Life according to the phone, pt.6 

The city looks pretty! I can see the ONE Festival aftermath (oh god, it was a beautiful aftermath, I tell you!)

This one’s from FAILE. And the one below is from Kristin Farr —


THE NORTH REMEMBERS: I will always have a soft spot for Quezon City. So I went up to the north, at Maginhawa, to see Loreen, Kristian, and Thysz for something for Buzzfeed. You have to wait for it, of course hihihi.

Last weekend, I decided to go to Chessika’s first blog anniversary AND IT WAS HILARIOUS! I have known Chessika through a friend and we’ve been friends online BUT we have never seen each other until last week – and the girl is gayer than I’ve ever thought! Congrats for the first year, Chessika, and many more to come!

We played games – so we can tell people it’s fun – and Chessika coerced me asked me nicely let me be the gamemaster. AND BOY THE GAMES INCLUDED CHEERDANCES. Hahahaha, it was really fun. I had fun, like tons of it!

We had to retake the photo because her tarp self is not seen!!! Oh, Chessika!!!

And the night cannot get any gayer! Went to Eastwood to see the best friend and watch San Andreas – god it has a gorgeous cast!

It’s really rare that I am awake in the after hours of Saturdays, so I went back to Future to meet some more friends. Huhuhu, I really miss the mornings and the change is coming – I’ll tell y’all about it SOON!

The weekend is not complete too if I don’t see Nica! Spent the whole Sunday with her~

Huhuhu I also have to take that moment to acknowledge Cersei on the latest episode of Game of Thrones. JEEZ SHE REALLY HAD TO THAT????? Tommen you fool get up and take care of your momma! #maternal #estrogen

And before the week starts, I needed a good recovery with lots of green sriracha.

Huhu, can it be like 4 days weekend and not just 2?

April is when winter fell

People can get really creative about pop culture and its world just keeps on reincarnating into something more beautiful each time. I wish I can draw kickass illustrations, too!


I’m especially talking about Mike Wrobel who recreated the Game of Thrones characters into their 90’s alter ego. He’s a graphic designer who manages his own studio in Tokyo, where he recreates a lot of characters from different TV shows (check his tumblr) He really has a penchant for color, and gangsta, and grunge which I really like. Check out these (but first, look how Mike recreated the dragons into weird looking cats)





Oh Ned Stark, you live in our hearts. Sir Jamie Lannister, hello! This was before he got sliced, though


And you can do everything to Joffrey, and he’ll always be hot! And nasty. GUN!



Pun intended. Mike you are uncanny!




He managed to incorporate the different characters into their 20th century counterparts (now in what century were they based anyway?) It’s reflected in each color used, each clothing and accessory, each redefinition of facial expression. It’s uncanny that we can make it a 90’s retold story of High School drama or something.


And we all know that the 90’s is all about brands and logos.






Another witty addition. Did’ya get it?


Even the white walker joins the gang, anticipating summer eh? Keep cool, Mr. White Walker!



Starks, rest your soul.

Now if only I could draw like that!

via Escapist Magazine

If you visit his Society6, these images are for sale in iPhone cases!!! OMG time to shop, guys! Who to buy first? Hmmmmmm. Also, can’t wait when April comes! I hope that kind of justifies my lame title haha!

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