Spotify x Globe

I’ve been crazy gaga over Spotify the last few months! It has kept me company, productive, and most of all up-to-date with my favorite artists and up and coming acts. It has all the playlists I can ever think of — from working, walking, or even lull time music. No wonder, I subscribed to premium — which lets you download music on your Spotify so you can play it offline. That’s just so convenient!

Here’s a sample of what I’m currently loving:

What’s even more fun is Globe’s Spotify promo!

Prepaid subscribers can register to GoSURF10 for as low as P10 for 10MB of data plus access to Spotify for an entire day. Postpaid customers can subscribe to GoSURF299 for as low as P299 for 700MB of data plus access to Spotify Premium for 30 days. Tattoo Prepaid customers can avail of GoSURF50 for as low as P50 for 250MB of data plus access to Spotify for 3 days.

Spotify Premium just costs PhP129 and is payable through Credit or Paypal.

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