Spring Cleaning x Updates

I’m really back… please believe me, lol.

(Did you notice the new blog design? Hehe!)

It’s been a while since I sent out that my hiatus is over, but I really haven’t posted anything after that, have I? I’m still trying to get into the grove, but like what Charlie said, “I’m [also] busy trying to participate.”


Loving what I do (at work) and loving the people I work with gave me the best opportunity to participate. I’ve just turned one year in my job (I haven’t been telling everyone because I’m tryna escape the libre haha) and so far it has been good. I’ve even made quite a few friends! Everyone’s been so crazy!


Our office is an insane hodgepodge and that’s what makes it really special. We don’t have fancy game rooms or out-of-this-world sleep booths (though we won’t complain if there is!) but all the hard work (sometimes) seem a little easier to bear with these crazies around.


And I am so proud that I still have a social life! There aren’t much people that I call friends, but I’m glad I can find time to hang out with them. If it’s not game night or wine night or both, we’ll prolly meet up just to sit and do whatever. Two weeks ago, we’ve been to Baguio – and it was cool and rainy there. I loved the rain – it gave the place so much depth than it already has.





I even get to see people I haven’t met for a while. Downing a shot of tequila or two and trying to remember good ol’ days. But we don’t need to miss each other, as well.


And jeez, I can’t believe I’m telling you this – I’m trying to be fit. Could you believe that?


This past year (I think it has been a year since I wrote something decent here, yes) was a rollercoaster, a whirlwind. I’ll have it no other way. But I miss sharing these things to you –


I wish I have more time to talk to you! I’ll make time – I’ll try.

(Expect more posts in the coming days, that’s for sure!)


I *think* the hiatus is /finally/ over.

Meanwhile –

Hello internet! I’m alive!


Picking up wisdom from a bathroom mural, Makati City.


Hey there, it’s been a while since I wrote here – idk was it two or three months before when I was gearing for a major change and now I’m, well… adjusting. It’s been tough but you know how life is; there’s no other way but tough. I’m now omw home, a lil sick because I’ve been working up myself lately. Don’t get me wrong I am liking it so far but my body can’t keep up – is this ageing? Anyhow, I hope you there across that screen reading this are well and having a swell time.
All I can think of right now honestly is that I’m going on a vacation on September!!! And that I want hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows… And maybe dimsum. I know weird, right?

Write to you again soon,

Let’s Hang


Let’s hang a bit longer, I wanted to stay anyway. This calls for another cup of joe, or a run to get smokes. But anyway, I hope you’ll stay. Because I wanna hang out some more. I don’t wanna go elsewhere for the meantime. We’ve been here for a quite a while, and we have time to spare, finally. So let’s hang. 

Let’s hang, I’d like to listen more. It’s been a while since I just sat down and talked. How was your day? I hope Monday has been kind to you. Mine’s a bit boring, oh but you know it’s work. Your phone rang and you answer some calls. I watch you feign interest, and I laugh quietly, wary of the other person on the line. We laugh together at how people had the whole day to call, and chose to call now. You open your laptop and tinker a bit and showed me something. I love that. I love knowing more about you, including your work. Doesn’t matter, really. I’d like to know more. 

Let’s hang, our second cup’s almost done but we don’t need to go. I feel like time just passed by, and though the night is young we both are tired. You and me both. Adult life is getting tiring, don’t you think so? I ask. We look to our past juvenile years, how carefree we once were. I somehow hope that we have met then, when we have all the time to hang, to have coffee, and then maybe go drinking and then coffee again when the sun is up and we haven’t slept but we got nothing else to do anyway. Let’s hang even though we cannot be young again. 

Let’s hang, despite our adult responsibilities are getting ahead of us. We can always stop and hang. Tell me your problems though most probably I can’t do anything to help you. A listening ear always helps lift the weight, maybe? Let’s hang to forget for a while that we need to do things and remember that we’re here to just lay off a bit. Just for a bit, to rest and find the futile short-lived respite and just hang. We all need to stop, and this, this is our time to do so. 

Let’s hang and talk some more. I know there are more days, but we do not really know. What are you doing in the weekend? Yeah, I have meetings here and there, too. It’s been pretty busy lately. Not even enough time to hang some more. But I do hope that you and me both keep hanging on to the next time we’ll see each other in the same spot, the same cafe, the same time. I hope you don’t mind me looking forward to the next time we hang. 

