Startuptravels Manila Hub presents Bring Your Own Brand

I’ve been working with the Startuptravels team in Copenhagen for a month now, and I am very happy with our collaboration. My partner-in-crime and I were ambassadors of the month for May! Jeez, that was soooo warm to hear from them <3

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 5.46.02 AM

The team has been amazing at hearing out our ideas as well… One of these is the event we’re hosting at O2 Space called BYOB —


BYOB: Bring Your Own Brand, a Startuptravels Manila Meetup will be held at O2 Space in Makati City on June 26/Friday, 6-8pm. We aim to bring together a group of entrepreneurs in Manila to meet, learn, and possibly collaborate with each other. With support from fellow startups, we hope that through these meetups we will be able to forge valuable connections with each other and foster an environment conducive for connecting others as well.

This event is generously brought to you by coworking space O2 Space, Design Studio DSS Creativo, local organic beverage brand Bayani Brew, local snacks Nipa Foods.

Startuptravels logo

Startuptravels is an online platform where you can connect with traveling and resident startup entrepreneurs around the world. You may know more about them at


As of Tuesday morning, the tickets were all sold out! I was assaulted by waitlisting emails on a summer afternoon. It was indeed overwhelming, but we will make ways to meet you guys (if you still wanna meet us) after the event, that is!

If you’re up for drinks on the 26th, Friday night just around Makati, then register here, or sign up on Startuptravels so we can reach out to you!


Live To Feel Stories

All of us have stories to tell… and each story we can learn a lesson or two. If there is one thing I learned from living past quarter (yuck, I’m past quarter already okay). I for one particularly enjoy hearing other people’s stories – I love listening to them, I live for those stories because I think I look forward for my own unique experiences

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#Lokal Tweetup at Commune

Before February ended, a newfound friend (NFF) and I decided to gather some more friends to talk about local stuff. My NFF Uli is from San Francisco and is experiencing Manila for the first time. So what better to do but gather some friends and welcome him to the crazy city of Manila!

#LOKAL PosterIMG_6251IMG_6254IMG_6258IMG_6291IMG_6292IMG_6293IMG_6294IMG_6296Yay for cupcakes by Sweet Patti Cakes!

IMG_6300From L-R: Zel (HVMO), Jason (UP Diliman), Wanna (Muni), Tina (Globe), Saul (BPI), Jed (Scout Magazine), Paolo (Team Manila), Uli (San Fo), Cai (Freelance and overall awesome person), Stephen (Nipa Foods), Danella (HomegrownFull Suite), Ros (CommuneTweetup MNL), Michelle (Nipa Foods), and Kevin (Signet, Bespoke Man). (We’re missing Nica here, though she helped me organize this.)

Thanks for coming, everyone! See you all online 🙂


Typhoon Ruby Updates

It is beyond scary to know that Typhoon Ruby will be as strong as last year’s Typhoon Yolanda as forecasts say. Yolanda (or internationally known as, Haiyan) has devastated most of Central Visayas which citizens are now still recuperating from.


Different organizations are now jumping off the bat for preventive measures. It’s good to see all these corporations exert an effort into helping prevent any ill-fated circumstances. Google Philippines published a crisis map wherein evacuation centers, among other stuff, are mapped out, along with a Public Alerts page. NOAH also posted these storm surge advisories for provinces in Visayas.

Tweetup Manila, the guys responsible for #RescuePH and #ReliefPH, released these advisories as well to keep people reminded.

10411297_754919077896816_3041146650102830047_n 10170681_754903747898349_667318462395885356_n

Globe Telecom advises its customers in Eastern Visayas to take necessary measures in preparation for Typhoon Hagupit, which entered the Philippine area of responsibility today. The typhoon is expected to hit some of the areas devastated by Typhoon Yolanda about a year ago… Read more

A year after Haiyan…

Typhoon Yolanda, known as Haiyan internationally, the strongest typhoon to hit the planet, had made land fall in the Philippines a year ago on this month. It has destroyed millions worth of properties and has taken a lot of lives. Those who survived has barely managed… if it weren’t for people, here in the Philippines and elsewhere in world, jumped in to help them. It helps restore faith in humanity as the whole world lent a helping hand to the survivors, something as a Filipino I am grateful for.

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Project 1 Phone

A few weeks back, my blog partner Globe Telecom, reached out to me to participate in a photo shoot for Project 1 Phone. It’s an honor to be a part of this wonderful project and to work with such talented people!

Project 1 Phone, the country’s biggest mobile phone recycling campaign, has tapped global electronic waste recycling specialist TES-AMM.

TES-AMM combines state-of-the art technology with in-depth knowledge of environment and waste management techniques to provide reuse solutions and recovery of precious metals of end-of-life electronics such as computers, cell phones, peripherals, and TV sets.

All the units that Globe will collect through Project 1 Phone will be turned over to TES-AMM Philippines for proper recycling and recovery.

Through recycling, Globe’s Project 1 Phone hopes to do away with e-waste and lessen the harmful effects on the environment. Old cell phones and their batteries have toxic components such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury as well as plastic parts that usually have brominated flame retardant. These chemicals can intoxicate the environment.


Your old phone can still do wonders even in the age of techy and trendy smartphones! They can turn classrooms into more conducive spaces of learning!

Project 1 Phone encourages people to donate their old phones to Globe Telecom, which will, in turn, contribute to the building of new schools in Aklan.

The old phones and devices that Globe will gather shall be turned over to TES-AMM, a leading electronics waste recycler which will take responsibility for at end-of-life products to ensure that they are managed responsibly.

