Life according to my phone, pt. 5 // Also, Friday’s 10 Happy Things

It’s almost the weekend again, and my weeks has been pretty busy! Changes are coming, and I have no idea if it’ll be good or not, but one thing I am now – I am sooooo excited! Weekends are either spent working or meeting friends. Gotta love the rush!


I’ve never been to the Mind Museum, but last week I saw it, and I never imagined it’ll look like this inside. I know it’s for kids, but it’s pretty decent for a science museum here in Manila. ALSO, looooove the museum shop. I pretended I don’t have my card with me because Vader is really looking at me. Nope, not now. Gotta save!


Anyway, I was there for the media briefing of the ONE Festival, happening right now at The Fort. Jeez, some of the murals I’ve seen myself (i.e. the one just right in front of our office) are uh-mazing!


Catching up with friends has been a pleasure for me. Actually, no. It’s kind of a luxury… I have been working at night (until June 10) and it’s really difficult to balance human energy for a schedule like that. Then again, sometimes I push myself just to see ’em. I miss mornings!

Also, I’ve been working with Startuptravels to build the community here in Manila. I met one of the owners of this^ beautiful space that looks like it’s pulled right out of Brooklyn. That’s O2 Space and I can’t wait to tell you more about what we’re doing with ’em. Stay tuned for that!


Also, because I spent most time these days indoors, I’ve been at it again. I mean, playing games on my phone! Monument Valley was on sale, and I even bought the installment! God, it was so beautifully designed – you have to play it yourself if you wanna know how glorious it is!


ALSO, I got this from Helga – I think it’s a bit of a conscious effort to think of things that you’re happy about so you can keep happy whatever you’re doing. So there, here are my 10 Happy Things this Friday:

  1. Vader things. I looked at my Darth Vader decal at work, and I think it’s lonely. Looking at the internet (and the Mind Museum) for more Vader stuff!
  2. Free space on the phone. Since I finished Monument Valley, I can download more games yay. Mornings are lonely, okay?
  3. KL on July! I just got news that I got in on a conference in Malaysia. It’s not sure though that I can make it but I do hope I can.
  4. The big burger steak. I need to stop eating fast food, but today, that mammoth of a burger was keeping me happy.
  5. Startuptravels things. We have lots of plans for the local community, and I can’t wait to tell y’all about it. OF COURSE, you (yes, you my dearest reader) will get dibs about it. Join here, though!
  6. Cold Brew Coffee from Local Edition. God knows I can’t think about anything but coffee on weekends.
  7. The ONE Festival murals at The Fort. Srsly, this city is prettier with those painted walls!
  8. Baguio on June 10. It’s a bit late because it is starting to rain, but wth a roadtrip is a roadtrip (and I could really use a vacation!)
  9. Chessika’s Blog anniversary. My NFF Chessika is celebrating her first blog anniversary and god she’s the one of the gayest woman I know – and I can’t wait to see her!
  10. Grey’s Anatomy season finale and Giacommo GianniottiGIACOMMO IS HOT!!!! And also despite losing McDreamy, the last episode progressed from heavy to tearjerkingly light.


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