Let’s Hang


Let’s hang a bit longer, I wanted to stay anyway. This calls for another cup of joe, or a run to get smokes. But anyway, I hope you’ll stay. Because I wanna hang out some more. I don’t wanna go elsewhere for the meantime. We’ve been here for a quite a while, and we have time to spare, finally. So let’s hang. 

Let’s hang, I’d like to listen more. It’s been a while since I just sat down and talked. How was your day? I hope Monday has been kind to you. Mine’s a bit boring, oh but you know it’s work. Your phone rang and you answer some calls. I watch you feign interest, and I laugh quietly, wary of the other person on the line. We laugh together at how people had the whole day to call, and chose to call now. You open your laptop and tinker a bit and showed me something. I love that. I love knowing more about you, including your work. Doesn’t matter, really. I’d like to know more. 

Let’s hang, our second cup’s almost done but we don’t need to go. I feel like time just passed by, and though the night is young we both are tired. You and me both. Adult life is getting tiring, don’t you think so? I ask. We look to our past juvenile years, how carefree we once were. I somehow hope that we have met then, when we have all the time to hang, to have coffee, and then maybe go drinking and then coffee again when the sun is up and we haven’t slept but we got nothing else to do anyway. Let’s hang even though we cannot be young again. 

Let’s hang, despite our adult responsibilities are getting ahead of us. We can always stop and hang. Tell me your problems though most probably I can’t do anything to help you. A listening ear always helps lift the weight, maybe? Let’s hang to forget for a while that we need to do things and remember that we’re here to just lay off a bit. Just for a bit, to rest and find the futile short-lived respite and just hang. We all need to stop, and this, this is our time to do so. 

Let’s hang and talk some more. I know there are more days, but we do not really know. What are you doing in the weekend? Yeah, I have meetings here and there, too. It’s been pretty busy lately. Not even enough time to hang some more. But I do hope that you and me both keep hanging on to the next time we’ll see each other in the same spot, the same cafe, the same time. I hope you don’t mind me looking forward to the next time we hang. 

Let’s hang some more. I want to know more about you. Let’s hang out and see where this takes us. I’m not sure how far we are from the forked road, but if we get there… 

Will you still hang with me? 

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He drinks coffee day in, day out. Iced Americano is his poison of choice, anytime anywhere.

He works in digital advertising but this blog is not about his job. Jonver overshares about his travels, boy dreams, and existentiality on his little space in the world wide web. He finds drunk tweeting amusing - all the more because he's funnier that way.

He likes to believe that his name is so unique he feels confident to ask you to search his name instead of giving his social media handles.

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