Creative battles

Nowadays, it really pays to be creative. And it doesn’t mean just drawing and doodling. Gone are the days that creativity is boxed within the confines of just a profession. Anyone can be creative in anything now! Just as, you can always learn something – whether you know how to wield a paintbrush or not (turns to self.)

I am always on the lookout for contests I like to call creative battles. I enjoy seeing entries, as much as I sometimes enjoy joining myself. And I believe it’s just a matter of doing one thing. In today’s battles, whether in the creative level, or life level, it’s essential to choose your weapon. If it’s a pen, a camera, or the bitten apple, somehow you can use it to come up with something creative.

Take using mobile to promote sustainability. It’ll take creativity, yeah?


Globe advocates use of mobile technology in sustainable development via photo competition

Leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom gave out special awards to three young men who best captured how mobile technology is used in initiatives for sustainable development. The winners were among the participants to the Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST) Ten Photos to Shake the World contest

First place winner of the Globe Mobile Technology for Sustainable Development award is Noel Ubaldo who received an iPad4 for his work entitled “It’s never too late for technology”. The photo shows a group of elderly tribal members using a tablet computer. Ubaldo also bagged ASSIST’s People’s Choice Award.

Second place went to Bryan Taguduar for his black and white piece “Taking the challenge of trend” where two fishermen in an outrigger boat hold a cellphone and a solar panel. Taguduar also won 9th place in ASSIST for another entry. Klienne Eco’s “Light up my future”, a photo of a boy studying with the use of a tablet computer, won third. Incidentally, the same entry was adjudged second in the ASSIST photo competition. Taguduar and Eco received an HTC One SV and Samsung Galaxy Y mobile phones from Globe, respectively.


“We were only supposed to give one special award but we found the other two entries also very significant to our theme. As an ICT company which advocates sustainable development, Globe believes this competition is an excellent venue to advocate the use of mobile technology in sustainable initiatives,” said Yoly Crisanto, Head of Globe Corporate Communications.

ASSIST is an international non-government organization which seeks to promote sustainable practices to address social problems in the developing world with focus on Asia and Africa. Its goal is to empower its target groups to make them resilient to social, economic and environmental challenges.

For the competition, ASSIST has chosen ten compelling photos that chronicle the journey towards sustainable development –showing poverty, climate change, global recession and other challenges, as well as the innovation and cooperation that result from them.

The photos also captured sustainable inventions, human partnerships, cooperation for a sustainable economic development, inspirational and empowering activities/scenarios/innovations, under the overarching theme: “A showcase of Empowerment, Partnership, and Innovations for Sustainable and Inclusive Development.” The competition was open to all Filipino citizens who are at least 18 years old as of September 1, 2013. Know more about the photo contest in


As I am on the lookout for something to keep us creative, I stumbled upon Beyond the Box, a premier reseller of Apple products here in the Philippines, where I got my beloved Heavensbee, I can’t help but to share to everyone their amazing contest. Get to design their new shopping bag!

Beyond the Box launches Beyond the Bag!


1. Design Beyond the Box’s paper bag. Use the downloadable paper bag template found here.
2. The design should include the Beyond the Box logo and should be relevant to the theme, “We provide amazing gadgets, you create amazing things.”
3. Submit your design in JPEG format with at least 300 dpi resolution. Send it via email to [email protected] with your full name, and mobile number.
4. By joining the contest, the participant agrees to give Beyond the Box the right to use or publish all submitted materials to promote this contest.
5. Submission of entries is from January 26 until February 16, 2014 only.
6. Participants can submit up to three (3) entries. Multiple entries should be sent via email separately.
7. Designs should be original and not previously used or owned by any other individual/organization.
8. Ten (10) finalists chosen by the Beyond the Box team will be announced on February 21.
9. Winners will be picked from the top 10 entries that will be judged by a panel of judges through these criteria: 40% Relevance to the theme 40% Creativity and Execution 20% Originality
10. Top 3 winners and People’s Choice winner will be announced on February 28, 2014.
11. Winning designs will be printed and produced as Beyond the Box’s paper bags. Winners will be requested to send their designs in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop format for production purpose.
12. Announcement of winners will be held at Umami Hambaagu House on February 28. Top 10 finalists will be invited to the special event.

More info here!


More creative battles! If you know creativity-related contests, feel free to share below 🙂

Grab a Taxi and enjoy the Holiday Rush!

UPDATE: Their zero booking fee for Globe subscribers is extended until January 1, 2014! Fuuuun!


I have been ranting on Twitter that aside from the ever present Manila traffic we have, exacerbated by the massive and ubiquitous Christmas overreaction, is that finding a decent cab can be a hassle… most of the time.


