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Tatt Awards, the biggest and only award-giving body for social media greatness is back for another year and it’s bigger, better, and bolder. Philippines is one of the social media capitals of the world, and it’s but appropriate to give recognition to the nation’s online heroes and heroines.

It’s so easy to nominate! A whopping PhP 100,000 is at stake for winners! And yes, you can always nominate yourself – if you’re up for it!


Laneway-Singapore 2013

Laneway Festival may be months and months and months ago but it still is my big thing of 2013. Looking back, I embarked to Singapore with no less than an exact budget with only (exact!) PhP 300 in my wallet when I got back to Manila. And so, yes — two things:

1. SAVE UP GUYS! I’ve never realized that I haven’t been saving up enough when I arrived in the Philippines with barely enough funds to get through until payday.

2. If you’re up for anything goes, fine. But always bring extra money. I was just lucky, there’s unlimited Koko Krunch in the hostel to at least keep me alive if ever I lost my money – which I didn’t, haha!

Gad, I can digress like an ADHD kid. So on to my Laneway review. I believe there’s no better way for me to give you a feel of the music fest but to share a playlist, so download freely!


Click the photo to download the playlist

Also, this is my first music festival abroad, so some little tips for you if ever you go to Laneway next year (or any music festival, like Wanderland in Manila this May, for that matter.)


The sun can be a bitch. And so can the rain. So give yourself heads up on the weather for your own good. Bring a poncho, ’cause you can use this whether the sun is up or it’s pouring down. ALSO, sun block. For that —


I’m saying this because I don’t really use sun block, and I didn’t know you have to apply every hour. I didn’t even bother reading the fine print, haha stupid. Anyway, for tropical countries like Singapore where the whole country can get feverish (40 degrees!!! Jeez.) save yourself from UV, do your skin a favor. I got really bad sunburns just because of this. SO. DON’T. SKIP. THIS.


As much as your skin needs protection, so do your gadgets. I’ve heard horror stories from the first Laneway in Singapore where it was actually called Rainway because it rained so hard and where some friends went home with non-functional phones and cameras. Bring cases that insulate your babies from heat and water, and you’ll thank me for being able to bring back home your camera or phone alive.


It’s in the rules actually, so it’s senseless to put it here. But I’ve seen some other who brought their own flasks. So yeah, try your luck! I really wish I brought at least a flask, ’cause the beer can cost you up to S$10!


‘Cause lines can get so long! And it’s also expensive. What we did though for dinner is we went out to Marina Bay Sands (quite a walk, though) and ate at Rasapura instead.


The festival ended at 1am, and there’s no train or bus anymore at Singapore at that time. So you have three choices — wait in line for two hours for a cab, walk to your place, or just leave early. I actually walked from Marina Bay to Chinatown, where I’m staying, and it wasn’t so bad. I’m so tired by then but walking in the Lion City is really a pleasure. Plus, you can easily use your gadgets while walking since it’s very secure there!


You don’t know who you’ll be meeting at the festival. It’s actually nice to make some new friends there, especially you’re all there with the same interest, and eventually look them up at Facebook or Twitter to connect with them. We saw this too as a good opportunity to promote the Philippines to some of our new friends!


There is free space for everyone to dance and go crazy, for as long as you’re not drunk, ’cause they might detain you. Scary. But after you read this, you may forget all of these, but don’t ever ever forget to enjoy your time and have fun at the festival! It’s what it’s for and you did not just pay S$145 just to sulk under the sun.


I’m really thinking if this could be a yearly thing for me. And yes, if the line up’s as good as this year’s, Imma haul my ass back to Singapore for some more!

Or maybe New Zealand… Hmmmmmmm

St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival
[email protected]lanewayfestival.com.au
Brisbane | Sydney | Melbourne | Adelaide | Perth | Auckland | Singapore

Let The Games Begin

Heads up everyone! The Catching Fire official trailer has been released already, and it’s for us to watch over and over again. I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get a peek on Finnick Odair in this trailer… and Plutarch Heavensbee! Well, maybe on the next trailers. I bet they’re gonna release more since the movie is not showing until November (time please fly so ultra fast!)

And while I know, we, yes including me, can’t wait for the next installment of the most raved award-winning film of the year, Hunger Games will be showing FINALLY on Star Movies this Sunday, April 28! And yes, I am staying in for this. I’ve watched it around four times in the theaters and I don’t fucking care if I watch it again.

And don’t you think it’s so meta that Hunger Games, a story revolving on a fatal reality-based TV show, is showing on TV?!

