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I’ve been crazy gaga over Spotify the last few months! It has kept me company, productive, and most of all up-to-date with my favorite artists and up and coming acts. It has all the playlists I can ever think of — from working, walking, or even lull time music. No wonder, I subscribed to premium — which lets you download music on your Spotify so you can play it offline. That’s just so convenient!

Here’s a sample of what I’m currently loving:

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Saturdays: Football and Social Media for Social Good


I have my weekend pretty free and (even if still at work) I’m thinking what to do or where to go this lovely Saturday morning. Good thing, there’s the Adobo Cup where some of my friends from some agencies (Hello Patty [and Dom and Clarence but are in HK!]) and Globe will play! They’re prolly at the field now at the Gatorade – Chelsea FC Blue Pitch in Circuit Makati to stretch and get their game on already (and me still typing away and talking to clients. Meh.) I can’t get enough of World Cup 2014, so this is a pretty good fuel to the fire!

_GL30000 (751)

Football has gained traction in the country over the years and it’s good ’cause it’s helping communities as well — think of it like basketball in the 90’s. “We want to capitalize on the sport of football as an intervention tool for children in underserved communities. Sports is a way to develop the children’s well-being and may also open doors for them to a better life,” said Fernando Esguerra, Globe OIC for Corporate Social Responsibility. Globe invests on these communities by means of football, as spearheaded by Azkals Team Captain and Globe Ambassador Chieffy Caligdong.

Now only if I have been sporty myself. I just fancy watching so might as well support it!

P.S. I don’t get basketball and boxing though. Can we focus on football instead? HAHA!


Then there’s the Social Media Day happening in the afternoon! Where we are celebrating the Best of Online Media #boomPH! For the past three years (four if we count in Twestival as a prototype!) we have been celebrating social media in the country and this year, we will come together and be ONE community of online communities! It’s overwhelming how there are a LOT of online communities for such a small country! We are a social media capital after all – we’re kinda known for that!

You’ll be amazed how many are going to this event: IGers Manila, Tumblr Philippines, Mozilla Philippines, Windows Phone Users, Google Business Groups (GBG), Google Student Assistants (GSA), Google Education Group (GEG), Google Developers Group (GDG), Hootsuite Ambassadors, Soundcloud Philippines,,, Tradeschool Manila, Philippine Web Designers Organization, Filipino Freethinkers, PH, Youth Act Now and labor advocacy group EILER Inc.

Thanks to the sponsors as well, for helping make this happen: SM Cares, SM Supermalls, Globe Telecom, BPI, Asia Brewery, Nestle, ATI, Solid Mac, Picture City, Smart, Google, Hootsuite, Beyond the Box, ThoughtBuzz, Team Manila, Oishi, Echostore, Commune, Bayani Brew, Puto Flan, Burger Company, Croque, Bronuts, Moon Leaf, Philippine Coffee Board, Binalot.

So if you got a free Saturday and wanna meet people and learn more about the social media landscape in the country, register here FOR FREE!

Blog feels

I remembered when I first ventured out of Multiply and found a new space in the web five years ago. I can also remember that I was searching for something easy on the eyes and noob-friendly. WordPress seemed so clean and streamlined and I had no qualms with anything. I’m difficult to please then, I swear. But I was really satisfied with my little space in the internet.

Blogging was a new thing here in the Philippines then, or more appropriately – just gaining traction. I had no idea what to post or blab about, all I know is that I just needed an outlet – for minor, major life things, and sometimes what I am obsessed about. Because of my blog, I met a lot of people – friends and foes alike. Blogging suddenly became something I breathe as time came by. It became my personal AND public space where I express my thoughts and people read and sometimes comment. I learned a lot as well, as reading other blogs is something worthwhile to do when you know where to find the good ones. It was a community in this interesting space called the internet.

One of the entities I want to thank is WordPress! No bull, really. I couldn’t find any other platform that I’d possibly be qualm-free. I believe that WordPress is the best out there. And when I heard from our folks at Globe that the WordPress father is here, I hated that I work the night shift and couldn’t come (huhuhu.) Oh but they sent this picture of Matt Mullenweg and who ever knew he’s kinda hot?

Matt Mullenweg visits PH

Seriously though! I would’ve loved to meet Matt and have a chat. I’d like to ask him how does he feel that he was able to build a community of netizens globally – isn’t that quite a feat? Not only that he helped build a community – he launched many careers as some of us (ehem) here have their career entirely grounded online. It was such a bummer I couldn’t come and say hi.

I hope I see you somewhere else, Mr. Mullenweg!

Read more about Matt’s visit here in Manila after the jump.

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We are living in a digital generation. You and me are digital natives. We breathe digital – everywhere we go.

But as the offline, the online space can be a dangerous place too. How do we keep it safe for them?

Lately: #TheBetterCloset, Muni x Moonleaf collab, Chicken Charlie x Tegan and Sara and more updates!

Work has consumed my time, and I’m really humbled to be working with some of the youngest blood, but the most innovative ones! Collaboration is the heart of this business, indeed!

Last Saturday, we launched the Muni x Moonleaf 2014 Planner at Moonleaf Maginhawa, and also ran a relief drive x ukay via #TheBetterCloset! People came to view the latest addition to our planner series PLUS shopped pre-loved stuff and donated to Yolanda/Haiyan victims. We accumulated more than PhP 50,000 that goes to those victims. It’s little as compared to what others gave, but it’s every bit of everyone who participated with us <3 // Also we have been working on the planner, we all hope that everyone will appreciate it! It’s Muni x Moonleaf x 12 local artists!