So when Grab Taxi arrived in the Philippines, I was really skeptical at first. Like, really. Who can temper the horrible cab situation in this country? And why this remains unsolved is beyond me, but Grab Taxi performs well apparently. I tried it first when I was en route to the airport during the rush hour. It was a horror waiting in queue for a cab, much worse I was competing against time as my boarding time arrived by the minute.


And Grab Taxi was just to my rescue. It gives a bunch of information that would help your worries, and your loved ones’. Integrated with a share function, you can easily share via SMS, Twitter, and Facebook your route, driver’s name, and cab plate number.


It also computes your estimated wallet damage, and time when your driver will arrive (though honestly, they have to improve on computing time, considering Manila traffic.)


So basically, this is how it works — you pinpoint your location (powered by Foursquare) and your destination. After which, the app scans the area for nearby drivers. Drivers bid, you smoke a cig or two, and your driver arrives. They’re easy to locate, just look for the Grab Taxi sticky and the phone near the dash.


A driver with a bad attitude is the least of your concern as you have the option to give a feedback about your ride. And so far, using this for the couple of weeks, I have never met nicer drivers than Grab Taxi drivers. If you’re a Globe subscriber, you enjoy perks such as a booking fee discount of PhP 20 (from PhP70)!

You may be taking the cab everyday, and find it a hassle even as compared to taking the train. So let Grab Taxi help you.

Grab Taxi
iOS | Android
Facebook | Twitter

Extra Early Christmas Gift Ideas: Muni x Moonleaf 2014 Planner

I’m having the knack of making extra long titles. What the heck. Anyway.


It’s always a pleasant feeling to collaborate on something awesome. And not just awesome. Something this awesome is not just awesome. It’s great.


This planner is a collaboration between the cultural creative collective Muni PH x milk tea wonder kid Moonleaf x 12 local artists (some of them I’ve worked with through Punchdrunk PandaDon’t you love how meta that cover is! It is love!


The goal is to produce a planner that encourages mindful living. We at Moonleaf Tea Shop want to embrace responsible and mindful living so we approached Muni to come up with something that will materialize this vision — hence the Muni x Moonleaf 2014 Planner. For a couple of years, we’ve done the planner among ourselves only, and now it’s time to collaborate!


The latest addition to the Moonleaf planner family features 12 illustrations of 12 local artists – with postcards to complement the spreads and for everyone to share the love! There are also tips to constantly remind you to live mindfully, without sacrificing the joy of that which living gives us (I sound like the Dalai Lama already.)


This is my favorite artwork – it’s Simplify by OJ Desuasido – the same guy who designed the panda in PdP! It’s just so simple and self-explanatory! Here are other snippets of the other artworks —


Muni is holding a giveaway here so if you wanna score some swag – don’t think and click now! Also, if you wanna pre-order stuff, you may do so here and Muni will deliver it to you when stocks fill up!

It will be available also in all Moonleaf branches, so keep tuned in!

Learn more about:
Muni x Moonleaf

iPhone 5c and 5s now available at Globe, skips grand launch

Photo from

In the tech world, we celebrate the arrival of the latest Apple iPhone innovation. I’d be a hypocrite (but just prioritising my money aka just poor) if I don’t say that I want it. It’s 5x faster than Jyler, my new iPhone 5. It has clearer camera – and oh that beautiful beautiful gold casing. I’m in love with it. It also comes in a regular Super Plan or iPhone Forever Plan! Click and get to know more about these amazing plans from the best in postpaid! More iPhone 5s info here.

But on the other hand, at the Southern part of the Philippines, Yolanda devastated and ruined lives, families, and jobs. In a regular relief work here in the Philippines, it would only take a number of days or a couple of weeks only. But this one, being the largest typhoon to hit landfall in the WORLD, the Philippines is up for something we are not prepared for.

So I am so proud when I heard that Globe redirected their funds to help our fellow Filipinos who were unfortunate to experience Yolanda’s wrath. It’s comforting to know that these guys are so compassionate and did not think twice to help others instead of to help themselves.

