Stories of what have I


Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 10.02.34 PMFrom Rina Nakano‘s Oscillate


tr10From Saori Nakamura‘s “I was in the quiet place all too soon.


13974157613_ae2fe963ed_cFrom Hannah Reyes‘ From Tel Aviv With Love


403317729_623e5307d7_oFrom Wawi Navarroza‘s Saturnine


Marlboro-Country-BatanesFrom The Poor Traveler‘s Marlboro Country: Racuh a Payaman, Batanes

They say a picture says a thousand words; and some even has stories to tell. But not all pictures do, and not all stories are worth the time. I’m drawn into these stories; of love – to another man, to places, to material things, to emotions, to experiences; of lessons from misadventures; of fun and sadness; may be sober or choleric or even a forming array of varying energies; may it be up and down the emotional rolling hills or a consistently climactic climb. Stories interest me a lot because I love learning from other people’s experiences and I feel like I can, one day, tell my own inspiring stories of what have I.

I’ve been musing on different blogs and I find myself amused of their stories – written or photographed. Reading these blogs challenges me to a better storyteller, and encourages me to take on my own adventures and journeys. I’m sharing them to you and I hope they inspire you as they had me.

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