Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative

This contest has lapsed but I just want to highlight how this platform is a great avenue for young people like you and me who wants to change something. Besides, you can still be a member of this amazing organization and who knows they might open another grant competition and you might actually win.

It’ll help for you to check this out and see if you can connect with like-minded people in the community and discuss a potential project you can work on. It’s a great community for changemakers, and what better for changemakers to be at but with fellow people who wants to do something.

Full disclosure: I was a nursing graduate and we were limited to the activities and opportunities in the university given the amount of work our course requires. I am actually sad that I didn't spend my college years to undergo these experiences so if I can just get another shot at this, I'll be grateful. I hope you young people appreciate these kind of opportunities that are available to you. I think they will help shape you to become better citizens, not only of your nation, but of the world.

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Happy Globe Day! #WonderfulStories

Yesterday, we celebrated connections. If you’ve been following me on Twitter (and if you’re not go do it :P) you’d know how much I love Globe. And you’ll also know that I tweeted about this simple yet powerful video of how much connection affects our everyday lives. Go watch it and cry!

Everyone of us has a story to tell. Wonderful stories, indeed.  We all love hearing them, whether they’re inspiring, funny, melancholic, full of lessons, or sometimes a combination of everything. For whatever it’s worth, I’ve told this many times already, I live for the wonderful stories because they make me feel alive. 

So in the spirit of sharing stories, if you’re a college undergraduate or a film student and you have wonderful stories to tell, you can submit your entries from September 17 to October 24, 2014. Fill out an application online or download the form and send it together with your five-minuter video/s. More information on

[email protected] Finals


Technology has enabled us to help in as little ways possible. And little ways give way to a much bigger impact to the society. The idea is that we start with something. Looking at the finalists for the first ever [email protected] competition, I cannot be amazed at how simple their ideas are – but ultimately useful and often neglected. And kudos to the finalists and may the best startup win!

I can only hope that one day I’d be more sensitive of my surroundings and that I can actually think of something like what they have thought of. I believe that it needed not to be complex, but always with heart. Read more

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