#Lokal Tweetup at Commune

Before February ended, a newfound friend (NFF) and I decided to gather some more friends to talk about local stuff. My NFF Uli is from San Francisco and is experiencing Manila for the first time. So what better to do but gather some friends and welcome him to the crazy city of Manila!

#LOKAL PosterIMG_6251IMG_6254IMG_6258IMG_6291IMG_6292IMG_6293IMG_6294IMG_6296Yay for cupcakes by Sweet Patti Cakes!

IMG_6300From L-R: Zel (HVMO), Jason (UP Diliman), Wanna (Muni), Tina (Globe), Saul (BPI), Jed (Scout Magazine), Paolo (Team Manila), Uli (San Fo), Cai (Freelance and overall awesome person), Stephen (Nipa Foods), Danella (HomegrownFull Suite), Ros (CommuneTweetup MNL), Michelle (Nipa Foods), and Kevin (Signet, Bespoke Man). (We’re missing Nica here, though she helped me organize this.)

Thanks for coming, everyone! See you all online 🙂


Coffee isn’t bitter. It tastes just like coffee, that’s it.

A little digression — sorry, my blog has been on maintenance for a couple of days, but now I’m back! And I have a lot to share, being the oversharer that I am, hihi.

Now on to coffee! I’ve been fascinated with coffee ever since I know how to pull off all-nighters and watch movies til early morn. It aided me into long exams, long phone calls (don’t ask), dating (ehem, not a V-day post, please), enduring entirely painful meetings, and that bitchy board exam. Dawdling sleepless zombie in Manila that I am, yes I appreciate the kick and high from a nice brew.


But a nice brew when you are young is one that’s full of milk and sugar. That trendy Frappucino, which I still like. Or lattes, which are the bane of my waistline. Oh, in days that the wallet just can’t spew any more dough, Kopiko works. Highs and lows. Anything but the bitter black brew. Once I tried downing a shot of good ol’ espresso shot and my heart has never burned like before. I won’t even pretend that I liked it.


But coffee is an odyseey, as my queen of a blogger deity said. It’s a journey, and it will definitely come a time when you will like coffee for its truest form. No it isn’t bitter. Or isn’t all bitterness. Coffee is a spectrum of flavor. Delicate flavor, that is. I’ve come to learn that different brewing styles fit for different people. There are A LOT of things to consider too, like water temperature, beans, and equipment. It’s actual food science, and art – involves a lot of experiement and creativity.


I’ve learned how to drink appreciate my coffee black, just recently. I’m not one to pretend like an adult and try to gulp coffee without any sugar. But I’m pretty sure, that like other coffee lovers out there, that a nice brew is just ain’t a good cuppa. I started to cut down the cream. Then the sugar followed suit til a teaspoonful is still sweet for me. Thanks to Commune (and the internetz) and my last teaspoon of sugar is down.


Now, I’ve been hearing a lot about pour over coffee. It’s almost ceremonial and puristic for me, that I never tried it myself at home. My go-to coffee brew is one that comes from a humble French press and I love it. So when the barista from Commune offered this, I overstayed my welcome at the counter and watched him prepare my drink. It was love and respect that I felt over coffee as I see it brewed in the most delicate manner, at least for me.

20140211-091443.jpg Ros, my friend, former boss and now owner of Commune, used to tell me to learn how to drink my coffee black. And I now do! Ain’t you a proud momma, Ros?

A pour over brew, as I learned, relies on the control of the infusion of beans. The speed by which hot water goes through the coffee affects the taste and acidity. Apparently these grounds from Mt. Matutum, South Cotabato has a sweet finish without sugar. It starts like how all cups start – it’s a bit bitter and acidic, and there’s the bold familiar flavor – and then the sweet finish. It’s weird because I have not tasted coffee like this and it really makes a good cup, not just nice.

I think, Joe Bean Coffee Roasters from Rochester, New York explains best why pour over coffee gives you a different coffee experience. And Joe is smokin’!

If you had done pour over coffee at home, tell me your experience in the comments below!

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