Sam Smith x Studio Ghibli

Photo from The Dissolve

Alternate movie posters are the shiznit! It’s been the thing since a few years back, and these creative people just keep churning out amazing work! These collection of photographic adaption of Studio Ghibli films are my latest finds. In The Dissolve, where he is a regular, Sam Smith explained why he did a very minimalist photographic remake of Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises poster (and of other Studio Ghibli animated films) where he related different inspirations from album art to Bible cover (what? YES. Read it.)

Miyazaki’s final film might be exploring some prescient themes, personally and globally, concerning creative determination and the drive to carry on through difficult conditions. At least, this is the idea the quote inspired for me: The image of a crude paper airplane lit by candlelight atop a messy, exhausted workspace, which I quickly re-created and photographed at my desk. The maddening landscape of an artist’s desk is a familiar one to any creative, and Miyazaki has made special effort to capture this image for posterity among the rooms of the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo.

I believe it takes a heavy amount of both imagination and passion to make these kind of artworks. Hats off, Mr. Smith! This will go down to my moodboard indeed.

And a Studio Ghibli marathon is in order!

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