Christmas Gift Ideas: Minimal Nativity Set by Emilie Voirin

Well, we all have religious differences, among others – race, color, what have you. It’s awesome that in the spirit of Christmas, we are all united in celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ – well, maybe with the exception of some people. But for most of the world – spanning a plethora of differences – the nativity has been translated in so many ways – each adjusted to its own bias.

I think, what Emilie is trying to point out, aside from decolorizing and shrinking the details to names, is that the unity we must have this time of the year. Stripping the story of the nativity to its most essential details will leave us the most important detail, which is the birth of Jesus and in succession, His ministry on earth.

Without the limiting barriers like race, color, and religion, the message of hope through the nativity can be told in the most effective way. What do you think?

P.S. I’d really appreciate if you’d gift me with this. Minimalist love! This set is available for $40. You may find Ms. Voirin’s email address below in the credits.

Minimal Nativity Set
Order by email: [email protected]
Photos from Emilie Voirin’s website

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