Let’s hang some more. I want to know more about you. Let’s hang out and see where this takes us. I’m not sure how far we are from the forked road, but if we get there… 

Will you still hang with me? 

Life according to the phone, pt.6 

The city looks pretty! I can see the ONE Festival aftermath (oh god, it was a beautiful aftermath, I tell you!)

This one’s from FAILE. And the one below is from Kristin Farr —


THE NORTH REMEMBERS: I will always have a soft spot for Quezon City. So I went up to the north, at Maginhawa, to see Loreen, Kristian, and Thysz for something for Buzzfeed. You have to wait for it, of course hihihi.

Last weekend, I decided to go to Chessika’s first blog anniversary AND IT WAS HILARIOUS! I have known Chessika through a friend and we’ve been friends online BUT we have never seen each other until last week – and the girl is gayer than I’ve ever thought! Congrats for the first year, Chessika, and many more to come!

We played games – so we can tell people it’s fun – and Chessika coerced me asked me nicely let me be the gamemaster. AND BOY THE GAMES INCLUDED CHEERDANCES. Hahahaha, it was really fun. I had fun, like tons of it!

We had to retake the photo because her tarp self is not seen!!! Oh, Chessika!!!

And the night cannot get any gayer! Went to Eastwood to see the best friend and watch San Andreas – god it has a gorgeous cast!

It’s really rare that I am awake in the after hours of Saturdays, so I went back to Future to meet some more friends. Huhuhu, I really miss the mornings and the change is coming – I’ll tell y’all about it SOON!

The weekend is not complete too if I don’t see Nica! Spent the whole Sunday with her~

Huhuhu I also have to take that moment to acknowledge Cersei on the latest episode of Game of Thrones. JEEZ SHE REALLY HAD TO THAT????? Tommen you fool get up and take care of your momma! #maternal #estrogen

And before the week starts, I needed a good recovery with lots of green sriracha.

Huhu, can it be like 4 days weekend and not just 2?

Inspirations on the Web, pt. 1

Sometimes, it’s just so hard to create something – even if it’s something you’ve been doing for the longest time; you just need some inspirations. The world wide web is literally a web of inspirations (if you know where to look, because it’s also full of negativity) that most of us harness in times of dire need aka deadline is looming in. We least like (hate?) to receive that dreaded follow up email that says it’s urgent. It’s the last thing we wanna see in our inbox (can I hear an amen?)

That’s why I decided to list down of some of my inspirations lately. Hope this helps you get your creative juices flowing! I know I need some these daze.

Death to the Stock Photo

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.19.51 AMI used to hate stock photos – because they are just plainly uninspiring and never well-thought of. Heck, even the photos on the local paper would be better. But when I found Death to Stock – where David Sherry and Allie Lehman reinvent the dreaded industry and provide top-of-the-class stock photos straight from photographers the website funded – I know it’s something I wanna stay tuned for. DTS sends 10 hi-res photos for free subscribers and access to the  whole archive for premium subscribers. It’s royalty free for as long as you don’t sell it (duh). I particularly enjoyed when they sent out the London collection (by Richard Harris)

Serif Creative

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.22.26 AM

I found Serif Creative when they did a collab with DTS^. They are a creative agency doing branding and photography, among other things. What I particularly loved about them is how they get down to tell a story through videos and photos. Their workplace looks pretty rad, too!


Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.25.14 AM

I’ve been following Moo for quite some time now – and I have always loved their Moosletter (yepp, they went there) – which leads to a great resource of more inspirations online (one of them being DTS). Also, their commitment to high quality stationery is amazing with a vibrant workplace to be envious about!


Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.20.49 AMStartuptravels is a Copenhagen-based company which fosters a community of over 1000 cities (and counting!) The website aims to connect startup entrepreneurs with a worldwide network to travel and meet in different cities. I am also glad to be one of two ambassadors here in Manila! We have plenty of activities down the pipeline, so I hope you’ll stay tuned in this space.

Add me up over at Startuptravels here!

The Love Game

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.23.50 AM


This one has been circulating quite a bit what with the printed card game set on Indiegogo I’m down to buy! And compared to the ones listed above, this one is for *ehem* my lovelife (I can totally understand if you just raised an eyebrow right now.) Check ’em out seriously, can be quite fun with a potential lover, imho hihihi.

I have a couple more inspirations to share, but for now, this will be it! Hope you keep pasted for the next one!

