First Kiss

Do you remember the first kiss you ever had? The sight of your lover inches away from you? The familiarity of a body so near you? The warmth of the lips of another on yours? How about the eyes, in which you peer into his soul? How did his hands travel around your face, and how it all consummates you? Did you shiver?

What did you feel?

Did you reciprocated? Was there hesitation? Did you jump right in the thought of? How about the other people in the room? Did you care? Did they stare? Did you feel awkward? What did you do, if you were?

Were there a billion thoughts in your head and you just didn’t care?

And will you do it all over again for the first time with the same person?

Thank you, Tatia Pilievia, for making me, us, feel it all over again.

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