep you grounded on a lot of things. Half of what you do ten years from where you are now will not be even about what you studied. You’re a true learner and you like learning a lot, you’ll get by. We are an impatient lot, but being in college will test your patience as well. Learn as much as you can, because believe me – being in the cradles of the academe is one of the joys of your life. I know because I’ve been wanting to go back.

You will burn a lot of bridges, too. You will let your emotions take over you and God knows sometimes you enjoy it. You have to learn how to keep your emotions at bay and take things at face value. It’s not worth the effort to care about things that do not really matter. Let this be a lesson to you to nurture more meaningful relationships. They may be few – people who you care deeply about – but it’s good investment. One day, you’ll see that these people you stuck with are worth it. They’ll be there through thick and thin, rain or shine, sad or happy. You’ll cherish them like your own flesh and blood and they do, too – even though they do not show you.

Don’t get me wrong – sometimes there are bridges so broken you just need to burn them. Do not let other people weigh you down and sometimes you just need to turn away from them. Time will not matter, you just have to think about yourself sometimes. You tend to think of other people more than you think of yourself – and that’s bad. You need to love yourself well before other people – and this will how you will love others, too.

Ten years into this life will still see you without a relationship. Oh believe me, you’ll have your heart broken M A N Y times and the number of times you will cry will be an understatement to what you feel right now. People will make you believe that they care for you and you will still wear your heart on your sleeve. You will love but that doesn’t mean they will, too. It will hurt as fuck, but remember that your happiness shouldn’t rely on them. You will learn how to look past the hurts and move on. It will not be easy – you will self-destruct in a number of ways – but once you’ve risen from the ashes of hurt, you’ll finally appreciate yourself for who you truly are.

You’ll get to know yourself through travel, too. You’ll love travel, I tell you. You’ll find solace in being in another part of the world you haven’t been. Your joy will be incomparable as you go to places you otherwise will have no idea existed. You’ll go traveling, often alone, but never lonely. As you go back home with eyes wider, heart bigger – you only yearn to be back on the road because life back here is not easy. Life is harsh, but you’ll never appreciate it any other way, won’t you?

Tomorrow we’ll be past quarter already. I’m in this beautiful island, appreciating the beauty of the planet, and maybe having a drink or two with a few people I just met. Another year, another extension in life. We’re not sick or anything – I just like to treat each day, month, year we’re alive a celebration. Because being alive requires so. Not everyone is given the chance to be alive again – or the chance to feel alive.

I guess, what I’m trying to tell you – is that you’ll be happy… no matter how long it takes… you will… if you choose to.

A bit matured version of yourself but not quite

Holing up

As you’d know if you’ve been reading up lately – I’ve been trying to get weekends to be really interesting for me. Life has been a bit routinary for me, and I badly want for weekends as terrific as they can. This would usually involve sleep deprivation, a big gash in the pocket, and random bouts of fatigue come the work week. For the past few weekends though, since I came back from a very off-budget trip (with another one boding in a week,) I’d rather myself spend weekends holing up in my apartment. This has given me a time for contemplation – mostly on how the past weekends went and also on life, yolo-ing, and the grand scheme of things. Read more

Project 1 Phone

A few weeks back, my blog partner Globe Telecom, reached out to me to participate in a photo shoot for Project 1 Phone. It’s an honor to be a part of this wonderful project and to work with such talented people!

Project 1 Phone, the country’s biggest mobile phone recycling campaign, has tapped global electronic waste recycling specialist TES-AMM.

TES-AMM combines state-of-the art technology with in-depth knowledge of environment and waste management techniques to provide reuse solutions and recovery of precious metals of end-of-life electronics such as computers, cell phones, peripherals, and TV sets.

All the units that Globe will collect through Project 1 Phone will be turned over to TES-AMM Philippines for proper recycling and recovery.

Through recycling, Globe’s Project 1 Phone hopes to do away with e-waste and lessen the harmful effects on the environment. Old cell phones and their batteries have toxic components such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury as well as plastic parts that usually have brominated flame retardant. These chemicals can intoxicate the environment.


Your old phone can still do wonders even in the age of techy and trendy smartphones! They can turn classrooms into more conducive spaces of learning!