Project 1 Phone
Photo by Sandro Paredes
Makeup by Xeng Zulueta
A CSR Project by Globe

Outtakes from the shoot after the jump —  Read more


So, there’s this app called Cameo and I’ve decided to take more videos than photos for my recent trip to Hong Kong and I uploaded them there! It’s a recap of the four days we toured the city, ate dim sum, and met so much hyperreality in this awesome city.

I hope you like it!

Shoutout to great teachers!

So first of all, I’d like to acknowledge my brother and sister who are both teachers – which in a larger scale, being honored as the National Teachers Month is about to end! (Sorry I am that oblivious haha) I am so proud of these two having finished their teaching degrees and now excelling in their chosen fields. I know that they will be great teachers just because. I believe in them.

Angel and Kevin

And of course, I’ll be a bit off course here (see what I did there) to greet the best teacher I’ve ever had a happy happy happy birthday — My mom <3


It goes without saying that teachers play an important role in our society. I have so much appreciation for all the good teachers I’ve ever met – who has ever challenged me to be better in whatever I do, who has ever told me that I can be better if I put my heart and mind to it. And that is inasmuch as I express utter disgust towards people who give teachers a bad name. I’m sorry, I have to put it out there, hahaha!

Anyway, our partner Globe is honoring 21 teachers — by involving students to post selfies with their noble teachers to nominate them! Students just have to use the #GlobeWonderfulTeacher and they can have a chance to win prepaid load for themselves and one of the 21 awards for their teacher! I have a list of teachers now to post with my selfie, but I’m no longer a student now, am I?

[EVENT + Video of the Day] Digital Lifestyle Expo

I can’t think of one day that I wouldn’t even tinker with my phone. For me, this mobile and digital lifestyle has given me access to information, not to mention a job! This digital revolution has turned everyone into a digital humankind, tinkering with gadgets one callous thumb at a time (now that I’ve thought of it, it sounds scary haha)

The habit is – Twitter, email, Viber, and then check some Yummly for dinner or if I’m tired or I just want to go out — Zomato it is. Of course, Spotify all day and maybe Flipboard for the latest or Pocket for some easy reads. The list doesn’t end there as I have over 50 apps on my phone! You see, it’s like 50% of my life is now app-and-phone-dependent (no kidding).

And it just never ends.


So if you’re like me who lives the digital life (you know you do), then let’s go to the Digital Lifestyle Expo at the Mega Fashion Hall (omg I live so near!) Lots of emerging technologies – gadgets, apps, and a whole lot more. Find more details after the jump!

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Boys of Youtube

Formerly The Vlog Review

So this has been sitting in my drafts folder for a long time now just because I am in deep conflict which of my favorite Youtubers I'm gonna feature here. 

So instead, yeah I won't even explain the title because it is 

self-e x p l a n a t o r y. 

Teehee, enjoy! 

Everyone knows I love these Youtube vloggers and I’m basically just a gay guy in front of my laptop and weirdly laughing while clearly everyone doesn’t even know why. So for those who can’t understand why I am so h o o k e d to these g a i s read up and maybe watch even?

WARNING: You can instantly get hooked. I was anyway when I started watching. What I like to do though, since most of them have been vlogging for a while and are pretty famous already, s digging up their old videos and watching them when they actually started…

But this post is about some of the best boys. Hihi, I am actually excited to write all about it.

Jim Chapmanawwww quirky guy 

I really love Jim Chapman inside out — with all that British accent, tall and lanky built, and that quirky way he does his videos. I swear I can just squirm even if he’s just baking chocolate (see below haha). He’s now engaged to fellow Youtuber Tanya Burr and they’re just the sweetest ever — lucky girl!

Jim Chapman calls his audience best friends (awwwww) and he can sing really well. With that pretty face, yeah I pretty much know why she’d say yes. LOLJK they do look good together!

Connor Franta twink fantasy

I am so sorry for that description. Connor baby, if you’re reading this (HAHAHAHA okay I’ll stop). Seriously, Connor is like the baby brother I never had though I really have a younger brother. He’s so playful and cute (Oh Connor, you!) What I really like about Connor is how he does his funny little skits and how he loves coffee so much like I do. But yeah, he’s my twink fantasy hihi!

Oh he used to be a member of this all-boys group called O2L! But still, if you need your ovaries to explode go watch them.

Troye SivanI’d-like-to-be-my-OTP

Troye, oh Troye! First things first (I’m the realest?) watch his music video with EMI Australia here. And tell me ain’t he the cutest ever?! Troye is kinda dark and quirky in his own right. Idk about the dark, if you ask me. I just sense this darkness from him, innocent darkness that is. But it is all good! I really really really love his new album and it’s kinda awesome he also came out on Youtube last year. Hugs, bb!

Tyler Oakleymy queen

Now if there is someone who dragged me to this whole Youtuber madness, it is my one and only true queen — Tyler Oakley. I love him lots! He’s so gay he can’t hide it and he’s one fierce momma. I think I’ve watched almost every video he has on Youtube (sorry for stalking) and he’s one amazing human being on the face of earth! In my perfect world, I’m king and he’s my queen and all things fierce are upon us.

Lucas CruikshankNKOTB

Lucas used to be in this Nickelodeon show (I’m too lazy to google, so go google haha) and he’s kind of new in this game and damn he looks fine! High pitched and highly energetic — this new kid on the block is sashaying his way in the Youtube-verse (if there is such a word). He does his Youtube show with his best friend Jenny and yeah that girl is equally fab. What I love the most about him? HE JUST LOOKS SO DAMN GOOD OKAY.

So I think I went a bit overly gay on this post hahahaha whatever.

Love Youtubers so much! Reprezent!

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