I’m back!

El Nido, baby!

So I’m back from El Nido! And apparently, my website is also back from vacation, too aka obscurity after days of technical glitch 🙁

I spent a short vacation in paradise and just got the chance to check back here to see if y’all are doing good. It was a good and well-needed break from work — after 7 months of not taking a leave and just working hard… I guess I deserve that break even if I really had a lot of misadventures along the way.

For one, I broke Jyler the iPhone AND Chace, my camera. I put them in a waterproof bag only to know that the sea water has seeped in and cursed my babies into eternal sleep (Maleficent, whyyyyyyy).

And that’s just the tip of the tropical iceberg because a lot has happened in my five-day vacay and I can’t wait to tell (and not show because I barely have pictures to show) you all about it.

One thing I can’t leave out though is that even if it’s raining, the place is incredibly dreamy! I couldn’t even sulk that I don’t have anything to document it with because I’m busy being stunned day in and day out of the beauty it holds.

I guess it just means I have to be back soon.

Check back with ya in the next days!

P.S. Something to look forward after this experience is a new segment. Stay tuned!
P.S.S Thanks to my friend, Bea for helping me fix the website problem. Feels good to be back up!

Weekend Warfare: A Photo Diary

Last weekend, Ame, Marco, and I decided to head to the beach. I was just out from work that morning and we were all craving for a roadtrip.

Pregnant clouds

We got lost a couple of times. We were looking for Burot beach in Calatagan, Batangas. Waze can’t seem to help us so we followed whatever sign we saw and ended up in Cape Santiago. Behind the greenery is a kick ass lighthouse but we didn’t visit anymore.

The unpaved road to Cape Santiago looks like a set in Maleficent – I can imagine Jolie poking out of somewhere, smirking and casting a spell.



We then succumbed to the fact that we don’t wanna go home til we taste the sea. So we asked around and actually arrived there. When we reached Burot, it was getting dark. We decided to make a bonfire. It was kind of a first time for me. Burned my fingers a few times.

Marco with a case of pyromania lol




Anyway, everybody, this is my good friend Ame and she’s an awesome photographer —

Pardon the selfie face.

Ame’s vantage:










I need another weekend.

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