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All of us have stories to tell… and each story we can learn a lesson or two. If there is one thing I learned from living past quarter (yuck, I’m past quarter already okay). I for one particularly enjoy hearing other people’s stories – I love listening to them, I live for those stories because I think I look forward for my own unique experiences

And now, you can tell everyone your story!

In February this year, our generation came together to celebrate the most powerful statement of how we live—that we don’t just exist; we Live To Feel.

Through, hundreds of Filipinos created personalized portraits that highlighted the way each person chooses to live to feel, whether they Live To Express, Live To Explore, Live To Create, Live To Sense, Live To Inspire, or Live To Love. On February 21, these portraits became part of a massive youth-inspired outdoor exhibit at Eastwood Mall.

We’ve seen the portraits and the statements. Now let’s bring out the stories.

This May, the Live To Feel movement lives on as we encourage people to share the little adventures, the inspiring moments, the places and things that sparked one’s senses, and the instances we felt truly alive. Once again, as the brand that believes in how this generation lives, B’lue brings to life Live To Feel Stories.

The generation that lives to feel is now called upon to write our biggest story—together.

A selection of stories will become part of another massive collaborative effort called the Live To Feel Stories compilation—a storybook written by a generation of Filipinos about how we live through what we feel and what we do. Those who share their Live To Feel story will become a co-author of another shared masterpiece that defines and celebrates the idea of truly living. Some of the best quotes and stories will even get featured on the Facebook and Instagram pages of B’lue, sometimes in the form of typography or quirky doodles.

We are giving a fresh look as it now becomes a way for everyone to share their Live To Feel stories. Upon visiting the website, one can either submit your story or read the stories of other people in the interactive gallery. Visitors can also watch the official Live To Feel stories video featuring four inspiring tales of four ordinary people who live extraordinarily through what they feel and do: explorer Angel Gallego, runner Joseph Calimon, shoe craftsman Buddy Tan, and dancer Yulia Rivas.

Be part of our generation’s big story. Visit and tell us the story of how and why you #LiveToFeel.

About Live To Feel Stories
After starting a movement, let’s now share our moments. Live To Feel stories is about going beyond the photos and the statements and talking about how we live to feel. From the experiences that move us to all the moments and stories that define us. Visit

About B’lue
Inspired by how our generation lives, B’lue, an enhanced water-based drink, provides a unique drinking experience that makes you feel fully alive—body mind and mood. It’s a drink you take everywhere, whether it’s work, school, or play. Whether you are tired or feeling great, B’lue makes you feel fully alive to take on what’s ahead. It comes in a 500mL PET bottle, offering three fruity flavors: Orange, Calamansi and Lychee. For more information, visit

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