I can’t believe I lived a life before Tyler Oakley

Another fanboy post. You’ve been warned.

So I found this while I was googling all things One Direction (god bless their very what-makes-them-beautiful souls) because I just can’t stop fanboying every single day after I came out as a Directioner. Tyler, baby, if you’re reading this, I am so sorry I used to be not proud I am Directioner. USED TO!

AND THEN I FOUND THIS. Oh my fucking god, is he HOT!


So apparently, Tyler Oakley has lived in Youtube for 6 years already, and WHY DID I NOT NOTICE HIM EARLY? I know of his mate, Davey Wavey like ages ago, and I blogged about some of his beautiful projects – and then what, I didn’t get to find Tyler? WHAT A SAD SAD LIFE I HAVE LIVED.

He’s been living a dream, and he’s addicting. He’s the newest addition to my ever-growing list of obsessions. God knows, I’m willing to linger in this one. I don’t care if he’s gayer than me, or gayer than more than 50% of America. I DON’T CARE, I LOVE IT! Cue: Icona Pop please.


He can make babies with Niall. ENOUGH REASON, DUH. Only if I can make babies with my ex too who looks like Louis. End of discussion.

And he’s just the cutest handsomest (!) gayest gay boy I am currently having a crush on. LIKE C’MON WHO WOULDN’T? Aside from he’s living a life I really envy, he’s smart, witty, and OH GOD HE USED TO WORK IN SOCIAL MEDIA. Pretty much like me, imho. I mean, whoever he is dating now, I have only the purest envy for you, girl. Have I said, he’s really hot in his own way? Fabulously hot. There.

Sorry but whenever people has to ship him with other Youtubers, I cannot. I ship him with me, okay?


So Tyler, if you’re reading this, I am guessing you already received the postcard I sent you. I am wishing for the heavens and the earth to move so I can see you face to face. It’s better than seeing (all of) One Direction like face to face. Or maybe just of equal value. I don’t wanna be be-careful-what-you-wish-for-cause-you-might-just-get-it’d.


By any chance, do you love him like I do? I LOVE HIM MORE, OKAY?



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