Mabuhay ka, Globe! Also a shoutout to the international community for helping us! Truly, we are global citizens, brothers and sisters in one Earth. Read more

Extra Early Christmas Gift Ideas: Power Angel 2

I think everyone of us will attest to it that whatever, and I mean whatever, device we own needs a supplementary battery. Our devices, specifically, our phones and tablets, are useless without battery anyway. And we use it all day – take me for example whose work revolves around Jyler, the iPhone (yes, I it’s a marriage of my and Tyler‘s name <3) 114416573 So a power bank is in order. And you don’t know how much I owe it to this power bank (and probably why you need one, too!) When I need to cover events, it is a nightmare when I need to say bye bye to Twitter when the phone runs out of battery. Plus, where’s the fun in eating without Instagram? Just kidding. But you see, the point here is, we can never afford to lose battery. Whether you’re out in the field hauling your ass for something and needs to email something for work, or working away from the office or home and God knows cafes have been stingy on electricity just recently, you can fear no more. I’m all for unplugging every now and then, but not when I need it.114416574 Not to mention the Power Angel 2 from Mili really looks sleek, it doesn’t need so much space to lug it around. With 2,200 mAh, I easily have spare energy for my phone whenever, wherever. (An Apple iPhone 5 consumes 1,800 mAh.) It also doubles as a stand, so it’s amazing when you’re watching films through your iPhone (guilty of and


It’s the perfect Christmas gift as well! I mean, as I said, everyone of us can attest we need it, so maybe your friend or sister or brother needs it badly as you do! There’s a lot of choices over at Mili’s online store! There’s something for everyone – Android or iOS devices, or even your laptop (OMG. I know.) Plus, their delivery is just prompt. Won’t even need to follow up!

Battery: Li-Polymer
Capacity: 2200mAh
Input: 5V / 1A (max)
Output: 5V / 1A (max)
Charging time: 5 hours (0.50A by Laptop), 3 hours (1A by AC adaptor) LED Indicator Lights: 4 LED lights, each one stands for 25% of power
Dimension: 73.5 x 57 x 15.2 mm

P.S. Thanks, Gen Tiu for my Power Angel 2. I really love it!
P.S.S. Watch out for more Christmas Gift Ideas from my blog!

Mili Philippines

When working means marrying your gadget (or iDevice for that matter)

Whew, that was a long title.

So you guys know that I had to give up my iPhone for warranty and how it was a nightmare. I got it a month after anyway, and as I type, I am waiting for it to update my apps. Oh new game gone free!!! *exhibits attention deficit*

I cried hard

Ever since I started blogging, my phone will always be the most important part of my daily life. I started blogging when I was in fourth year college. While I primarily used it to back stab my lousy professors (some of them, my classmates would attest) through Twitter and then-BBM, aside from blogging on the side; when I started work in social media, it proved its worth doubly when I got to work with the freedom of choice as to when and where. I wouldn’t try my hand in freelancing, if it hadn’t been the case. I can still remember that time when I went to the beach in a work day and it was just the best explanation why you need your gadget working for you.


Or maybe when I need to go out of the country, whether for leisure or work, it’s always handy to have your ever-so-reliable smartphone to be working for you. It’s easy to access your files, reach your contacts, find your way through a city, scour what’s hot or not, or simply see who’s around (ehem, Grindr, ehem.) It’d be simple as from posting a selfie, or sending super important documents — everything’s easy. Everything happens in a click nowadays, and having this beloved (and well-taken-care-of, I suppose) gadget lost, damaged, whether by acts of God or your careless self, is just a massive liability.

Enjoy your trips more when you have your gagdets work wonders for you!

Honestly, waiting for one month for warranty is strenuous. Managing my finances is one trick in life I have yet to learn, so I didn’t have enough money to buy ANOTHER expensive smartphone (that does everything for me btw, plus I didn’t buy it lol) It’ll be senseless too, if it can be replaced by warranty anyway. As the doctors say, prevention is better than cure.


Hollywood diva Jennifer Lopez and Victoria’s Secret Angel turned Project Runway host Heidi Klum thought it wise to protect their physical assets. Heidi Klum’s legs are insured for $2.2 million, while J.Lo’s famous derrière is worth a staggering $27 million. Not to mention, A LOT of insurance programs for a lot of other aspects in our lives – like retirement, health, property, automobile, among others. You just have to be sure.

For a lot of people, acquiring an insurance program to protect things that matter most to them can help ease worries away. And with the degree of attachment people are now giving their mobile phones, it makes great sense for mobile phone users to start considering insuring their handsets as well.

Gadget Care V4

And believe me, I have thought of this while my phone is in warranty! I mean, that’s policy already. Now if only I have a chance to override that policy with another. There’s nothing more than insurance to take your worry off. Phones nowadays (especially for those who buys the best for work) are an investment already — take an iDevice which does everything for you and your work for example.


According to statistics, from over 500 serviced claims covered by telco giant Globe Telecom to date, 81% were due to theft; 48% of which happened in public vehicles or while commuting, 35% in public places such as malls, restaurants, and bars, and 17% in private places like at home, office, in a hotel room, and in private cars. And as Christmastime nears, expect these troubling numbers to increase.

