Look forward


I look forward to experiences. As I ride this plane tonight, I’m bringing all the uncertainties this year, or in a larger plane, my life, has brought me and leave it above the air. And as I land in a foreign land, as I anticipate to see a scarred kingdom of wonder and smiles – I will remember that my adversities are the least this world has to care about, that it has bigger problems, and it’s dying like any mortal walking the face of earth – and so should I. I expect to learn that no matter how life tosses and turns me, I’d be me and all these makes me human – even though I’m the least human that I know.

I look forward to memories – to making this the most memorable trip of my life so far. That before I turn quarter, I did this, and I would not regret anything – even if I almost regret half of my adult life so far. Decisions to be made need to wait for me make memories in a land where I know no one, where I am like a kid wandering the streets for the very first time. And this, I give to myself. ‘Cause I think I deserve this in a not selfish way, but in a self-loving way.

I look forward to fall in love. To scrape any callousness my heart has delved into. To breathe inside me love and hopefully to breathe it out and inspire and be inspired. With love, we inspire and to live, is to love. To become more than carnal, but to reach a certain point of demi-spiritual actualization. To tell myself that to love is to give way. To love is to be in peace and be one with the inner that I often neglected. To nurture what I have and to realise that these all I neglected.

I look forward to have fun. ‘Cause frankly after all these feels transpired, there’s nothing left to do.

But to have fun.

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