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cd03c80fd89e27cc6f4c4195de54ef4fOne of Pinterest‘s beautiful muesli photos *squeeeee*

I am crazy for muesli lately. There’s a local store here in Katipunan (where I currently live) called Go! Salads, that aside from serving the freshest greens with an equally appetizing house-made vinaigrette, also serves my favorite breakfast item – muesli. (I will come up with a blog post for them, too! Healthy stuff!) They’re the only place that I know that sells ready-to-eat Swiss-style muesli that doesn’t need more than a hundred. Plus, it’s really near my place, and I always pass by it when I’m walking to work.

1378062_450303005082353_93523225_nIt’s conveniently located near Moonleaf Katipunan! Photo via Go! Salads

I hate that most local grocery stores here don’t stock it, and that also we have no local muesli brands. And those stores that do, often sell really expensive ones.

dorset_cerealsI love Dorset! But… priorities! I need alternatives.

Living alone for half a year (already) has taught me to find alternatives for everything. Go! Salads’ 50-peso Swiss-style muesli would still cut it, but it still is a walk in the morning, when I’m still trying to delineate dreams from reality, when I’m still learning how to be a morning person. I’m a night owl, and breakfast would be the only thing I’ll wake up early for. I need something I can whip up easily at home, so I can stop munching anything I see (read: mostly unhealthy) in the morning. So I consulted Lord Google and he spewed some nice websites, and one of them is —

I am so glad I found Summer Tomato! Very helpful, and she finds Dorset expensive, too!

Muesli is something I have no problems eating all day. It can be varied everytime you make one, so there’s no problem of getting tired of it. You can even add chocolate, I read somewhere. If you’re the baking kind, then go bake some granola, using this recipe. There’s a lot of possibilities with making your own muesli at home.

While I don’t necessarily call myself an expert on this, I really liked the outcome when I first tried making my own muesli. So I’m sharing my “recipe” here! I think I saved a lot of cash doing this one instead of buying packaged ones. Enjoy! 

Most Basic Muesli Recipe Ever


  • Whole cereals like Quaker Oats, or if you have some more budget, you can buy some organic grains like wheat, rye, barley, and flax seed from Healthy Options
  • Mixed nuts. I have a particular leaning towards cashews, so I threw in just it. I also like walnuts but don’t know where to get. Rustan’s here in Katipunan has no walnuts 🙁
  • Dried fruits. Raisins will do as well, and others like cranberries.
  • Milk. Any kind will do, but I used evaporated milk. Someone told me to try almond milk, too.
  • Fresh fruits.

*You may opt to store muesli, provided you store them in an airtight container.

  • Put all ingredients except the milk and fresh fruits in a large container for storage. Gently shake the container to mix thoroughly. Put the lid on, and set aside. 
  • In a serving bowl, put some muesli and pour enough milk to soak.
  • Soak for an hour, or overnight in the fridge.
  • In the morning, put some fresh fruits on top of your muesli, and enjoy breakfast!
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