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Few weeks back, I went to Eastwood to witness thousand of photos be posted around Eastwood City! I had mine, too (but failed to take a photo – there were literally so many of ’em). It’s #LiveToFeel – a movement to call everyone to live for your purpose. There were a lot of activities that day – ranging from silkscreen shirt-making by Team Manila to DJ sets and live surfing lessons from the Roxy girls! It was a fun time hanging out with everyone while you know, living to feel (I just had to :P)


Thousand of Filipinos joined online in the Live to Feel movement to celebrate the most
powerful statement of how our generation lives. Live to Feel became the mantra of this
generation as we made statement portraits and created conversations about #LiveToFeel
on social media.

Last February 21, 2015, we came together and witnessed the country’s biggest youth-
inspired outdoor installation, proudly printing and posting our own Live to Feel statement
portraits for everyone to see at Eastwood Mall.

Designed for those who believe in what they feel, B’lue – the new brand that supports the
Live To Feel generation – created a unique and refreshing experience for everyone who
participated in all things Live to Feel.

The B’lue Zone, a giant interactive installation that enabled people to move in the spirit of feeling alive by making virtual water come alive, was unveiled and opened to the public on February 28, 2015. People experiencing the activity in the B’lue Zone were projected outside on an LED screen on the face of a building at Eastwood Mall. As the Live To Feel
movement encouraged us to celebrate the idea of defining how we live through feeling and
doing, the B’lue Zone was designed to bring out that feeling of being fully alive and
enabled through a one-of-a-kind immersive experience.

Lively music accompanied the thrilling vibe, doodle walls were placed to encourage people
to create and imagine, free bottles of B’lue were given out for people to explore its variety of flavors while youth ambassadors Bianca Gonzalez, Daniel Matsunaga and DJ Mars
Miranda discovered the B’lue Zone themselves.

B’lue hits Manila with a splash, showing how it is the drink that enables our generation to Live to Feel.


About B’lue

Inspired by how the millennial generation lives, B’lue –a water-based drink– provides a
unique drinking experience that deeply refreshes you, body mind and mood. Whether you
are tired or feeling great, B’lue makes you feel fully alive to take on what’s ahead. It comes in a 500mL PET bottle, offering three fruity flavors: Orange, Calamansi and Lychee. For more information, visit

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