Huhugoat courtesy of Words Anonymous

I actually did intentionally avoid commenting anything because [refer to the picture below]. This may be not current to some because it has been circulating feeds for quite some time now but you may want to watch again. Because again [refer to the picture below]. ANG SARAP MAGMURA PAGKATAPOS MANUOD OKAY (what happened to not commenting. kthanksbye)

Ang Huling Tula na Isusulat Ko para sa ‘Yo
Juan Miguel Severo

Pangako ‘yan, at totoo.
Hindi ko alam kung magiging ga’no kahaba
kung kasya ba sa isang pyesa, ilang pahina,
ilang minuto ang itatagal at ihahaba nito
kaya posibleng hindi ko agad makabisado.

Pero pangako ‘yan…
Ito na,
ang huling tula
na isusulat ko
para sa ‘yo.

Itaga mo ‘to sa bato
abutin man ako ng umaga dito
hindi ko ipipikit ang mga matang ito.
uubusin ko ang lahat ng salita
na posibleng tugma
ng pangalan mo
o ng anumang tawag ko sa’yo,
(mahal, sinta, irog, pangga, babe, beh,
bae, asawa ko, mine?
wifey, bae,
kulet, kapal, k*pal, walangya,
p*ki, p*king *na ka) ano pa ba?
Wala akong pakialam
kung abutin ako ng ilang talata dito,
pero hindi ko na pwedeng patirahin lang,
dito sa loob ko,
ang mga salitang ito.

Kaya pangako…
Ito na,
ang huling tula
na isusulat ko
para sa ‘yo.

Magsisimula ako sa umpisa,
sa kung paanong nginitian mo ako at tinanong kung saan ako nakatira
hinidi mo nga pinansin,
ang mga agiw sa dingding.
Hindi ka nga natinag sa ipis na biglang dumating
sa iyong pagbisita.
Pero hindi mo rin man lang din tinignan
ang mga libro
na nasa tabi ng kama ko,
natutulog din.
At tangi ko noong kapiling.

Magsisimula ako sa umpisa,
sa kung paanong niyakap mo ako
noong sabihin ko sa’yong,
“Mahal Kita…”
Sa kung paanong hinalikan mo ako sa noo
sabay sabi ng:
“Mahalaga ka…”
At ako naman ‘tong si tanga,
dahil hindi pa nalilinawan
na ayaw ko
na maging mahalaga,
ayaw ko
na maging mahalaga…

Hindi ako antigong salamin
na matagal mo nang pag-aari,
na tinitignan mo lang
para ipaalala sa sarili mo na
maganda ka.

Ayaw ko
na maging mahalaga.

Hindi ako telepono mong
dududukutin lang sa bulsa,
kapag kailangan mo ng solusyon
sa kawalan mo ng koneksyon,
sa mundo mong masyado nang malawak
para bigyang atensyon ka pa.

Ayaw ko
na maging mahalaga.

Hindi ako kwintas na isusuot mo lang
sa piling-piling mga okasyon,
kapag mayroong mga sitwasyon
na pakiramdam mo ay kulang ka pa.
Hindi ako para ibalik
sa loob ng isang kahon
kapag matutulog ka na sa gabi
sa takot na masakal ka sa yakap ko
kapag mahimbing ka na.
O ibalik sa loob ng kahon
at itabi sa sulok ng isang aparador
sa takot na manakaw ako ng iba.

Ayaw ko
na maging mahalaga..

Ang gusto ko…
ay mahalin.

Ang kailangan ko…
ay mahalin.

Kailangan ko na mahalin mo ako
gaya ng kape mo sa umaga,
tanggap ang tamis at pait,
kailangan para sa init
pero hindi isinasantabi
dahil lang nanlamig na.

Kailangan ko na mahalin mo ako
gaya ng sarili mong opisina.
Kabisado kung para saan ang ano
kabisado kung nasaan nakatago ang alin.
Kabisado ang mga itinatago kong patalim,
silbi, dumi, lihim..


Kailangan ko na mahalin mo ako
gaya ng unan mo sa gabi.
Niyayakap sa ginaw,
sinasandalan kahit na mainit,
binubulungan ng mga pinakatatago mong panaginip.

Ayaw ko
na maging mahalaga…

Ang kailangan ko
ay mahalin…

At nagsulat ako noon
hanggang sa mahalin mo..

Kaya patawad
pero magsusulat ako
hanggang sa maubos ko
ang lahat ng salita,
na posibleng tugma
ng pangalan mo.

