I can attest to it that having a father, put nicely, who you can’t talk to or who you can’t identify with, is a bit hard growing up with. Not bit, actually. It’s hard. Fathers are supposed to be the people who you turn to when things go rough. When you need a strong person to adequately fill in your weakness. When you need a stern figure to talk to when things fall apart in your just-starting world. When the world lacks wisdom and inspiration. When things does not go your way. When things badly goes your way.

When things are not all right.

Fathers. They’re your man when you need one. They’re your hard yet gentle slap of reality when you require to. They’re your single, wisest old man that can break your barrier to the wicked world.

Twelve years and I still have the same dad that I couldn’t talk to. Watch the video above and start talking to him.


Advance happy father’s day to all dads. Just you know, be good dads, please.

Moonleaf asks… What are your #TipsForFreshies?

backtoschool bag

It’s school time once again, and we want to welcome all the students to the new school year with #TipsForFreshies.

We want to know: what are your school survival tips?

Whether you’re a graduate, a returning student, or an incoming freshie yourself; you definitely have some tips to survive the demands of high school and college life. Share some of your tips as we share it to the other students as well.

And there’s more to it: WIN DRINKS FROM MOONLEAF when you share your school survival tips on Twitter and Facebook! Five lucky people will win each week for the whole month of June!

So sit back, enjoy this video, and tell us: What are your #TipsForFreshies?


It’s National Siblings Day, and I won’t be one to miss it. Especially, I miss hanging out with the sibs. Gotta be home one of these days.



Of fedoras and spectacles. Love you, homies!

So I got to talk to a few students…


Public speaking has never been one of my strengths. I’ve always mumbled and stuttered in front of a group. But that doesn’t mean I would pass up the opportunity to inspire a group of students. Blogging has done a lot for me, all the more I want to share to these kids how it really helps one’s career

I was invited by a class to talk about social media. This is my second time already, and though I was still the same dorky guy with a mic, and feeling completely nonsense, I really am thankful for the chance to meet and inspire these hopefuls from a small college in Pampanga.

I see myself in these young hopefuls — I was in my senior year in college when I started blogging, and quite frankly I wasn’t happy with my course so I resorted to distract myself every once in a while to keep me sane. This eventually proved to me the power of a blog. I got to know a lot of people, some became good friends, and some became good bosses and mentors. And it does come with perks! Lots of them. It kept me sane and it gave me a job — good enough reason to share what blogging can do to your career.

I really hope my inability to speak effectively in public didn’t hinder these students to learn from me! I hope they get me again though! I’d love to see them again.

And maybe, I’ll take a John Robert Powers class to kill this stage fright. Haha!




Hello there!

Wow, it feels surreal to make a first post on a new blog. It’s like opening the first page of a book, or rather taking the first bite of an 11-course or maybe 15-course meal. Okay, that made me hungry.

Anyway, I’m just glad I finally got to launch this new platform I’ve been tweaking. I won’t be discussing about this blog, as you may read it from my About pages. Read them please please please.

Hahaha, okay I’m losing focus here.

So here goes. Welcome to my new blog! I hope you come back for more of my little mis/adventures in and out of the crazy city we will call Manila. I am based here, but gawd, all I think of is going away and discovering the world. Hopefully, I get to share to you all of these in the coming days, months, and I really hope – years! *insert cross fingers here*

So I hope you keep tuned in! I’ve prepared quite a number of series to keep you peeled, page after page. Who knows what I will be blogging about next, eh?

After all, it’s anything actually 🙂

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