Say no more, block the date, and let the games begin!!! Read more

Barbero: An Inspiring Story

A simple story how your Globe number can help you. Everyday, these little things, sometimes, get ignored. How connections get us through each day is astounding, and how much more this humbling barbero has used the power of connection to build a new life from a literally burned down one.

How has your connection helped you so far? Share to us, we’d love to know 🙂

Thief-proof your laptop

Or, yeah that title is misleading, I acknowledge haha! Watch this video I found in a Mashable article.

Whether you’re commuting or driving your own car, we always have risks of losing our laptop. And these days, our computer is our life. It runs our work, hobbies, personal life, and many others that if we lose it, we lose our minds as well. Dropbox figured a way to help people who will go bonkers if they lose the one thing running their lives right now. And it works for smartphones and tablets as well!

Unless, you find it a sign to get a new one, this will come in handy.

It’s so hot, what to wear?!

The sun is up so proudly, radiating its heat waves to us, and never standing down. And it’s not going away any sooner.

If ever you get the dilemma what to wear in an everyday basis, I think it’s high time for you and me for a change in wardrobe. Well, of course, all this summer heat does not give us grace to even travel to the mall. That’s how online shops, like Zalora, comes into mind.

When shopping for summer, there are some things to remember. Read up on some tips how you can make an efficient use of your summer wardrobe budget!  Read more



Are you voting this May? If you are, and even if you don’t, read up on the who’s who of the senatorial race! Especially it’s less than a month before the elections, it is very crucial that we inform ourselves well of those who seek to serve the public.

Be a responsible citizen and vote wisely, everyone!

The xx Asia Tour: Y U NO GO TO THE PH


I’d be disappointed in myself more than I am disappointed with the fact that The xx has missed out on the Philippines in their Asia tour IF I don’t exhaust all my resources to watch them live.

Preferably in Hong Kong, since I’ve never been there.

And P.S. it’s not capital x.

Talk2GLOBE emerges finalist at Short Awards 2013

Let’s congratulate Globe Telecom, one of our proudest local brands that has been making waves in the social media sphere, specifically @Talk2Globe, for being a finalist in the Best Use of Social Media for Customer Service Category in the recently held Shorty Awards a.k.a. the Oscars of Social Media.

“Started in 2008 by the tech startup Sawhorse Media, the first annual Shorty Awards ceremony was a lively event at the Galapagos Art Space on February 11, 2009 in Brooklyn, New York. CNN anchor Rick Sanchez hosted the event with special guests MC Hammer and Gary Vaynerchuk. A motley crew of winners flew in from around the world to attend the ceremony. Shaquille O’Neal made a virtual appearance, and the #advertising category winner revealed her true identity for the first time.”

Really proud of what Globe did with their online customer service portal, especially now that they also have Globe Community, one of the many ways how we can find help with our Globe connection. Twitter-wise, they’ve done a good job with coming up with different personalities for Talk to Globe, and eventually those individual community managers have gained following personally as well! (How I wished Globe got me too, lol)

So I guess, no more switching? DEFINITELY.  Read more

Heima Design Discussions 4

I’ve always loved Heima! And I’d give up anything I’m doing for the day to be at their Design Discussion! PLUS PLUS PLUS. SUPER PLUS! The line up is so good — there’s design studio Inksurge, Ang Nawawala director Marie Jamora, and sought-after typography and branding artist Isabel Gatuslao among others! (I’d love to pretend that I know the others but I do not — more reasons to come, new discoveries! And I’m commencing stalking. LOLz. No. Please don’t be scared of me.)

At any rate, if you’re interested, or even just curious, in style and design like me, or have been making a living out of it, I highly highly (redundancy in this post has never been redundant) recommend this!

I’ll see you there 🙂



This Saturday (April 20) at Co.Lab Brixton, Marie Jamora will be at the Heima Home & Lifestyle Design Discussions, talking about her inspiration behind the design of Ang Nawawala (What Isn’t There).

She will elaborate about the process with her various collaborators for the film — from costumes (with stylist Mara Reyes), to set design (with Production Designer Trinka Lat), to cinematography (with Director of Photography Ming Kai Leung), to posters (with photographers Everywhere We Shoot! and typographer AJ Dimarucot), and album art (with graphic artist Cynthia Bauzon-Arre).

We know that the slots are limited, so in case you cannot make it, please go celebrate Heima’s 4th year anniversary and Heima’s other half, Bong Rojales’ birthday at their BBQ! You can ask Marie your design questions as she is drinking beer.


How to go to Heima Brixton? Here’s a map to help you out! If ever you get lost tweet them @HeimaStore

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