POSTCARD # 8: Bomb Epicenter Peace Memorial Park, Nagasaki, Japan 2019

We were in Nagasaki last November, a trip we took off from our Fukuoka trip, and it’s kind of important for me to go there because of war geekery (and I know that it is not something to “have fun” of, or be a geek of, but I am deeply interested in it.) The whole town is lively – plenty of colonial architecture, cafes. Museums are eerie though as it shows how the war changed everything for this port town. I am especially amazed how they bounced back but deeply saddened by the scars the Fat Man left.

The museum closed on us eventually, and we only had a day, and we walked around Nagasaki some more. I ended up taking this picture, which is eerie and peaceful all at the same time. It kind of reminds me of Evangelion.

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