I’m sorry, what UNLI?

What is your concept of UNLIMITED? Is it something you enjoy without boundaries? Is it something you can use anywhere, anytime? Is it something you need or want?

Say hello to the new face of UNLI —

‘Cause you don’t simply just Viber all your friends. Some of them are on WeChat, Line, Kakao Talk, Whatsapp, GMessage… and we all know that everyone’s on Facebook.

Globe gives us the ultimate unlimited service we can ever imagine! Imagine seven (7) apps plus call and text – and you just have unlimited ways to stay connected. Honestly, I’m using unlimited surfing because of my job, but given that I just need to stay in touch with the ones I love and hold dear – this is the best, if not the bestest, service we can get from a telco company.

Don’t get me wrong, I did my research — no other telco in the country gives us this good of a deal. If it’s bang for your buck – 30 for a whole day of connectivity – it does not get any better than that! Wanna know how you can live unlimited?  Read more

Let the connection be at the palm of your hands

So Globe did a very cool thing with some of their cell sites — they camouflaged it to blend into the environment. These are in Urdaneta Village in Makati —



They remind me of Supertrees back in Singapore, only mini! Also remember, proximity to a cell site is not bad, read it here.

I wonder when they will deploy these in other cities? Globe, good job! Read more

What’s the dumbest way to die?

I cannot commend Melbourne Metro more than enough for such a beautifully and effectively designed campaign that started out with a video (watch above.) I like the use of cute characters, the irresistible laugh, and the overall idea behind the project. Seriously, our local train company should follow suit. Who dies out of train accidents anyway? It’s a cutesy way of addressing of an often neglected possibility but equally important matter.

Then there’s the cute app that makes you so task in a gradually increasing difficulty. I can say no more about this campaign, and indeed one can see from here that ideas can be translated into creative way while effectively communicating a message. I didn’t major in a creative bachelors but I really appreciate these kind of campaigns. I wish the Philippines will tap into creatives too to make these kind of campaigns in the government.

Dumb Ways to Die
iOS | (Hope it comes to Android, too!)

[email protected] Finals


Technology has enabled us to help in as little ways possible. And little ways give way to a much bigger impact to the society. The idea is that we start with something. Looking at the finalists for the first ever [email protected] competition, I cannot be amazed at how simple their ideas are – but ultimately useful and often neglected. And kudos to the finalists and may the best startup win!

I can only hope that one day I’d be more sensitive of my surroundings and that I can actually think of something like what they have thought of. I believe that it needed not to be complex, but always with heart. Read more

Twitter Mirror at the MTV VMAs

Social Media has a knack of infiltrating all sorts of activities and now there’s a way to make it easier to directly upload photo booth pictures to Twitter! No need to go through the whole process of copying photos from memory cards, resizing, and whatnots.

Look at these photos from the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) at Japan! The technology is called Twitter Mirror and it takes a couple of seconds to pose, take a shot, and upload it to Twitter, mention and hashtag included! I work in social media, and this may help community managers when we cover events. This can get your bases covered easily while making sure that you reach the most important people attending the event.

Pose, click, tweet. I’m a fan of this process, really.





Read more

Bababababa-nana. Potatoooooooo~


In anticipation of the much-awaited Despicable Me sequel, Gameloft released a game in the Subway Surfers fashion. The game revolves around the cutesy Minions which are pitted against each other for the title Minion of the Year.

You play as a Minion, collecting bananas (hehehe oh the pun in this game) and trying to reach the farthest distance you can. Also you get to compete against your Facebook friends!

What I exceptionally love about this game is that it’s not your usual endless running game. You get to compete with villains like Vector and Meena.

I’d like to post more about this but let me enjoy running at Gru’s lab… and I leave you with the Minion song (hihi sooooo cute!!!!)

Minion Rush
iOS | Android

BlackBerry Q10

There was a time I was a loyal, exclusive BlackBerry boy. I did not want to change then because I have everything I need in my BB – I work on it with its email and various social media apps. It’s easy to use – especially when you type a lot of things. I have to be honest that a tangible keyboard will always be better than touch screen.

But my BB broke down, on my own fault actually, and had to switch right away. But I can’t deny – I miss my BlackBerry.

Maybe now I’d get myself another phone? Really considering BBQ10 because of its features and though they say that RIM is in trouble – I think otherwise.

And most of all, it’s available with a Globe postpaid plan! Enjoy the best LTE plan ever!

BlackBerry Q10 White

Read more

iOS 7: Make or Break

Apple is releasing iOS 7 on Fall and it got a majorly positive response in the internet. I get a feeling that they’re trying to keep up with competitors – let’s not name them – Samsung. Yeah, it’s a drastic change. If you watch the video, almost everything will change.

For an iPhone user, that could mean new experience or alienation to a device that you’ve been accustomed.

Design-wise, technically, I like it – it’s clean, modern, well thought of.

What I didn’t like maybe is how it looks like Samsung in one thing or another.

Is it just me or it really does look like it? I wanna hear your thoughts.

Are you a [email protected]?

It is something to want to change something. It is something else to act upon it. I believe everyone of us wants to change the world in a way or another – whether it be the government, the environment, the roads, or even simply how people eat or fall in love (maisingit lang!)


Tattoo by Globe Telecom acknowledges this desire to effect change in any way. With [email protected], their CSR arm, along with Global Shapers, introduces ICT Youth Challenge – to give you this chance of a lifetime…  Read more

Be with the Network that SAVES

They say the environment is a ticking bomb. And it’s up to humans to defuse this bomb because; 1) we live here, 2)  you don’t want skin cancer, trust this nurse and, 3) quit it, there’s no enough oxygen in Mars. So it’s actually good to hear from companies we are with that they are exerting efforts to become green each day. And this means we are actually responsible citizens of the world because we consume products that are mindfully crafted. As end consumers, it is our responsibility to find out how the products that we buy are made.

DON’T GET ME WRONG. It doesn’t mean they’re my sponsor why I’m pushing this information to you. I’d advocate any company who will exert effort to become green in any way. Little things go a long way – may it be using canvas as reusable bags, shifting to paper, or simply reusing plastic. If you’d like to live a little longer in a world, in a fairly cooler world, let’s all be responsible.

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