POSTCARD #5: Lazy Panda at Ocean Park, Hong Kong 2014

Everytime I’m in Hong Kong, I remember how lazy this panda is! Nica and I went here for one and only one reason only – to see a living and breathing and preferably moving panda. Can’t blame us; after all once a panda, always a panda (hello Jen and Gale, and Joseph and PatMan and PatRem if y’all reading this.)

Also, this was the only time (before the States) that Nica and I traveled together. We were living together, too! And now we’re god-knows-how-many-miles apart. I miss her everytime, and especially when I’m in Hong Kong

// It is absurd how all my travels this year are on rainy days. It’s raining now in Hong Kong. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain and the gloom and how the urban transforms into something else when it’s drizzling BUUUUUUT I hate wet feet. 

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