Poverty Practice


Actually I found that I can!

Just this past week, I was running on just a little below 50 pesos a day (excluding the free meals from office, and miscellaneous expenses at home.) This is the first time that I’ve gone that low in everyday expenses. Basically because I live fairly near to my office, and that meals are free why I survived. But imagine all those people who have kids and have no job — how do they live in such a low budget? It’s inhumane.

It is inhumane to ponder about it, but it is happening. I like this awareness campaign and it made me realize how blessed I am — having a job that does not only pays the rent, and heck, free meals to boot!

How about you? Can you live below the poverty line for a week?

P.S. I am really pondering on making this a month-long challenge. 

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