I can attest to it that having a father, put nicely, who you can’t talk to or who you can’t identify with, is a bit hard growing up with. Not bit, actually. It’s hard. Fathers are supposed to be the people who you turn to when things go rough. When you need a strong person to adequately fill in your weakness. When you need a stern figure to talk to when things fall apart in your just-starting world. When the world lacks wisdom and inspiration. When things does not go your way. When things badly goes your way.

When things are not all right.

Fathers. They’re your man when you need one. They’re your hard yet gentle slap of reality when you require to. They’re your single, wisest old man that can break your barrier to the wicked world.

Twelve years and I still have the same dad that I couldn’t talk to. Watch the video above and start talking to him.


Advance happy father’s day to all dads. Just you know, be good dads, please.



It’s our independence day in no time, and what better month to appreciate local artists, right? Introducing NDFY.me, a collective of music aficionados promoting the Philippine local indie scene through the world wide web.

Our usual spiel: NDFY.me, more than a website, is a movement. Apart from providing independent OPM artists a portal to share and sell their music, we will also offer them lessons on how to professionalize their recording, for example, mentorship programs with established independent OPM artists to guide them in their career, plus other technological tools that will support them in their career. – NDFY.me

I share their passion and belief in the local artist industry, but what interests me is their system. The aim of NDFY.me is for independent OPM artists to go local first, as the primary target market of the website are Filipinos, NDFY said in the website. It may be not completely free and a commercial platform, but it is with cause. We believe that, before an artist can conquer the world stage, support from fellow Filipinos should already be established, in order to make their penetration and status consistent in the international scene.

And as they launch their website in a two-stage concert called MaharLikha at B-Side this June 11, everyone’s invited to join them as we all celebrate Philippine independence and independent Filipino music. P200 gets you to see and hear 24 artists with a free beer to boot!

At the onset of our idea generation, we’ve always wanted this to be a cultural movement to spark another deluge of OPM artists, similar to what we experienced during the 90’s. And being a movement, I wanted a name that connotes a dynamic process. I wanted a brand name that sounds like, and can be used as a verb.

Go forth, indiefy. And support LOCAL!

Poster by JP Cuison

Kapitolyo is Happening!


You all know how I love Maginhawa, and how I will choose a neighborhood restaurant over a.) more upscale ones, b.) those found in the mall, and c.) just plain expensive. And besides, most neighborhood establishments have this homey feel that seems so hard for those located in commercial areas to imitate. There’s ingenuity in that feeling; as if you’re at home; so homey it will make you linger a little more than you expected. It also fosters a community! Just take Moonleaf for example, and how they made Maginhawa experience a different brew.

Plus, you might find some really good, hole in the wall, food finds, and maybe that one you’ve been waiting all your life.

Full of cheese. Pun intended.

Graphic Food Map by Heima

Moonleaf asks… What are your #TipsForFreshies?

backtoschool bag

It’s school time once again, and we want to welcome all the students to the new school year with #TipsForFreshies.

We want to know: what are your school survival tips?

Whether you’re a graduate, a returning student, or an incoming freshie yourself; you definitely have some tips to survive the demands of high school and college life. Share some of your tips as we share it to the other students as well.

And there’s more to it: WIN DRINKS FROM MOONLEAF when you share your school survival tips on Twitter and Facebook! Five lucky people will win each week for the whole month of June!

So sit back, enjoy this video, and tell us: What are your #TipsForFreshies?

Are you a [email protected]?

It is something to want to change something. It is something else to act upon it. I believe everyone of us wants to change the world in a way or another – whether it be the government, the environment, the roads, or even simply how people eat or fall in love (maisingit lang!)


Tattoo by Globe Telecom acknowledges this desire to effect change in any way. With [email protected], their CSR arm, along with Global Shapers, introduces ICT Youth Challenge – to give you this chance of a lifetime…  Read more

#CutTheCrap: Save the Date… and Earth!

Poster by Rob Cham

In an effort to minimize cigarette butt clutter, Muni PH, with its #CutTheCrap #NoMoreButts Campaign, with collaborations with several artists, aims to educate everyone with the impact of cigarette butts in the environment. I can’t argue that I don’t smoke, because I do, and democracy allows us to burn our lungs to our content. But being a responsible smoker is another thing – especially when our ailing planet needs us to simply throw our cig trash in the bin. And it’s not easy when you’re smoking in a place without a trash bin or an ashtray.

Poster by Manix Abrera

Poster by OJ Desuasido

Poster by JP Cuison

So Muni PH campaigns and proposes to use old film canisters as temporary (and portable!) ashtrays. With this, you can easily avoid throwing cigarette butts anywhere. And it’s sustainable since you don’t need to buy it.

Don’t know where to find film canisters though? Then simply go to the #CutTheCrap gig at Route 196 on June 15 because they will be giving away canisters for free! And get to watch Pedicab, Ciudad, Your Imaginary Friends, Slow Hello, RomCom and No Rome. Yepp, it’s hard not to smoke in a gig, so you’ll be using it as well!

