AR Realness: Print is not dead


Did you ever have the feeling that the newspaper is boring? Yeah it can be, especially if all you ever have to see is negativity and shit. But paired with technology, maybe you’d consider going back to print. After all, print will never die.

Introducing the Philstar App featuring their augmented reality (AR) feature: Live It! Take your daily morning news reading habit to a whole new level with your mobile phone – just download the app and use the Live It feature to see additional content.


Just find this icon on the photos –


– and see content streamed live to your mobile phone! The trigger is the photo, so make sure that you fit the frame to it. Ensure that you also have internet to use the AR feature of the app.

Here are some snapshots when I tried using the app for the first time –






The possibilities are endless with AR! Can’t wait to see this adapted by different print companies. Kudos to Philstar for the initiative to do it first!

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Thief-proof your laptop

Or, yeah that title is misleading, I acknowledge haha! Watch this video I found in a Mashable article.

Whether you’re commuting or driving your own car, we always have risks of losing our laptop. And these days, our computer is our life. It runs our work, hobbies, personal life, and many others that if we lose it, we lose our minds as well. Dropbox figured a way to help people who will go bonkers if they lose the one thing running their lives right now. And it works for smartphones and tablets as well!

Unless, you find it a sign to get a new one, this will come in handy.

How do you make a call?

A little infomercial from this blog’s sponsor, multi-awarded 2012 Best Telco of the year Globe Telecom, on how are calls mad, connected, and eventually ended. I find it really thoughtful of Globe to educate us on how they do their job. Click that play button and inform yourself more about the one thing you most probably can’t live without.

Remember what they always say, and apparently their Twitter account too — Always enjoy Globe!

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