Pero magsusulat ako,
para patawarin mo.

Dahil minsan
may nakapagsabi sa akin
na ang hindi raw marunong magpatawad,
ay hindi makapagsusulat.

Kaya mahal
sa pagkakataong ito,
sa huling pagkakataon
na magsusulat ako ng tula
para sa ‘yo,
gumawa tayo ng kasunduan…

Patatawarin kita,
pero patatawarin mo rin ako.

Patawarin mo ako
sa hindi ko pagtahan,
at patatawarin kita,
sa hindi mo pagluha.

Patawarin mo ako
sa hindi ko pananahimik,
at patatawarin kita,
sa hindi mo pagsasalita.

Patawarin mo ako
sa hindi ko pag-alis,
at patatawarin kita,
sa hindi mo pananatili.

Patawarin mo ako
sa hindi ko sa ‘yo paglimot,
at patatawarin kita,
sa hindi mo sa akin pagpili, mahal.

Gumawa tayo ng kasunduan:
Patatawarin kita,
pero patatawarin mo rin ako.

Patawarin mo ako
sa hindi ko pagbitiw
at patatawarin kita,
sa hindi mo pagkapit.

Patawarin mo ako
sa hindi ko paglayo
at patatawarin kita,
sa hindi mo paglapit.

Patawarin mo ako
sa hindi ko pagsuko,
at patatawarin kita,
sa hindi mo pagsugal.

At patawarin mo ako
sa hindi ko pagkamuhi sa ‘yo,
at patatawarin kita,
sa hindi mo sa akin pagmamahal, mahal.

Gumawa tayo ng kasunduan:
Patatawarin kita,
pero patatawarin mo rin ako.

Para sa wakas
ay matapos ko na itong tula,
na masyado nang matagal nang nakatira dito.

At patawad…
kung magiging masyadong mahaba,
at maraming masyadong boladas.

Pero pangako:
huli na ‘to…
huli na ‘to…
huli na ‘to…

Magsisimula ako uli sa umpisa,
sa kung paanong nginitian mo ako
at tinanong kung saan ako nakatira…

Magsisimula ako uli sa umpisa,
sa kung paanong nginitian mo ako…

Magsisimula ako uli sa umpisa…

Magsisimula ako uli…

Magsisimula ako…

Ito na
ang huling tula
na isusulat ko
para sa ‘yo…


Ito na
ang huling tula
na isinulat ko
tungkol sa ‘yo…

Tang ina mo!
Tapos na ako…


Weekends (and hangovers) aka life according to the phone, pt. 3

Izz a bit late but what the hell - this is covering end of Feb to March

IMG_6303First order of things tho – selfie!


Last month, my best friend Hanna and I celebrated our birthdays! Cheers to 26 and 24 — with a big ass beer and more spirits…Hanna3Hanna4Hanna5Hanna6Like this tall shots of Patron XO!


What’s a decent hangover without pancit canton? Tell me?! And of course, I just had to have time with the fambam as well – though it’s really getting hard to have all of us in one table these days, this’ll do for now. I hope I can rile them up for a summer getaway or something. IMG_6304IMG_6315Mendokoro Ramenba 1Mendokoro Ramenba 2

But even without hangover, I’ll choose noodles anytime any day anywhere. I finally went to Mendokoro Ramenba in Salcedo Village. I’ve been tweeting and telling you guys that I’ve heard so much good about this place – and yes those are all true! No frills ramen with a small menu of less than 10 items and just one of the most glorious broth I have souped up. Gad, even in the middle of this hotness aka the devil’s asshole, I would go up there to soup up. 
Mendokoro Ramenba 4Mendokoro Ramenba 5Mendokoro Ramenba 6

And for those busy days (yes, even the weekends are busy ok), I go to local coffee shops like Local Edition to work on stuff. March has been incredibly busy with both meeting potential collaborators and meeting friends. Local Ed’s cold brew is just right to wire me up and put me in the mood to work plus Perea is a quiet haven – aka without the mall crowd – to hole up and focus on things.

Sundays at Local Edition 2

I just looooove how last month turned out and it’s just the first quarter.Sundays at Local Edition

2015, c’mon show me what you’ve got!


A little project with friends x impromptu drive to Intramuros x Muni Market Day on March 28!