This and more things you can help Muni PH with if you go to their gig! Read more

IN PRODUCTION: Above the Clouds, Directed by Pepe Diokno

Photo by James Jayme

A 15-year-old orphan and his estranged grandfather battle the elements and each other, as they embark on a journey up a strange and mystical mountain. Starring Ruru Madrid and Pepe Smith. Directed by Pepe Diokno. Coming soon.

Here’s another interesting piece from award-winning filmmaker Pepe Diokno. Pepe has been known for his debut film, Engkwentro, which garnered recognition from Venice and Jeonju Film Festivals. Now directing his second film already, Above the Clouds, which is now in production, has already received prizes from Berlin and Busan International Film Festivals for its script. Featuring rock icon Pepe Smith and rising young star Ruru Madrid, the film tells a story of family conflict set in the beautiful mountain ranges of the north. Here are some production diaries from Diokno’s official Youtube page:

I’m always happy that the our local filmmakers are being recognized in the international scene. And this time, not only poverty porn but featuring the beauty of our country has been a popular subject to our filmmakers.

After all, Filipinos do really have talent, especially our youth. And Pepe Diokno is a manifesto to this. Really looking forward to this!

Above the Clouds

Be with the Network that SAVES

They say the environment is a ticking bomb. And it’s up to humans to defuse this bomb because; 1) we live here, 2)  you don’t want skin cancer, trust this nurse and, 3) quit it, there’s no enough oxygen in Mars. So it’s actually good to hear from companies we are with that they are exerting efforts to become green each day. And this means we are actually responsible citizens of the world because we consume products that are mindfully crafted. As end consumers, it is our responsibility to find out how the products that we buy are made.

DON’T GET ME WRONG. It doesn’t mean they’re my sponsor why I’m pushing this information to you. I’d advocate any company who will exert effort to become green in any way. Little things go a long way – may it be using canvas as reusable bags, shifting to paper, or simply reusing plastic. If you’d like to live a little longer in a world, in a fairly cooler world, let’s all be responsible.

AR Realness: Print is not dead


Did you ever have the feeling that the newspaper is boring? Yeah it can be, especially if all you ever have to see is negativity and shit. But paired with technology, maybe you’d consider going back to print. After all, print will never die.

Introducing the Philstar App featuring their augmented reality (AR) feature: Live It! Take your daily morning news reading habit to a whole new level with your mobile phone – just download the app and use the Live It feature to see additional content.


Just find this icon on the photos –


– and see content streamed live to your mobile phone! The trigger is the photo, so make sure that you fit the frame to it. Ensure that you also have internet to use the AR feature of the app.

Here are some snapshots when I tried using the app for the first time –






The possibilities are endless with AR! Can’t wait to see this adapted by different print companies. Kudos to Philstar for the initiative to do it first!

The Philippine Star
Facebook | Twitter | App

A New Bamboo


When you say rock music in the Philippines, it is almost as impossible to not mention Bamboo Manalac as one of the most recognized rock artists in the country. Having been with Rivermaya and Bamboo (the band), and having garnered numerous awards and recognition here and abroad, Bamboo is still a relevant music icon, despite going solo and a change in musicality.

photo 1


In his new album, No Water No Moon, Bamboo proves he is more than just rock. With a compilation of a completely different set of music, rather zen and, if I may, peaceful music, this new album of storytelling and change, gives us a glimpse of Bamboo’s new venture in music as a solo artist, and his own life battles. Bamboo relates that it has been a journey for him, though he really didn’t expect that music will be his whole life. This sense of struggle and wondering and acceptance is reflected in numerous songs in the album.

photo 2


Bamboo made a complete 180 with this new album, and apparently a complete 180 with his overall profile as well. He no longer sings in concerts barefoot, or jumps ecstatically. In his exclusive performance, watching him live for the first time, he sings with much more soul and deep feelings that makes you feel like listening to a fusion of Jason Mraz and James Morrison. His songs now are more orchestraic, with an accompaniment of more than just drums and guitars. Some would notice the gospel-ish feel that seems to be a trend internationally and is now penetrating the Philippine music scene. Bamboo did it first, if not one of.

photo 3


It’s not your old kind of Bamboo Manalac music. He’s done great in the rock music scene and this whole new approach in the market is interesting because we see that artists’ work grow as they too, as individuals, grow. Some may say, it’s because he’s growing old, as reason for the change. But as listening to Bamboo tell a story through No Water No Moon is as knowing a part of him he may never had the chance to tell when he was in a band. The world indeed goes around, and Bamboo seems happy to welcome and share the change.

photo 4


GET A CHANCE TO WIN AN EXCLUSIVE REPACKAGED COPY OF NO WATER NO MOON! Featuring his newest single – Carousel, and 12 other never-before-heard songs from Bamboo Manalac! All you have to do is…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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