Project 1 Phone encourages people to donate their old phones to Globe Telecom, which will, in turn, contribute to the building of new schools in Aklan.

The old phones and devices that Globe will gather shall be turned over to TES-AMM, a leading electronics waste recycler which will take responsibility for at end-of-life products to ensure that they are managed responsibly.

Project 1 Phone
Photo by Sandro Paredes
Makeup by Xeng Zulueta
A CSR Project by Globe

Outtakes from the shoot after the jump —  Read more

Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative

This contest has lapsed but I just want to highlight how this platform is a great avenue for young people like you and me who wants to change something. Besides, you can still be a member of this amazing organization and who knows they might open another grant competition and you might actually win.

It’ll help for you to check this out and see if you can connect with like-minded people in the community and discuss a potential project you can work on. It’s a great community for changemakers, and what better for changemakers to be at but with fellow people who wants to do something.

Full disclosure: I was a nursing graduate and we were limited to the activities and opportunities in the university given the amount of work our course requires. I am actually sad that I didn't spend my college years to undergo these experiences so if I can just get another shot at this, I'll be grateful. I hope you young people appreciate these kind of opportunities that are available to you. I think they will help shape you to become better citizens, not only of your nation, but of the world.

Read more

Stories of what have I


Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 10.02.34 PMFrom Rina Nakano‘s Oscillate


tr10From Saori Nakamura‘s “I was in the quiet place all too soon.


13974157613_ae2fe963ed_cFrom Hannah Reyes‘ From Tel Aviv With Love


403317729_623e5307d7_oFrom Wawi Navarroza‘s Saturnine


Marlboro-Country-BatanesFrom The Poor Traveler‘s Marlboro Country: Racuh a Payaman, Batanes

They say a picture says a thousand words; and some even has stories to tell. But not all pictures do, and not all stories are worth the time. I’m drawn into these stories; of love – to another man, to places, to material things, to emotions, to experiences; of lessons from misadventures; of fun and sadness; may be sober or choleric or even a forming array of varying energies; may it be up and down the emotional rolling hills or a consistently climactic climb. Stories interest me a lot because I love learning from other people’s experiences and I feel like I can, one day, tell my own inspiring stories of what have I.

I’ve been musing on different blogs and I find myself amused of their stories – written or photographed. Reading these blogs challenges me to a better storyteller, and encourages me to take on my own adventures and journeys. I’m sharing them to you and I hope they inspire you as they had me.

What’s going on and distracted thoughts, basically


It’s been a while since I posted something personal here. I guess I am all so caught up catching up with real life that sometimes I forget to update. However, whenever I post here, I feel excited too, because I have a lot of stories to share (not necessarily would matter to you though.) So that’s one thing too — so much to tell, so distracted to start with, so little time. And speaking of time, I’m still adjusting to my new sched (follow me on Twitter, to tired to talk about this haha aka lame trick to have you follow me on Twitter.) Most of the time I’m cramming in sleep and always half-afraid I won’t wake up on time. One day, I’ll be able to adjust (I hope.) And my fascination with parenthetical phrases is back.

(I saw this from some of the blogs I follow and have some time in my hands, so I gave it a try.)

What I’m writing: And when I say I’m distracted, it means I’ve been watching, reading, listening, working on a lot of things. One of the things eating up my time is making my itineraries for my upcoming trips. I don’t want to share it for now, but I will, though, soon. Basically, I’m just getting OC’d by everything — from budget to the stuff I need (ehem, want) to bring to the accommodations and to the exact time I want to be in where. It’s eating me up, and next time I know it’s time to sleep or go to work. I just hope all my obsession in reading up on all these places results to a good trip or even an enthusiasm to keep up with my blog, hehe. (Relentless plug though: go read my Cambodia series.)

(Also brb’d too many times because I’m keeping up with exchanging tabs and work and tweets and oh who’s that boy over Tumblr, gah. Distracted.)

What I’m drinking (right now): A large cup of Iced Americano from Seattle’s Best and a cup of Coke Zero. Yeah, caffeine.

