Past few weekends and the holiday season, aka life according to my phone, Pt. 2

aka it has been lazy these past few weekends hahahaha



The holidays are upon us… and god knows it has been lazy – from getting up and going out. The cold winds are beckoning you to hole up with a cup of eggnog hot cocoa/coffee/tea (whatever floats your boat) and endless TV and movies at home. But the holidays for me are for seeing old friends again. I haven’t seen this bunch in a while! And Maginhawa looks soooooooo different already… We ate at Indonyaki, that Indonesian place across where TK used to be at. Then almost naturally, we holed up in Moonleaf… like good ol’ times.







I am thanking this year for new friends! This year marked my first year in corporate and I haven’t thanked the Lord enough for the opportunities and the new people in my life. My team agreed to do Mystery Manila for team building and yeeeeeeah! Booyah bitches, we have conquered! Go drag the team, friends, or family here and have some fun guys!



  1. Guess what our team name is. 
  2. I don’t like that we didn’t get first. 
  3. Naturally and irl, I’m uber competitive. 




Weekends are usually spent with my roommate and bae, Nica! When Cath Kidston opened in Fort, I already knew that Nica will be dying to see it… so off we went! However, we brought our EQs with us so we bought nada. Til next time then! We had dinner at The Wholesome Table in BGC Central. Food was awesome… I wish I know how to tell if something is organic, but I guess I just believed what was written in their menus. The fried chicken parmigiana was GLORIOUS, yeezus I wanna make that at home. Chug down with tamarind tea – I wanna learn how they made this, too!



IMG_6146.JPGIMG_6158Intermission: Postcrossing IS fun!!! I’ve been receiving postcards the whole month. This one’s from the USA!


Of course, Christmas parties are looming around the city and I had fun with the people from Globe and the Club 917 at the NBA Cafe – in line with their promos with NBA! They gave away an LG G3, a Samsung S5, and lots of Tattoo products and gift certificates. Thanks, Globe and HVMO, for this year… it has been a great partnership and I only look for more years working with you 🙂 



And some weekends are just chilling with the fambam… I don’t see them often – I wish I could, but sometimes life has its way of hurling its big self on to you. Nevertheless, whenever I can and whenever there is an opportunity, I go see them. We may argue a lot, but I believe we love each other. Looking forward to spend a glorious 5-day Christmas break with them… oh god, the Davids really like Christmas… lounging around the house is never the same without my family!



This was earlier at Pino Restaurant at Malingap street in Teacher’s Village. Brought the fam bam here after Angel’s Oathtaking! Congrats for being licensed and shit, sister! Go forth and educate!


Happy Holidays everyone and all!

Christmas Gift Ideas: Punchdrunk Panda Headphones


Audiophiles need good sound, and it wouldn’t hurt if their paraphernalia of awesome tunes is adorned by good design. Local design, that is! Introducing the newest member of PdP‘s line of tech gear – PdP Headphones! Still in the spirit of local design, this is in collaboration with three talented local artists – Rob Cham (Earthly Pursuits – red and yellow), Dan Fajardo (Colorful City – red, green, and yellow), and JP Cuison (aptly named Musika – black and white).

Don’t miss a lot of discounted prices for laptop sleeves, iPhone and iPad cases, and the all-time bestseller camera straps! Perfect gift for that quirky hipster (sic) friend of yours! I’d get myself one. It’s easy as well as there are choices in payment like bank deposit, Paypal, and our trusty Gcash (which you can easily use as a virtual prepaid credit card as well!)

Get your quirky local design fix at Punchdrunk Panda!

Punchdrunk Panda
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Christmas Gift Ideas: Minimal Nativity Set by Emilie Voirin

Well, we all have religious differences, among others – race, color, what have you. It’s awesome that in the spirit of Christmas, we are all united in celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ – well, maybe with the exception of some people. But for most of the world – spanning a plethora of differences – the nativity has been translated in so many ways – each adjusted to its own bias.

I think, what Emilie is trying to point out, aside from decolorizing and shrinking the details to names, is that the unity we must have this time of the year. Stripping the story of the nativity to its most essential details will leave us the most important detail, which is the birth of Jesus and in succession, His ministry on earth.

Without the limiting barriers like race, color, and religion, the message of hope through the nativity can be told in the most effective way. What do you think?

P.S. I’d really appreciate if you’d gift me with this. Minimalist love! This set is available for $40. You may find Ms. Voirin’s email address below in the credits.