So how can mobile phone users mitigate the high-cost of losing or breaking a prized mobile phone? Sign up for a comprehensive mobile phone insurance. Read more

Libreng Tawag from Globe Telecom in Bohol and Cebu #PrayForVisayas

Globe Telecom has set up Libreng Tawag stations in two areas in Bohol and one in Cebu in response to the destruction caused by the recent earthquake.

Globe employee volunteers are already working on the Libreng Tawag booths in Bohol Sports Complex in Tagbilaran City which temporarily houses affected families; Carmen Municipal Hall, the earthquake’s epicenter; and Cebu City Medical Center where injured Cebu residents are being treated.

Earlier, Globe also put up a Libreng Tawag booth in Tagbilaran Municipal Hall in Tagbilaran City which is also being used as evacuation center.


In light of recent events in the Visayas region, this blog is dedicated to help in any way possible – mostly in disseminating information where to get help.

Photo from Chicken Charlie’s Instagram page

Southeast Asia things

One more month and I’ll be in a plane to my first stab at mainland Southeast Asia. I’ve been postponing it for years (check here, here, and here) for so many excuses, and finally it’s becoming real. To tell you honestly, I can tell I’m really excited. Like, I find it hard to sleep every night I spend on reading guides, and there’s this one time I was on a looping dream about being left by my flight! What the fuck! I know.

I’ve been revising my itinerary (twice for the couple of weeks, after months of researching) and listing down everything I need. I have the compulsion to pack already, too, but still have enough self-restraint. I’ve recomputed my budget over and over again, and kept on listing down work things so that it doesn’t get in the way. I’m overly preparing, I know, but really, I just can’t help it. It’s how I am when I travel.

Sri Mariamman Temple, Chinatown, Singapore

I still can’t help thinking about my first trip outside the country and in SEA, too! I obsessed over Singapore over and over, pre- and post-trip. I just couldn’t have enough SG ever! I think what would be the difference now is that it’s my first time in a developing country, pretty much the same like the Philippines. While I am so used to living in the PH and third world realness ain’t really a problem for me – it’s different when I travel. It is so easy to travel around Singapore – with the efficient transport system, tourist-friendly environment, near-zero-crime rate, and all those first world perks. Not to mention, data access IS so easy. I must stress this enough because bulk of my job relies on this – and I am never truly away for a holiday, truth be told.

Now, I may not have all these amenities – I mean let’s face it – when you read about the mainland, you get scared about scams, partly because they mention it in every section in guides – and some have a dedicated section for this! It may have gotten me scared enough to back out once or twice, but nah, flights are booked already, I’m doing this bitch.

But what I will not live without is reliable data access. This is the part where I say I’m glad to be with Globe – because they’re partnered with major cities around the world. Traveling can be easy for data-heavy professionals like me. Back in Singapore, all I need to worry about is my battery, since I spend most of the time out and roaming around. And they’re starting to strengthen around Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand – where bulk of my trip will be at.

It cannot get easier than this. Read up on Globe’s partners after the jump and find out why you need GLOBE when traveling around the world… Read more

Globe Libreng Tawag in Zamboanga

Amidst all chaos and turmoil in the beautiful-but-now-conflict-stricken city of Zamboanga, Globe Telecom set up relief free calls for those who are in need. If you know anyone from Zamboanga, please kindly relay this info to them.

Zamboanga Divisoria Elementary school

Leading telecommunications company Globe Telecom continues to provide Libreng Tawag service to displaced residents of Zamboanga City to ensure that they can remain in touch with their families and friends despite the ongoing clashes between the military and members of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).

The facilities located in Divisoria Elementary School and Western Mindanao State University are open to all of the 23,000 affected families no matter where they are in the city.

Divisoria Elementary Schools is one of 35 evacuation sites in the area while WMSU houses the mobile hospital where patients of Zamboanga General Hospital are temporarily relocated. Libreng Internet is also being provided to WMSU for use of the medical staff and media who are covering the development.

I’m sorry, what UNLI?

What is your concept of UNLIMITED? Is it something you enjoy without boundaries? Is it something you can use anywhere, anytime? Is it something you need or want?

Say hello to the new face of UNLI —

‘Cause you don’t simply just Viber all your friends. Some of them are on WeChat, Line, Kakao Talk, Whatsapp, GMessage… and we all know that everyone’s on Facebook.

Globe gives us the ultimate unlimited service we can ever imagine! Imagine seven (7) apps plus call and text – and you just have unlimited ways to stay connected. Honestly, I’m using unlimited surfing because of my job, but given that I just need to stay in touch with the ones I love and hold dear – this is the best, if not the bestest, service we can get from a telco company.

Don’t get me wrong, I did my research — no other telco in the country gives us this good of a deal. If it’s bang for your buck – 30 for a whole day of connectivity – it does not get any better than that! Wanna know how you can live unlimited?  Read more

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