Local takes spotlight at Zalora Marketplace

The indie scene is indeed flourishing in the country. Every where you look, people start opening their own businesses apart from the constraints of a well-established corporation. Filipinos take risks more nowadays – every nook has a new eatery, a new boutique, or even a new website where they sell their stuff. Evolved, as it may seem, it still needs support to fuel growth. They need to make a buck after all. And that’s where the Zalora Marketplace enters.


As the mother brand Zalora has made waves in other countries and now has gained traction in our local shopping scene – with big brands even joining the bandwagon, the Marketplace is indeed a welcome portal where our indie designers can sell their products while enjoying the hassle-free COD model introduced by the shopping website. Though I’m more like to spend using my card, it will always boil down to the simplest mode of payment to reach even the pickiest shoppers online. You know you can’t complain when you give your cash and get your stuff immediately – no more waiting for deliveries! Now, indie local designers have access to this. And not to mention the network Zalora already has.


I’ll never go without recommending a brand, too. Nica and I will absolutely agree that waxed-canvas baggage brand Gouache is one of the best young local brands out there! I am really planning to buy a new knapsack and wouldn’t it be cool to travel and show off a local brand?

Uh yes!

There are also a lot of other local brands in the marketplace. Wear local!

20140704-220459-79499096.jpg Outtake from the launch at 12 Monkeys

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