Minimal Nativity Set
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Christmas Gift Ideas: Porketta Man

Lechon is in season, indeed! Let the fatty season start. But always do remember that thou shall not weigh more than the refrigerator and thou shall not develop hypertension after. If you’re gonna give out this as a gift, I think it’s just polite to know if the person can eat it (I have a hypertensive grand mom who’s gone ovopescovegetarian (complicated, yes) so I guess, I need to think of another dish (of course aside from this, totes considering this) to get this season.)
1001459_624633210880640_1511583881_n So I saw this in Chef Sau’s instagram a couple of weeks ago, and thought I should include it in my list. Like, hello, perfect gift! Lechon it may be on our minds as Filipinos, but Porketta is another game all together —

Porchetta [por?ketta], also sometimes spelled porketta in English, is a savoury, fatty, and moist boneless pork roast of Italian culinary tradition. The body of the pig is gutted, deboned, arranged carefully with layers of stuffing, meat, fat, and skin, then rolled, spitted, and roasted, traditionally over wood. Porchetta is usually heavily salted in addition to being stuffed with garlicrosemaryfennel, or otherherbs, often wild.

Thank you, Wikipedia. So it’s the Italian cousin of our beloved celebratory staple pig. If you’re cooking up pasta, and some bruschetta, and maybe some Tuscan wine to kick off the holiday buzz — et voila, an Italian holiday noche buena is in order then!

ec858f3c341211e3866d22000a9f137d_7Chef Sau approves! Photo from Chef Sau’s instagram

So I still haven’t tried it – I guess the suggestion that I may give is that you save time in the kitchen and more time for the family for buying instead of trying to make one on your own. I think that it’s affordable too! It starts at PhP1,100 for a kilo and that couldn’t be bad, counting that you did not prepare it. Six hours in the oven is not a joke – the oven can be a temperamental bitch especially in special occasions. This is why we trust experts on times like this.

If you’re like me that is feeling under the weather to prepare something like this on the holidays and plans to have a quick gift for family, Call Porketta Man up 026321586 or 09178102218 or place a Facebook message for them on their page! They’ve gained so much publicity by recommendations of Chef Sau and other celebrities, so I guess it’s a good bet!

Now I am really hungry. This post was written at 6am, mind you.

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Christmas Gift Ideas: Kape Maria Coffee Gift Pack

So y’all know that lately, I’ve been going back to coffee lately (here, here, and here) so I think it’s just logical to include this in my Christmas Ideas list… the devil’s dark drink. Coffee.


And of course, we’re all about being local! If this is your first time here in this blog, I have a passion for local stuff and also firmly believe that locavorism would play a very important role in our economy soon… so yeah, let’s go local, guys!

One of the local brands that I support is Kape Maria. They have gone pretty popular lately, especially with collaborations with different events, but let me give you a brief backgrounder —

Kape Maria is a social enterprise founded by Julia Sevilla that believes in cultivating our local coffee industry through fair trade practices. With every cup you drink, you’re not only supporting our local coffee farmers and roasters so that they receive fair wages – you’re uplifting our entire coffee industry.

And that’s social enterprise for you — harnessing the power of local products and giving back to the community! I love that Kape Maria sees to it that the farmers gain something from cultivating coffee – it’s just a sustainable model, and this actually can be replicated by different startup local social enterprises. With every cent you buy with these coffee, you not only get the best of the land, but also help promote the livelihood of thousands of farmers around the Philippines.


Now, for their holiday package! I appreciate good beans as a gift; I don’t know about you, but grinding your own and brewing a good cup every morning is such a wonderful thing to wake up to. So this is why this is a good idea for a gift this Christmas!

For every package you get these:

Amuyao is a strong blend of Excelsa coffee from Cavite and Robusta beans from Ifugao Province. Its rich, nutty, and distinctly macho flavor brews the perfect cup to start your day right. (Strength: 9/10)

Maynila is Kape Maria’s house blend of premium Robusta and Arabica beans sourced from farms all over Luzon. This signature blend boasts a fearless and charming flavor to give you that ideal afternoon boost. (Strength: 7/10)

Pulag is a blend that features Arabica beans from Benguet, Robusta beans from Ifugao Province, and Excelsa beans from Cavite. Its medium, balanced, and fragrant blend makes it the ideal after-dinner coffee. (Strength: 6/10)

You may get these from Human Heart Nature’s website (or store in Commonwealth, Quezon City)! Again, given the riot (yes, I call that a riot already. Everyday traffic is a riot, right?) the Yuletide is bringing about, online shopping is A MUST.

And oh, don’t forget to buy for yourself as well. You don’t want to miss on some major caffeine kick, don’t you?

P.S. Maybe I should be on the lookout for cool things to go with that coffee, yes? WATCH OUT FOR MORE FROM THIS SERIES!

Photo from Kape Maria’s Facebook timeline

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