A few weeks ago, I tagged along a couple of friends from Team Muni for a mini-project. Still getting permission if I can post the video here but It’s a short film to describe Manila as a creative hub. Between drinking coffee and taking safety shots, I also caught up with them and learned about their plans as well about Muni Market Day (after the jump!) Then a long-ish drive to Intramuros ensued. It’s been a while since I’ve been to this part of Manila. I actually forgot how to go to the walled city – though back in college I was always in this part of the capital *don’t ask hihi*. We also dropped by Manila Collectible – an all Filipino products curator in the corner of Cabildo and Beaterio streets, where we saw a both familiar and new local brands. #BuyLocal you guys 🙂

Gotta love spontaneous weekends!

Muni Creative Mornings 1 at Local EditionMuni Creative Mornings 2 at Local EditionMuni Creative Mornings 3 at Local EditionMuni Creative Mornings 4Muni Creative Mornings 5Muni Creative Mornings 6 at  IntramurosMuni Creative Mornings 7 at  Intramuros


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Letter to my 15-year-old self


More than ten years have passed already since I were you and surely you and I have learned a lot along the way. People say regrets are for sissies but I say looking back to those will make you a better decision-maker, if not at all a better person.

You hate a lot of people, I know. Especially in high school. That one’s real tough, but you will get over that. All you are focusing, most likely, is getting to a good university and start working. You’re not even thinking of all the friends you’ll make along the way – well because your social life didn’t particularly happen so far. But I tell you – there are as many good, like really good, people you’ll meet, if not the best, as there are crappy people you know so far. You’ll still face discrimination though because of your radical views in life – but there will be people who will be ready to accept you for who you really are. And there will be people who will just tolerate you – don’t think much about them as their tolerance do not matter at all. AT. ALL.

On that good university, you will not enter your dream uni as well. You’ll be brokenhearted by this but I guess it will all boil down to being in charge of your own education. Institution is nice, but what you do and who you are will not depend on where or what you studied. If at all, it will keep you grounded on a lot of things. Half of what you do ten years from where you are now will not be even about what you studied. You’re a true learner and you like learning a lot, you’ll get by. We are an impatient lot, but being in college will test your patience as well. Learn as much as you can, because believe me – being in the cradles of the academe is one of the joys of your life. I know because I’ve been wanting to go back.

You will burn a lot of bridges, too. You will let your emotions take over you and God knows sometimes you enjoy it. You have to learn how to keep your emotions at bay and take things at face value. It’s not worth the effort to care about things that do not really matter. Let this be a lesson to you to nurture more meaningful relationships. They may be few – people who you care deeply about – but it’s good investment. One day, you’ll see that these people you stuck with are worth it. They’ll be there through thick and thin, rain or shine, sad or happy. You’ll cherish them like your own flesh and blood and they do, too – even though they do not show you.

Don’t get me wrong – sometimes there are bridges so broken you just need to burn them. Do not let other people weigh you down and sometimes you just need to turn away from them. Time will not matter, you just have to think about yourself sometimes. You tend to think of other people more than you think of yourself – and that’s bad. You need to love yourself well before other people – and this will how you will love others, too.

Ten years into this life will still see you without a relationship. Oh believe me, you’ll have your heart broken M A N Y times and the number of times you will cry will be an understatement to what you feel right now. People will make you believe that they care for you and you will still wear your heart on your sleeve. You will love but that doesn’t mean they will, too. It will hurt as fuck, but remember that your happiness shouldn’t rely on them. You will learn how to look past the hurts and move on. It will not be easy – you will self-destruct in a number of ways – but once you’ve risen from the ashes of hurt, you’ll finally appreciate yourself for who you truly are.

You’ll get to know yourself through travel, too. You’ll love travel, I tell you. You’ll find solace in being in another part of the world you haven’t been. Your joy will be incomparable as you go to places you otherwise will have no idea existed. You’ll go traveling, often alone, but never lonely. As you go back home with eyes wider, heart bigger – you only yearn to be back on the road because life back here is not easy. Life is harsh, but you’ll never appreciate it any other way, won’t you?

Tomorrow we’ll be past quarter already. I’m in this beautiful island, appreciating the beauty of the planet, and maybe having a drink or two with a few people I just met. Another year, another extension in life. We’re not sick or anything – I just like to treat each day, month, year we’re alive a celebration. Because being alive requires so. Not everyone is given the chance to be alive again – or the chance to feel alive.

I guess, what I’m trying to tell you – is that you’ll be happy… no matter how long it takes… you will… if you choose to.

A bit matured version of yourself but not quite

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