Over at Chicken Charlie, we are collaborating with the organisers of Tegan and Sara concert here in the Philippines. That’s on Monday! And we’re happy that they’re running their own relief drive on the day of their concerts. This awful incident of nature, didn’t break us as a nation wholly (thank God!) but instead brought us global sisters and brothers together.

I’m also working with a client that is opening her own local boutique cafe and it’s dedicated to our local artists! It will be in Makati (I’ll keep shush about its location for now) and you better look out for it! I’m sooooo excited with this!

And I’m entering a very wildcard phase of my life, with freelancing and all that. And would you believe that I’m also an English and Literature tutor at this local student center? I will really miss my students once I need to move on to a full time job again. That sketch is from one sweet student of mine. Okay, that’s a digression but I feel that I should write that down.

So I guess, I’m going on with my wildcard something for now. I’ll see you all back here again, okay?

ALSO: I’m very excited because next week, I’ll be on a plane to Bangkok already! C’mon, it’s time for some temple run (and shopping and food and afam (oops) and yeah many more)

*definitely feeling excited!*

PH Social Media Review

Last weekend, we celebrated globally the success of social media in international and local perspectives. Here in the Philippines, social media is a much-celebrated industry and it is suffice to say that Manila is indeed a social media capital. Everybody seems engaged into it.

Whether it’s ranting senselessly, documenting everything about life, using it for reportage, making money out of it, or contributing to the welfare of your own people – social media has infiltrated almost all sectors and catered to our needs online and offline.

We’ve used social media in a lot of things – personal, business, and even in social good. That’s a fact already. So here’s a review of the finest moments in the Philippine social media landscape:

#SocialMediaWeekend #fwdPH organizers: @TweetupMNL

It feels so good that I live in an era where this kind of technology is being used for greater good, not to mention – fun in so many ways! And as a social media capital, I am so glad that @TweetupMNL has pulled off a very successful Social Media Weekend. And I am very proud of each and every Filipino who is using this power to help themselves and other people.


Mabuhay ang social media!

P.S. Follow @TweetupMNL for updates on the Philippine social media landscape and fun events as well!

Social Media and Journalism

Journ workshop 2013 - La VistaWith our students and hosts for our Journ workshop

So I have a group of friends, and we decided to make a production team and we were invited to hold a workshop about citizen journalism inside the La Vista Village. I feel very grateful for this chance to share the power of social media in aiding citizens to have a voice – a role in the society that was once exclusive. Now, we all have every right (obligation included) to be right on the watch. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg. I feel very humbled also to be teaming up with such great friends from the journ sphere. I really learned as well from them!

Now if you have an org (maybe village, school, or workplace) and you want to conduct a seminar about citizen journalism or even journalism per se, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll be more than happy to teach! You may contact me below at the comments section or email me at [email protected]

La Vista Village, you have been great! We hope you learned a lot from the workshop!

Photo from Leandro Lorenzo

Twitter Mirror at the MTV VMAs

Social Media has a knack of infiltrating all sorts of activities and now there’s a way to make it easier to directly upload photo booth pictures to Twitter! No need to go through the whole process of copying photos from memory cards, resizing, and whatnots.

Look at these photos from the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) at Japan! The technology is called Twitter Mirror and it takes a couple of seconds to pose, take a shot, and upload it to Twitter, mention and hashtag included! I work in social media, and this may help community managers when we cover events. This can get your bases covered easily while making sure that you reach the most important people attending the event.

Pose, click, tweet. I’m a fan of this process, really.





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Who Moves Your World?

Tatt Awards - Travel

Tatt Awards, the biggest and only award-giving body for social media greatness is back for another year and it’s bigger, better, and bolder. Philippines is one of the social media capitals of the world, and it’s but appropriate to give recognition to the nation’s online heroes and heroines.

It’s so easy to nominate! A whopping PhP 100,000 is at stake for winners! And yes, you can always nominate yourself – if you’re up for it!

Talk2GLOBE emerges finalist at Short Awards 2013

Let’s congratulate Globe Telecom, one of our proudest local brands that has been making waves in the social media sphere, specifically @Talk2Globe, for being a finalist in the Best Use of Social Media for Customer Service Category in the recently held Shorty Awards a.k.a. the Oscars of Social Media.

“Started in 2008 by the tech startup Sawhorse Media, the first annual Shorty Awards ceremony was a lively event at the Galapagos Art Space on February 11, 2009 in Brooklyn, New York. CNN anchor Rick Sanchez hosted the event with special guests MC Hammer and Gary Vaynerchuk. A motley crew of winners flew in from around the world to attend the ceremony. Shaquille O’Neal made a virtual appearance, and the #advertising category winner revealed her true identity for the first time.”

Really proud of what Globe did with their online customer service portal, especially now that they also have Globe Community, one of the many ways how we can find help with our Globe connection. Twitter-wise, they’ve done a good job with coming up with different personalities for Talk to Globe, and eventually those individual community managers have gained following personally as well! (How I wished Globe got me too, lol)

So I guess, no more switching? DEFINITELY.  Read more

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