What I’m watching:

As if I am not distracted enough, I am now in the mission to backtrack the X-men legacy through past media aka film, comic books, and wikia (because internet is awesome) because Days of Future Past had delineated and distorted every bit of what I know of the X-men timeline. I am not particularly the comic book geek but I have loved X-men since Jubilee was the gayest mutant and every bit of gayness in my body longed to be Storm in the animation series circa 90’s. Also, Wolverine’s butt (bless you Huge Jackman), Fassbender and his excellent delivery of Magneto, McAvoy as a disheveled hipster Charles X. Xavier, AND WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT Evan Peters is the best actor to portray Quicksilver — with his excellent, excellent psychoweirdo style of acting (Hello, American Horror Story Season 4) Told ya, I am one distracted overly gay person. And I want to buy that omnibus.

What I’m reading:


I’m about to finish Haruki Murakami’s Dance Dance Dance after my bout with distraction to finish reading a novel. Again, I’m sorely distracted. I usually stop reading Murakami novels in the middle then binge on it after I recover from a whirlwind of emotions. Murakami never fails to put me in an emotional centrifuge spinning intermittently between fast and faster. With Dance, Dance, Dance; I stopped after the nameless narrator (most of his narrators are nameless idky) met Sheep Man because I can’t wrap my head fully on how he played with parallel universes and how there is a clairvoyant and everything is connected and IamtalkinglikeSheepManalready. (That’s my best shot at not spoiling anyone who would want to read it.) Then I decided to binge on it again, and I think I need another break before I start on another Murakami binge. I know my reading pattern is unconventional but it’s how I cope with my distracted self.

What I’m eating: Now? None. Because it’s no-cal Saturdays. No, don’t listen to me. Go eat! I’m not healthy. Kthanksbye.

What I’m thinking:

New York, now and then will always pique my interest. Be it the 50’s Beatniks or the 80’s gay revolution, idc it’s New York. I had an epiphany last night while I was working and reading this New York Times article and realized that New York, no matter how dark, decadent, and degenerated (to some, not to me) it is, has so much story to tell. Every nook and cranny of Gotham has some odd legend or generation and oddly enough as well I love hearing their stories. One of these stories is The Normal Heart, Ryan Murphy’s much-awaited telling of the gay revolution in New York right after the spike of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Aside from being a valuable addition to my ever-growing HIV/AIDS media collection, it is also an interesting tale of people who lived beautifully amidst a tumultuous decade. Read the New York Times article above before watching and be drawn to stories of people who fought the fight – and how they fought and how they are fighting until now.

(By now, I have acknowledged that this might have thrown you in a whirlwind of thoughts about me. I can also feel you say I’m weird.)

Basically, what I wanna say:

I don’t quite know how to end this post. I just want to document what’s going on with me and to touch base with you. Also, to share what I’ve been binging on, and eventually realize that I am so distracted and I’m blathering most of the time. (Why, Jonver. Y.)


P.S. I’m thinking of a way to concretize my thoughts more because I just can’t go on distracted all my life. Halp! (Especially with my parenthetical tendencies.)

First Kiss

Do you remember the first kiss you ever had? The sight of your lover inches away from you? The familiarity of a body so near you? The warmth of the lips of another on yours? How about the eyes, in which you peer into his soul? How did his hands travel around your face, and how it all consummates you? Did you shiver?

What did you feel?

Did you reciprocated? Was there hesitation? Did you jump right in the thought of? How about the other people in the room? Did you care? Did they stare? Did you feel awkward? What did you do, if you were?

Were there a billion thoughts in your head and you just didn’t care?

And will you do it all over again for the first time with the same person?

Thank you, Tatia Pilievia, for making me, us, feel it all over again.

Poverty Practice


Actually I found that I can!

Just this past week, I was running on just a little below 50 pesos a day (excluding the free meals from office, and miscellaneous expenses at home.) This is the first time that I’ve gone that low in everyday expenses. Basically because I live fairly near to my office, and that meals are free why I survived. But imagine all those people who have kids and have no job — how do they live in such a low budget? It’s inhumane.

It is inhumane to ponder about it, but it is happening. I like this awareness campaign and it made me realize how blessed I am — having a job that does not only pays the rent, and heck, free meals to boot!

How about you? Can you live below the poverty line for a week?

P.S. I am really pondering on making this a month-long challenge. 

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